Following on from my amazing interview with Adam Hollioake in last weeks podcast, this weeks show is all about Visualization and how it has the power to impact on your success and happiness!

Lets be honest, we have all been there at some point in our life where we have winged it, with no clear direction or purpose and just hoping for the best! Crikey I used to be that a lot BUT lets be honest it doesn’t produce sustainable results and it stressing you out in the process!!

The truth is, in order to be successful in all areas of our life we need to know what we want to achieve – if you don’t know what you want, how will you know if you have achieved it?!

This is where visualization comes in!! It helps you to form a deeper connection with want you are trying to achieve. It allows you to bring it into your life right now and become a part of your natural thought process.

There are so many ways you can visualize and it doesn’t just have to be the obvious – visualizing with through images or mental movies, you can also journal and connect to it that way too. The truth is as long as you gain clarity and get a clear understanding of what you want, how you do it is down to you!


So here goes:


Step 1:

Talks about the importance of getting clear on your vision for success and understanding what that looks right in your life right now.

You can break it down into smaller chunks and over time start to build a bigger picture.

As Adam mentioned during last weeks show, he would often spend time visualizing himself hitting a six – he focused on his posture, controlling the bat, his focus, his team, his opponents. He repeated this constantly until he was so sure in his minds eye of what he needed to do it become second nature to him!


Step 2:

I talk about the importance of being consistent!!! You can’t expect to do this once and get different results – it just doesn’t work like that!!! It requires focus and commitment BUT as Adam mentioned the more you do something the easier is becomes and this exactly the same!

It is time to get intentional about want you want and tune into it everyday!

Step 3:

Is all about Self Belief and going for it.

I talk about revisiting WOW moments in your life and the impact this has on your focus and belief.

Try not to give in to the doubt and if you follow steps 1 & 2 consistently you will find the doubt and fear fade away.

Take control on your success. Don’t leave it to chance. You have got this.

Become the director of your movie of success and program your mind to focus on achieving your goals.

You have got this!

Enjoy the show –

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Love as Always

Emma xxx