Welcome to a series of game-changing masterclasses designed exclusively for those ready to go deep into the internal strategies to hit your highest cash months, create illogical results, attract high level clients and create your multi 6 figure life and business on your terms.

These POWERFUL Mindset & Energetic Containers are FULL of transformational techniques, tools and resources mixed with high level energy that will shift your state, expand your growth and boost your confidence and belief.

Unleash Your Inner Rebel is about unlocking the most powerful, unique and potent layers within you to help you to stand out, be seen and own your unique brilliance, so you get to………

🙌Have creative freedom to design and sell offers that are so unique to you, so potent and transformational and designed to create exceptional results for YOUR PEOPLE
🤪To attract your hot 🔥🔥🔥audience of self aware action takers who are ready to invest and ready to take radical responsibility for creating illogical growth and are ready to create the magic your offers activate in them – they get you, love you, are inspired by you and are ready to work alongside you! 💸🙌🍾
💰To make BIG money – audacious amounts because you are the value in you, your work and your incredible wisdom! 💸😋🚀
🦋To experience results very few get to experience, to speak on global stages, create a million £££ movement, to start each month with reoccurring income, to make in a month what most make in a year! 🤪🖕🏼🚀
🥳To become famous in your industry, be a pioneer, create a legacy – pave the way and be known for the work you do🙌🦋♥️
All on your freaking terms – doing what you want, how you want and with who you know!

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A low ticket Membership, with High Level conversations, Masterclasses, Trainings & Success Kits

Think…..Being plugged into the real raw, powerful, activating BTS conversations of what is takes to expand, elevate and activate your Life & Biz to your next LIMITLESS new Level all while feeling SAFE & SUPPORTED

Mindset + Energetics + Personal Power + Unconditional Courage + Self Leadership + Solid Self Trust

  • Instant Access to ALL past Masterclasses (featured below on this page) Valued £111.00 per masterclass)
  • LIVE Monthly Masterclasses (valued at £111.00)
  • LIVE Monthly Intention Setting Training Call (valued at £197.00)
  • Energy Cleanse & Activations
  • 20 Success Kits (Audio Trainings, workbooks, & resources)
  • 15% off Future Programs 
  • Private FB Community

Investment: Starts from £40.00 p/mth (min 6 month commitment)


RESET is like nothing I’ve delivered before – the depth and potency that lies within this training will lead you to meet yourself at an ENTIRELY new level.

  • The version of you that makes in one month, what most people make per year.
  • The version of you that can hold space for next level clients.
  • The version of you that can take on the world.
  • The version of you who is defying odds.
  • The version of you that takes innovation to the next level.
  • The version of you that creates a life of complete freedom 
  • The version of you that comes ALIVE in the most potent, magnetic, powerful way
  • The version of you that when you move EVERYTHING follows


You’ll make more money.

You’ll have a bigger impact.

You’ll attract dream clients.

Your Life & Business will explode.

Investment: £111.00

It takes a certain type of person to go after their dreams and mission no matter what..
  • To have unwavering conviction and confidence
  • To lead themselves powerfully and own who they are
  • To be unapologetic in who they are and what they offer
  • To become a true leader and not a follower
  • To dip and bounce back Stronger
  • To normalise success and all it’s challenges
  • To move no matter what is going on within them or around them
  • To be so in love with their mission they aren’t fazed by others judgements
This is what people FEEL – this is what people buy into!
And “This” doesn’t come from strategy
This comes from within!
This is built
This is designed and created within you!
This is ACTIVATED personal power!
Introducing the months Masterclass Rebel Against FEAR – which goes live next Wed 9th August @ midday BST
This Masterclass plugs you into the real raw, powerful, activating BTS conversations to align YOU to the frequency of your highest level and do life & biz by ACTIVATING your personal power, limitless wealth and a biz and life that genuinely lights you the F up.

Investment: £111.00


MASTERCLASS BUNDLE – Unconditional Courage, Reclaim your Power, Become a Limitless Creator

This year I made a decision to follow my heart and do what lights me up and this is exactly what I’m doing with these masterclasses!

There is something very magical about them and the activations that take place inside of them is so incredibly potent!

They awaken parts within you, you’ve doubted or disconnected with and allow you to reset!

To dissolve your mindshit, to ignite self trust and to find the courage to go against your fears and to move in a way that unlocks a whole new way of being!

Which I why I’m so excited to offer this insane bundle as what’s locked in here is some of my best work and the keys to your something more

  • More courage
  • More trust
  • More happiness
  • More ease
  • More flow
  • More fun

And as you allow these parts of you to unfold what follows is more money, more success and more opportunities

Because as you grow the world you create does too!

Instant Access

Investment: £147.00


This Masterclass as an opportunity to refine YOU and make the subtle but brilliant tweaks that will lead to big shifts in HOW you do life and what you achieve!

It is a homecoming for you to come back to the truth, the truth of who you are, what you’re capable of how you get to play this game called life.

Throughout this masterclass, you’re going to see that there is a different way, a better way, a way that’s aligned with who you are that allows you to tap into your unique personality into your desires into the way in which you do things that’s aligned with you.

And so it’s time to remember who you are.

