We have all been there…


That moment where we gear ourselves up to take action, break cycles and try something new and then… BANG! Your mind gets ahead of you and FEAR slaps you dead in the face.

Before you know it, you feel stiff, anxious and overwhelmed. Doubt is running through your mind and you suddenly lose focus. You start to self sabotage by holding off from taking action; instead you procrastinate and decide to try again tomorrow.

Fear is something we all experience at some point and until we learn how to control it, it can hold us back in all areas of our life, causing us to step back from success, happiness and new opportunities.

Often we are so caught up in these feelings that we aren’t even aware of the hold it has on us – but they are there, working their magic in the background, feeding off our emotions and tying ourselves up in knots.

Whenever I feel like this the first thing I do is identify where it is coming from. What is triggering these feelings? The moment I do that the intensity starts to fade and I can start to take back control.

And you can do the same.

The next time you find yourself held back by fear, ask yourself

Why am I feeling overwhelmed?
Why am I avoiding certain people?
Why am I avoiding certain activities?
Why don’t I think I can do?

Then go a little deeper… to really move past fear you must understand

What patterns keep happening?
What or who triggers these feelings?
And Why?

The answers might surprise you, but once you have them then you know what you are up against and you can start to do the inner work to shift it.

For years I have seen first hand the impact FEAR has on so many lives, particularly those of my clients. Fear comes in so many guises:

• Fear of success

• Fear of failing

• Fear of being judged

• Fear of not being good enough

• Fear of being too good and getting mocked

• Fear of being laughed at

• Fear of letting people down

The list goes on and on!!!!!!

Fear comes when everything feels too much, too big, overwhelming and unachievable.

So what’s the best way to take back control?

Focus on the outcomes you want:

Take a step back and start to really focus on what you want. How do you want to feel? What outcome do you desire? And what do you need to do to create this feeling and outcome? Allow your mind to focus on what you WANT rather than what you DON’T want.

Break everything down:

What do you need to do right now in this moment to move you forward? Who can you connect with to help you to achieve this? What actions can you take to push past the fear and doubt and towards your desired outcome? Break everything down as much as you can until you can see clear steps ahead. This will help you feel less overwhelmed.

Reframe your thoughts:

See every opportunity as a chance to learn, grow and develop. Regardless of the outcome, every action you take will help you to discover what works and what doesn’t. So when you think about it, it is a win:win situation – if it works you keep doing it and transfer it into other areas of your life, and if it doesn’t work then at least you know. You now have the CHOICE to use this feedback to make the changes you need to make to try again. Remember there is no such thing as failure unless you QUIT! Everything else is an opportunity to grow, learn and expand!


Step away, calm down, and breathe. Listen to your intuition, let it guide and support you in the direction in which you need to go. Allow your mind to float back to times in your life when you were successful, felt strong and had focus – sit in that moment and take as much information as you can. What were you thinking at that time? Who was helping you? How was your body language? Your posture? What were you feeling? Reconnect to these feelings and allow the feedback you have to attach to your mind and body.


Awareness is key.


We are none of us perfect and throughout life we will all feel challenged every now and again and that’s ok.

It is what you do in the moment that will make the difference.

The more in tune you are to your triggers, patterns, habits and thoughts the easier it is to control your FEAR, push past it and take back control.

Each outcome, challenge and obstacle is a lesson. A lesson for us to use to grow, expand and develop. Knowledge is key and the more knowledge you have the more control you have on the outcomes in your life.

So, the next time fear starts to rear its head, take control, call it out and remember you are safe – the worst that can happen is you will receive feedback.

And what’s so scary about that?

Love as Always

Emma xx

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