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Get inspired and fired up with Emma Gibbs-Ng, founder of the Life Beyond Limits Podcast, bringing Mindset to life!
The Life Beyond Limits Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.
The host, Emma Gibbs-Ng also combines her personal experiences of overcoming multiple traumas along with her experience as a leading Mindset Coach, to inspire, influence and help thousands of people to break down their self doubt habits, build real inner confidence and to believe in themsleves again.

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Do you struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing or comparisons? Do you worry what others will think of you or worse still what will happen if something goes wrong? Are you playing it safe?

This week I am sharing with you the Top 3 habits that hold you back from achieving your goals and creating the life you want and HOW to break the vicious cycle that keeps you stuck!

What is the difference between Masculine & feminine energy & why is it important to me?!

Good question!

This week Natalia Komis is talking about the impact these 2 energies have on your overall life and why it is so important to create balance!

Have you ever wondered why you struggle to push past certain levels of success or that no matter what you do – you still can’t get the same outcomes you see others achieving everyday?

If the answer is YES then todays episode is just for you.

I will be sharing with you just how Powerful & effective Managing Your Mind is for changing & transforming your Limited thinking and what you need to do to break the cycle so you can create the results & life you know you are capable of.

How you think creates your world……..Stick with me here. Your thoughts – your habits, your beliefs AFFECT everything – they impact our feelings, our actions & OUR RESULTS!

Whatever you think on the inside you attract on the outside. If you think from a place of lack – I can’t afford…, I haven’t got enough time… then all you will create is evidence of lack or money and time

If you think from a place of success & abundance – I’m successful in everything I do….. I’m worthy of success…..I prosper where ever I turn…… then you create opportunities, ideas, results that will support this.

If you want to change something you need to CHANGE your thinking NOT what you are doing.

This week I share with you HOW you can start to create a life full of success, happiness & high performance results.

We are all guilty of neglecting our self care especially when we are busy and have loads to do.

Our natural thought is to put others before ourselves and to help them as much as we can BUT the truth is WE NEED TO PUT OURSELVES FIRST.

If we want to show up and perform to a high level and achieve huge success we need to put ourselves first – we can’t deliver if we are running on empty and as a results we let things slip or we make silly mistakes!

This week I am sharing with you how to STOP being selfish and to start putting yourself first.


Your life is a result of repeated thoughts & habits!

Over time our habits become part of who we are and what we do – we function on autopilot!

BUT working on autopilot doesn’t create change and keeps us in a cycle where we get the same results on a daily basis.

The fastest and most effective way to create new results – new outcomes is to form new HABITS and in order to form these new habits we need to update our IDENTITY – Our thoughts.

Repetition is helps you to create this powerful change – it allows you to reprogram your thoughts, consciously and purposely – which over time allows you to form new habits.

Today I am sharing with you how you can create NEW habits, new behaviours, new results all through the power of repetition!

Your Life is a reflection of YOU! Whatever you have in your life represents what is going on internally and what limits you have!

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting the results you want or you aren’t earning the money you know you can and it doesn’t matter what you DO – nothing seems to make a difference?

It can be frustrating, upsetting, demoralising even. It eats away at your confidence, your self belief and your actions!

Today Im going to share with you how to identify your limits and recognise the impact it has on all areas of your life BUT more importantly what you can do to make the changes you need to make!

We are all guilty of jumping on the ‘DOING MORE’ band wagon whenever things go wrong, or we aren’t getting the results we want BUT this often doesn’t make the difference we hoped for!

To create new results, new sales, new outcomes the change doesn’t come from what you DO , it comes from who you need to BE to make a difference!

Our thoughts drive everything and if you’re running your life through old programming based on your limiting beliefs it really doesn’t matter what action you take. – you will never get the results you are after!

You need to Upgrade your thinking first and that all starts with YOU!

This weeks show is a solo episode with me talking about how to create Financial breakthroughs in your business.

I will be sharing with you 3 steps to help you understand your money mindset and work through any limiting beliefs you have around money so you can start to reframe your thoughts and create a stronger more abundant relationship with your finances.

During this solo episode I will be sharing with you 4 ways to help you condition your mind for success so you can create the life and business you desire.

What would your life be like if you conditioned yourself for success every day?

What could you achieve? What would be possible?

My life changed dramatically when I asked myself these questions and decided to try it out! So try it out too!

Lets use this new start to lay down the right foundations to really condition our minds for success.

This week I’m going to share with you how slowing down can actually help you to speed everything up! When you are struggling to see the wood through the trees or to think straight – you will never produce the outcomes you want. In fact you’ve probably lost sight of exactly what you want.

But when you slow everything down you start to See things for what they are. You notice lessons, you see where you’re holding yourself back, old habits that are out of date helping you to break cycle, consciously make new choices and to think again!!!

Are you being everything to everyone and nothing for yourself? Are you working every hour you can but still not getting the results you desire? Then you need to listen up. This week I’m sharing with you how to be productive and get the results you desire without burning yourself out.









The truth about failure – This week I will be sharing with you HOW to reframe failure and eliminate it from your daily life.