It’s time to strip back all the layers or the filters that you’ve been putting on yourself to be what your friends, society, you perhaps think you should be doing, and to really start to see yourself for who you are. Giving yourself that full permission to be truly unfiltered, truly unapologetically you and to start to see just how powerful that version of you really is.

Investment: £111.00


Cracking the codes that breakdown distractive, destructive patterns and habits that cause you to play small, let go of your power/ hand over your power and let outside influence control your outcomes!

Tapping into

  • The REAL BTS insights into how mental resilience, personal power & unwavering self trust radically transform EVERYTHING
  • How to navigate through the up and downs of life of businesses life
  • Tapping into the energetics behind what is really takes to step into your TRUTH
  • Activating your next level version of success, wealth & happiness
  • And peek inside the parts that can’t be ignored if you’re ready for MORE
Investment: £111.00


When you understand HOW to tap into unwavering self trust & personal power you’ll never ignore it again

It OPENS you up to life changing expansion, elevation and evolution

Reclaiming your power, sharpening your emotional intelligence & deepening your mental resilience helps you to CREATE UNCONDITIONAL COURAGE so you expand in ways that are required for growth without losing yourself along the way!

And this is exactly what’s inside UNCONDITIONAL COURAGE

  • The REAL BTS insights into how to create mental resilience, personal power & unwavering self trust
  • How to navigate through the up and downs of life of businesses life
  • Tapping into the energetics behind what is really takes to evolve, activate, expand and execute BIG business energy
  • Activating & embodying your Unconditional Courage Identify
  • And peek inside the parts that can’t be ignored if you’re ready and wanting to scale big time
Investment: £111.00


Reclaiming your power, sharpening your emotional intelligence & deepening your emotional resilience helps you to expand in ways that are required for growth without losing yourself along the way.

It’s time to remember the truth about who you are and what is possible for you.

Here’s the vibe: 

I’m not holding ANYTHING back.


We go ALL IN on 

  • Power Leaks
  • How to navigate the up and downs of life & business
  • The REAL BTS insights into HOW to create RAPID GROWTH (and sustain)
  • Tapping into the ENERGETICS behind what it really takes to build a successful biz
  • A peek into the parts your can’t ignore if you REALLY want to scale and growth your life & biz!
Investment: £111.00


The year where you get to experience EVERYTHING you’ve been working towards

  • Hitting the financial goals – not just once BUT consistently
  • Scaling & growing your business to create HUGE IMPACT
  • Boosting your Self Belief, Worth, self trust and self image
  • Attracting the most soul aligned clients into your world
  • Increasing your VISIBILITY and opening you up to new (holy shit) opportunities

This is totally NEXT LEVEL.

I have broken down the 4 most powerful topics needed to create a SUCCESSFUL, money making, life changing life & business (whilst being happy and joyful AF).

4 x 60-90min sessions





Investment: £333.00



EXCLUSIVE 12 month backstage pass to all my Masterclasses for 2023 – Where you gain ACCESS ALL AREAS towards Rapid Growth that radically elevates & expands the3 way you’re doing Life & biz!

This year isn’t just about hitting new milestones, its about HOW you hit them!

  • The quality of life along the way to hitting them
  • The person you’re BEING BTS when NO ONE is watching – when you’re challenged & pushed to your edges
  • The way you lead yourself through the wobbles, challenges and inevitable uncomfortable moments that come up along the way.

This is for you if you desire BIG MOVEMENTS & illogical growth in your life and business
AND are ready to be plugged into the expansive & activated energy of unconditional courage, radical responsibility, rapid growth & embodied leadership.

Investment: £333.00

High Quality Mindset & Energetic 2 Part Transformational Training full of techniques, tools & resources that will reactivate your abundance, expand your growth, elevate your income & heal your relationship with MONEY….

Activate Your Abundance is about so much more that just stopping the struggle, it’s about

  • How you view yourself, create your life, and what you set yourself up for.
  • allowing in the goodness (success, love, opportunities, money & happiness) that is available for you.
  • The freedom of not having to say “no” to the desires of your heart any longer.
  • Expansion, opportunities, limitless options, and the freedom to live as you choose.
  • This about opening up to a seeing things differently and giving yourself permission to feel, experience & receive flow, and ease with money.
  • Removing everything in your way of creating the life you’re proud of
  • And yes, it’s about believing, trusting and knowing you are worthy and are enough to have it all and you want MORE*
Investment: £111.00

Breaking Barriers is an awesome Mindset & Energetic Training designed to reactivate your courage, faith & belief to FREE you from the traps of your limitations and open up a whole new level of success, wealth and happiness!!

Breaking Barriers is about learning how to breakthrough the fears & limitations that are….

❌Blocking your next income level
❌Pulling you back from success
❌Creating doubt in your mind about YOU, your worth & your abilities
❌Causing you to sabotage
❌Pulling you out of alignment that leave you feeling trapped, our if control and helpless

Helping YOU to….

👊See & Experience Life & Success differently
👊To realign you with your desires (not what you think you should be doing)
👊Breakthrough your money & success barriers
👊Activate your magnetic abundant powers
👊Smash your income goals,
👊Multiple your success & impact
👊Boost & transform your inner confidence, trust & belief

Investment: £111.00