Group Programs

Welcome to a Unapologetic Rebel game-changing group porgrams all designed exclusively for those ready to go deep into the internal strategies to hit your highest cash months, create illogical results, attract high level clients and create your multi 6 figure life and business on your terms.

These POWERFUL Mindset & Energetic Containers are FULL of transformational techniques, tools and resources mixed with high level energy that will shift your state, expand your growth and boost your confidence and belief.


Claim Your Power, Raise Your Standards, and Multiply Your Wealth!*

This is for powerhouse women who are ready to step into their most authentic, convicted & magnetic self to create f*%k off results in life & business in the most unapologetic rebellious way…

Who are ready to….

  • Raise your standards.
  • Double your income.
  • Only work with dream clients.
  • Get paid 2, 3, 4x your current rates.
  • Feel unstoppable regardless of what is happening outside of you.
  • Hold yourself to raise the bar and make a lot of money because of it. 😉

Because although last year was amazing, you know you have so much more money to make, wisdom to give, results to achieve and impact to create.

Investment: £1,500 PIF



Masterclass Bundle

🌟 Elevate Your Life & Business: Unlock Access to 5 Top Masterclasses! 🚀 Dive into 10X success strategies! This Black Friday, redefine success on your terms! Get exclusive access to 5 power-packed masterclasses. Defy the odds, conquer fear, and expand your horizons. Ready to 10X your life? Grab this bundle now! #MasterclassBundle #BlackFridayOffer

Instant access to

  • Rebel Against Fear
  • Reclaim Your Power
  • Unconditional Courage
  • Become a Limitless Creator

Investment £197

Black Friday offer: £97.00

 Save 50% 1-1 60 minCoaching Call & Energy Cleanse:**

✨ Break Through Blocks and Unleash Your Potential! 🌟 Take the leap from where you are to where you want to be! This Black Friday, get a personalised 1-1 60 min coaching call and energy cleanse. Identify and shatter mindset blocks holding you back. Let go of negativity and boost your confidence! Elevate your energy and stride confidently toward success! #CoachingCall #EnergyCleanse #BlackFridaySpecial

Investment: £333

Black Friday Offer: Save 50% £166.00

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 Ultimate Energy Cleanse & Activation:

🧘 Ignite Your Success Journey Instantly! 🚀 Dive into the ultimate energy cleanse and success activation! This Black Friday, access our most powerful meditations to boost focus, self-trust, and motivation. Elevate your vibe and step into your full potential! Don’t miss out on this powerful transformational tool! #EnergyCleanse #SuccessActivation #BlackFridayDeal

Investment: £11.11