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The sky is the limit – when you trust yourself. The trick is learning HOW to trust yourself again!

This week I am joined by Stephaney Edwards who is sharing her simple secrets that have paved her way to success, trust in herself again, and overcome imposter syndrome.

During this candid conversation we discuss the power of permission and how to turn your failures into your success story!



Have you ever felt like no matter what positive things others say to you or about you, you just can’t see it and don’t believe it to be true?

This is one I can relate too in a big way!!!

This week Nikita Matijas shares how she constantly battled to believe in herself and made it her mission to prove others wrong and herself right by sabotaging EVERYTHING she could!

In this raw & honest episode she shares the steps she took to gain control back of her life and how to live it on her terms.


Have you ever gone against the advice of everyone around you and followed your intuition?
This is something Barbie Jo Hatch knows a lot about.
Finding herself in line at the government office applying for assistance Barbie-Jo made a decision that went against everything she knew.
Battling resistance from her husband she took a leap of faith and started her business & invested all their savings into working with a coach.
Despite pressure to cancel it she stood in her power and followed her intuition. Building a supportive team around her Barbie-Jo grew her business to 6 figures.
During this episode Baribe-Jo shares what she did to silence the doubts and how to go against her loved ones wishes to follow her dreams.
Have you ever felt like you are on the edge of something amazing but FEAR is holding you back from taking that BIG LEAP?
This week I am joined by the amazing Lisa Becker who spent 2 years dabbling in business, convinced she wasn’t good enough to be successful Bored from the stories that fed her fear she thought FU*K IT and decided to go all in and prove her doubters wrong!
Today she is sharing what drove her to this moment, the lessons she learnt along the way and how when you do what lights you up amazing things really do start to happen!!
Have you ever felt like you aren’t really sure where you fit in or who you really are behind all the doubt, worry and confusion!
EP016 Life Beyond Limits – From lost, lonely & angry to published writer
This week I am joined by Rebecca Seyi Olayinka who share her story of growing up in Foster Care, Dealing with Racism and struggling to find her place in the world.
I loved interviewing Rebecca and experienced insights into topics that are still so mis-understood by so many today. Her view on view is awe inspiring and her determination really shows that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.
This episode is truly powerful ,humbling and Life changing…
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Deep down, you know you have something important to share with the world, but something keeps getting in the way of you being your true self.
Can you relate?
This week I am joined by the amazing Ellie Kay who shares with us all her journey of finding her authentic self and sharing insights to help other find their voice and true self too.



Have you ever felt like you have to choose between being a mum or having a career, then this is for you.

This week I’m joined with Jill Coletti who shares how to level up your Life, Self Worth & Happiness by giving yourself permission to HAVE IT ALL & letting go of the feeling you need to choose just one thing!

Jill shares have to push through the doubt and negative opinions of others and create the life you were born to live!!!





This week I am joined by the incredible Ashley Cahill who is a business owner, risker taker & multiple 6 figure entrepreneur.

Ashley has battled self doubt on & off all of her life from leaving school with no qualifications,  to being in a loveless relationship for 12 years, to nearly losing her lift and now being a single mum!

Instead of losing herself during this hard times Ashley has used it as fuel yo help her turn her life around. 

Since then she has gone on to get a degree and start & scale her business to multiple 6 figures. 

Today she is sharing how she went from not feeling good enough to wholeheartedly trusting and believing in herself.


How to Transform your self doubt into your greatest gift!!!! 
This week I am joined by Jessica Smith Dos Santos who has such a powerful and inspiring way of turning self doubt into her greatest gift. 
She is sharing how she went from feeling a victim, 2nd guessing EVERYTHING and living in a life of comparisons to fully embracing the TRUE her – allowing her to heal her past, reset her present and redesign her future.
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If you have any struggled with Imposter Syndrome, feeling .fraud or not feeling good enough then this episode is just for you!!!
This week I’m joined by Happiness Coach Zofie Lloyd-Kucia from @relaxmehappy!
She is a huge ball of energy and shares my passion in helping people, by recycling her pain for the good of others.
Learning how to silence her inner critic transformed her life and today she’s sharing with us with us how she managed to do that & what steps we need to take to gain back our power, confidence & self belief!
Today’s show is about something that we can all relate to the global pandemic. We’ve all felt the pressures over the last 18 months, no one could prepare us for what went on in the last year and a half of lockdown. lives have changed forever. And as we navigate our way back to some form of normality, we’re all starting to see what the last 18 months have taught us.
Today I’m joined by Allison Nelson who experienced firsthand the impact lockdown has had on everyone when her husband lost his job and they were left with just her small income.
Faced with the prospect of no money coming in, I was so pushed through her doubts turn fears into feeling pressure into opportunity, and which allowed her to go on and build her side hustle into a six figure business. She now helps other solopreneurs grow and scale their online business by sharing organic not marketing strategies. To turn a side hustle into a thriving business.
Today Alison is sharing with us how she managed to see beyond her fears and turn not just her life or her family’s life around.
Self doubt doesn’t just affect women. It affects us ALL and no one know that’s better than Darren Smith who opens up about his 10 year battle with Self Doubt & Mental Health issues that lead to him attempting to take his own life 2 years ago!!
This is such a powerful interview that comes with such a strong message about the importance of asking for help and talking about how you feel!!
When we are going through tough times we feel incredibly alone and misunderstood and these feeling alone can make you feel in a dark place but when you add all the elements on top of them you can hit desperate times!!
Today Darren’s shares his raw, emotional and incredibly inspiring story to let others know they aren’t alone and that now more than ever both men and women need to reach out and share how they are feeling!

