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Bringing you the BTS juice and secrets of success, growth & illogical results into your ears every week. We deep dive into all things mindset, Energetics, business, leadership, money helping you to design and create your life in the most unapologetic rebellious way!


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Meet your host…

Hi, I’m Emma,

A Multi passionate Mumma, Biz Mindset coach & mentor, Podcast host. Speaker, fitness fanatic, peri menopausal 45 year old trail blazer, who loves breaking the rules and creating magic!
Founder & creator of The Unapologetic Rebel, I help insane humans to become the version of themselves that can create absolutely mind-blowing results in ways that don’t make logical sense!
Who want to reach new heights.
Who WANT to continually evolve into new versions of themselves.
Who DREAM BIG and create insane results that “don’t make sense” while not ignoring the strategy & work ethic that is required.
Who LOVE to be coached & mentored simply because the good gets to get BETTER
Who are going to make it happen with or without me.. but they’d rather do it with me.
The work we do isn’t for the faint hearted
When you come into my world, whether it be a group program, a Masterclass, or a 1-1 container, I trust you will come in with full radical responsibility & excitement to learn + grow.
I trust you love this work & you WANT to do this work.
I trust you are here because you know you’re meant for insane illogical results, while not ignoring the work that is required & also exciting for you to do!
When we do this work…with THIS intention…..it’s inevitable that we will co-create magic together!!

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