I’m Emma, Master Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist. I’ve made it my life’s work to help Entrepreneurs & Online Coaches to wholeheartedly TRUST & BELIEVE they are ENOUGH.

Through subconscious transformational work I reprogram your mindset to overcome hidden fears of not being enough, lack of self worth, judgement, failure & self doubt – leading to long lasting worth & success growth in ALL areas of your life.

But, in reality, I’m just like you – a work in progress…

In the aftermath of my trauma I spent years not feeling ENOUGH. I tried to fill that void with
anything and everything in the hopes it would make a difference.

I spent hours searching for the magic solution to end my frustration and doubt – and give me
the ANSWERS I was looking for and break this cycle I was in.

BUT all that happened was I just went round In circles feeling even more like a fraud – and
kidding myself I could ever have the success I watched others achieve!

The truth is I was looking in the wrong place and this is something I see so many entrepreneurs do too!

We think we need to DO MORE. WORK HARD. CHANGE TACTICS. TRY EVERYTHING and HOPE that by doing so the magical answer will appear!
BUT instead we get burnt out, disillusioned, frustrated and our confidence hits the floor!

The reason you don’t feel good enough, worthy enough or deserving enough – isn’t because you haven’t done enough – or because you need to work harder.

Its because you don’t feel good enough or worthy on the inside and this is impacting your external life! .


It finally changed when I realised that the magic solution I was looking for was ME!


It was time to STOP…

  • Worrying about giving enough. Being enough & doing enough
  • Underestimating myself and searching for outward proof of my success
  • Searching fro validation & approval from others and doubting my success, self worth, abilities & results



  • Owning my success
  • Be taken seriously
  • Be seen as a expert
  • Run the business I dreamt of
  • Claim the status I deserved!

It was time to believe that My Success was Inevitable

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous Entreprenuers and Online Coaches on their Mindset and beliefs.

My work has allowed me to identify the key behaviours and patterns that hold them back. Behaviours that will prevent you from trusting & believing in yourself and achieving the success you long for.

Regardless of who you are –  what you’ve gone through & what level of success you’re experienced –  we’re all fundamentally the same. And despite our success, many of us simply don’t feel ‘worthy’ enough of our achievements.

Mindset work isn’t about making dramatic changes. It’s about creating subtle tweaks and consistently using them daily to bring about lasting change and direct the course of your life, career and relationships in a manner that feels powerful to you.

We’re all different. Different Values. Different Beliefs. Different experiences. Different Perspectives. Which is why it is so important to understand YOU!

I hear the hidden messages that others miss!!

I identify your blind spots, look beyond your everyday language and listen to what’s really being said! It’s often what you DON’T say, or the way in which you DO say things that identifies what’s really going on internally.

This is where I get to see & understand what’s holding YOU back & break everything down – taking all the tools, resources strategies and techniques and create a customised plan to help you to shape them into YOUR world. Making them relevant for you. 

Using a variety of Subconscious Techniques, Hypnotherapy & NLP you will get to learn and understand how to use them in a way that is SO POWERFUL for YOU!

So you can see straight away how they will create the changes that are right for YOU.

We all deserve to create our dream lives and your time in now…..

I’m also the proud host of the Life Beyond Limits Podcast that focuses on bringing Mindset to Life and creating success from the inside out through the power of interviews, sharing stories from people all over the world who has achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.