This week i’m joined by Julie Gauthier who is an author of her new book “Hungry To Be Me – a quest to be my own hero!! which is a story about her 33 year eating disorder battle.

Now is active recovery Julie talks about the dark side of eating disorders and helps to build awareness around an illness that we still don’t know enough about. 

Julie is incredibly honest about how she battled with her illness, the impact it has had on her life and how after 33 years she has finally managed to won her battle with her illness.



This Week I’m joined by Laura Chenery who runs a Global Business helping women step into the Divine Feminine Power.
Laura shares a real, raw & honest insight into how she turned her life around from constantly feeling like she wasn’t enough, conforming with society, jumping from one toxic relationship with the next and using money to make her feel worthy & secure – to confidently creating a life full of pinch me moments.
During this episode Laura share with us how true happiness, abundance, success and fulfillments starts beneath the skin and how to stop searching fro the magic solution in all the wrong places!



This week i’m joined by HAVS who is an international RnB Singer & Reiki Practitioner who opens up about the pressures of being in the music industry and how she often questions whether she really has what it takes to take the festivals by storm!
Despite her doubts HAVS shares with us how she has learnt to how to change her view on Self Doubt & instead of seeing it as a destructive entity she now uses it as a tool to keep her in check!

This week I am joined by Nicole Curtis who is a Mindset Coach & Empowerment Speaker & International Best Selling Author of Becoming an Unstoppable Woman.

Nicole shares a real, raw & honest insight into what life was like overcoming child abuse and battling with severe self doubt, self hate & people pleasing – which lead to a life of believing she wasn’t good enough our worthy or living a full & happy life!

During this episode Nicole shares with us what she did to turn her life around and to let go of the past, manager her self doubt and go on to achieve a life she never thought possible!



This week I am joined by Sarah Walton who is a romantic comedy writer/director/storyteller and Wellbeing speaker who went from train wreck to teetotaler, from uneducated to getting her Masters (Honors), from unfit to running a half marathon, from inflexible to headstands, from stage fright to public speaking contest winner and stand up comedian, and from small town Australia to Hollywood.

Sarah has consistently transmuted her self doubt into success, while working through anxiety, panic attacks, sexual trauma, chronic pain, emotional abuse, depression, financial instability, low self worth and poor health, alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, near fatal car accident, surgeries and PTSD.

Through her film company Feel Good Films, Sarah is passionate about using the power of storytelling to uplift and inspire, and runs storytelling/personal development workshops to teach people how to transform their Tragedies into Comedies.

Today Sarah is sharing the insights into what kept her going and how she went from depression & low self worth to Hollywood



Its the small things in life that we do everyday that impact us the most and because they are so small we tend to overlook them and adapt our life around them.
Right now we’re all making 5 major mistakes that are squashing our potential, killing our dreams, robbing us of our happiness and creating daily negative habits
This week I’m breaking each of these daily negative habits down and sharing with you HOW you can STOP them from impacting on your happiness and success right away!

This week I am joined by Judith Juhnke who spent many years living a life for others while never really feeling like she belonged!

In this raw and honest episode Judith shares the impact this self doubt had on her and how after reaching burnout she finally learnt how to break down her negative habits and learn to trust and believe in herself again. 

Welcome back, Series 3 is here and we are back with a Bang.

During this episode I will be sharing with you why we have made a few changes to the podcast, and what to expect over the forthcoming series!