“Helping you to think bigger & grow more by bringing their whole self to work and reconnect to the human side of leadership”

Its time to bring the whole part of you back to work!

You can have the BEST strategy in the world. The BEST products & the BEST Team. BUT if you’re overworked, uninspired, walking through treacle and your head is all over the place – you will struggle to get the results you are after!

It doesn’t just affect the obvious stuff like how you think or feel. It affects the action you take. The way you lead. And the results you achieve. It affects EVERYTHING!


If you want to trust in your abilities, increase both yours & your team performance & expand your quality of life so you can bring your whole self to work – YOU’VE GOT to get your Mindset right first.

I know it’s not always easy (especially if you’re so used to working a certain way!). BUT nothing changes unless you change the way you think first.

Let me help you connect to the ‘human part’ of leadership so that you can build trusting relationships, influence with purpose & create high-performance results.

Do you want to know 3 secrets to unlock high performance?

Do you…?

  • Feel overworked, uninspired, & caught up in the world of DOING
  • Know what you should be doing – but struggle to actually get it done?
  • Are you putting yourself down, beating yourself up & focusing on what’s not working or what you’ve done wrong?
  • Do you worry about giving enough? Being enough and doing enough – so over compensate on everything?
  • Has the fun element disappeared and you feel like you’re walking in treacle?

There’s so much we can do together!

Mindset work isn’t about making dramatic changes. It’s about taking what you have and making it BETTER  -by creating subtle tweaks and consistently using them daily.

We’re all different. Different Values. Different Beliefs. Different Experiences. Different Perspectives. Which is why it is so important to understand YOU! When you aren’t showing up as your whole self or you’re battling with inner conflict – it’s draining!  It affects your focus, your energy, your commitment to lead by example, relationships with your team, and your performance!

Why Me:

I’m Emma, industry renowned High Performance Thinking coach & hypnotherapist with over 13 years experience in the Healthcare industry before redundancy gave me the chance to follow my dream and start running my dream business.

Having had the privilege of working with the Industry greats such as Astra Zeneca & Johnson & Johnson Medical. I know what its like to work in a fast paced, every changing industry that demands high performance & consistency to create huge impact.

Combining Powerful NLP, Coaching & powerful hypnotherapy we’ll create changes that show results straight away but last for years to come.

In a world where your choices, actions and results impact patients lives, I understand the pressure of bringing your best self to work every day!

Using a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy & High Performance Coaching – I work with inspiring, influential Industry leaders – helping them to trust in their abilities, create huge impact, influence with purpose & expand their quality of life.

Unlike other leaders I help you to reconnect to the human side of leadership, build-trusting relationships, influence with purpose & create high-performance results.


  • Your influence multiplies – you teach people how to think, challenge them to grow and lead by example
  • Your confidence grows – helping you to be more competent, congruent & enjoy connecting with others.
  • Your mind becomes clearer – The fog lifts. You connect with your  “A” game and affirm your WHY
  • You optimize your health – helping you to deal with stress, be alert, pay attention, resolve conflict and keep a positive mood
  • Your motivation skyrockets, get the projects you ask for, get buy in with your team, sales increase, & overall performance hits new levels.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous Global brands, Senior Executives, Directors of large enterprises, Global brands, large corporates and business owners on their Mindset and beliefs.

My work has allowed me to identify the key behaviours and patterns that hold high performance leaders back. Behaviours that will prevent you from bringing your whole self to work and influencing with purpose.

 Working with someone who understands how you feel is transformational. You feel less alone. Understood. Protected. Reassured. And Supported.


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