This week I’m talking about the importance of generating clarity and sharing 3 steps that will help you to:

  • set yourself up for success & serve with excellence
  • Determine the feelings you’re after
    Get aligned with what is meaningful for your results

Clarity isn’t something we have. It’s something we generate and the best way to do that is to ask yourself questions, research, test the water, try new things.

When we have this information we can then use it to help us think about tomorrow and what we need to do to stay connected with what matters today!

How to identify sabotage and the impact it has on your performance and results this week I will be sharing with you:

  • What is self sabotage
  • 7 common behaviours of self sabotage
  • How to mange it effectively
How protecting your energy can have a MASSIVE impact on your productivity levels

Today I will be talking about:

• The impact your energy has on your productivity

• Common Daily Energy Leaks

• How to Protect your Energy levels

Last year I had the pleasure of kicking off my podcast with an interview with a good friend of mine Scott Jenkins.

The feedback was incredible and so I have invited him back to talk some more only this time we are going to delve a bit deeper into his Mindset and get an insight into how he prepares for some of the most testing and dangerous challenges.

While we are all in lockdown Scott is in the middle of a gruelling training program to prepare him for his biggest challenge to date – Badwater!

This week I am going to be talking to you about how to expand your confidence & performance to achieve limitless success & happiness across all areas of your life.
This week I’m joined by the amazing Sam Baynes who I had the pleasure of first interviewing over a year ago, when she came in to talk about how she recovered from a life changing accident Sam Baynes was left fighting for her life in a coma with multiple fractures to her skull, brain damage, a broken back and severe damage to her arm when she sled off the mountain in Austria on New Year’s Eve 2015/16.

Since speaking to Sam she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest and I wanted to bring her back because I wanted to talk to her a little bit more about her mindset.

Having faced so many challenges. And so much adversity where she’s had to make life changing choices. I really wanted to understand what goes on inside for her mindset that enables her to keep going.

And so today we’re going to really be getting an insight into Sam’s high performance thinking, looking at routines & strategies that have helped her through her recovery but also to prepare to climb the biggest mountains in the world.

This week is a solo episode where I talk about Upper Limit Problems, what they are and how they impact on our success and outcomes. I share with you the 3 most common problems I see people experiencing and what to do to overcome them.
It’s so easy to get distracted right now – we all have some much to do – juggling life, work, childcare, isolation. Keeping focused is key!!

Emma is sharing with you some fun but effective ways to stay focused, avoid procrastination and get stuff done!

How we start each day impacts everything – our mood, our thoughts, our feelings & our actions.

This week Emma is sharing how to create a powerful morning routine that helps you to be positive, productive and focused.

Let’s be honest, the world feel pretty heavy right now.

We are all adjusting to a new way of loving and working. It can feel overwhelming.

This week Emma is sharing 3 steps to help to reduce overwhelm and how to navigate your way through these crazy times

This week Emma is talking about the importance of being flexible and adaptable in these times of uncertainty.
Sharing three steps to help you create impact without running yourself into the ground
I’m not gonna lie – It’s really testing at the moment! There are so many unknowns going on around us. I’m feeling it. You’re feeling it. We’re all feeling it.
The world is feeling pretty heavy right now and all of us have unanswered questions running through our minds.
·      Am I going to be ok?
·      Are my family going to be ok?
·      What will happen with my work?
·      How will I juggle child care?
Remaining calm might feel like a challenge right now BUT the less we panic the stronger our minds and bodies will be. This week I am sharing with you 3 steps to help you reframe feeling leaving you feel lighter, calm and more in control..
This week Emma is sharing with you the best advice she was given to help transform her success – Self Care.
Self Care is a pivotal part of your success and when it is taken seriously can create a huge impact in your productivity, success and results.
Today I am joined by Ani Naqvi, a transformational life coach. 15 years ago Ani almost died in the Asian Tsunami which tragically killed 230,000 people.
Today she will be sharing the impact this event had on her and how she has transformed her life as a result of everything she went through.
In memory of the lives lost during the tsunami she is now on a mission to work with 250,000 people to encourage them to live their passions and focus on what they really want.
This week Emma is sharing with you 3 powerful steps to take to help YOU become more successful.
Principally we are all the same BUT there is one thing that sets you apart from everyone else – Your USP.
How you can take advantage of this and create new found success.
Today I am joined by Cristina Bold a Money Mindset Coach who helps women to get to live fulfilling, balanced, and fun lives. Exactly as they are dreaming of.
Today Cristina is sharing not only her our journey of how she went from financially struggling to running a multi 6 figure business but also the money Mindset tips she shares with her 1:1 Clients to create financial breakthroughs across all areas of their lives.

This week I am talking about Overwhelm.

The impact it has on our confidence, productivity and results but more importantly what steps to take to manage it and move beyond it so you can unlock high performance thinking and create optimal results
This week Stuart Bithell, a full time Olympic athlete campaigning towards Tokyo 2020 in the 49er class, joins me live. Stuart and his team mate Dylan Fletcher are currently ranked number 1 in the world in the 49er and a few months ago added a European championships to their names.
Today Stuart is talking to me about his journey to success, how he copes with the pressures of being World No 1, what he does to mentally prepare himself for success and how he stays focused on his goals……
Welcome back, Series 2 is here and we are back with a Bang.

During this episode I will be sharing with you why we have made a few changes to the podcast, primarily the name and what to expect over the forthcoming series