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Get inspired and fired up with Emma Gibbs-Ng, founder of the Mindset Growth Academy, bringing Mindset to life!
The Life Beyond Limits Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.
The host, Emma Gibbs-Ng also combines her personal experiences of overcoming multiple traumas along with her experience as a leading Mindset Coach, to inspire, influence and help thousands of people to bring Mindset to life and create success from the inside out.

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This week Emma is sharing with you the best advice she was given to help transform her success – Self Care.
Self Care is a pivotal part of your success and when it is taken seriously can create a huge impact in your productivity, success and results.
Today I am joined by Ani Naqvi, a transformational life coach. 15 years ago Ani almost died in the Asian Tsunami which tragically killed 230,000 people.
Today she will be sharing the impact this event had on her and how she has transformed her life as a result of everything she went through.
In memory of the lives lost during the tsunami she is now on a mission to work with 250,000 people to encourage them to live their passions and focus on what they really want.
This week Emma is sharing with you 3 powerful steps to take to help YOU become more successful.
Principally we are all the same BUT there is one thing that sets you apart from everyone else – Your USP.
How you can take advantage of this and create new found success.
Today I am joined by Cristina Bold a Money Mindset Coach who helps women to get to live fulfilling, balanced, and fun lives. Exactly as they are dreaming of.
Today Cristina is sharing not only her our journey of how she went from financially struggling to running a multi 6 figure business but also the money Mindset tips she shares with her 1:1 Clients to create financial breakthroughs across all areas of their lives.
This week I am talking about Overwhelm.

The impact it has on our confidence, productivity and results but more importantly what steps to take to manage it and move beyond it so you can unlock high performance thinking and create optimal results
This week Stuart Bithell, a full time Olympic athlete campaigning towards Tokyo 2020 in the 49er class, joins me live. Stuart and his team mate Dylan Fletcher are currently ranked number 1 in the world in the 49er and a few months ago added a European championships to their names.
Today Stuart is talking to me about his journey to success, how he copes with the pressures of being World No 1, what he does to mentally prepare himself for success and how he stays focused on his goals……
Welcome back, Series 2 is here and we are back with a Bang.

During this episode I will be sharing with you why we have made a few changes to the podcast, primarily the name and what to expect over the forthcoming series

I’m not gonna lie – It’s really testing at the moment! There are so many unknowns going on around us. I’m feeling it. You’re feeling it. We’re all feeling it.
The world is feeling pretty heavy right now and all of us have unanswered questions running through our minds.
·      Am I going to be ok?
·      Are my family going to be ok?
·      What will happen with my work?
·      How will I juggle child care? 
Remaining calm might feel like a challenge right now BUT the less we panic the stronger our minds and bodies will be. This week I am sharing with you 3 steps to help you reframe feeling leaving you feel lighter, calm and more in control..