Are you ready to become the 5%?

Would you love to earn your true worth and create a money mindset that is focused on 6 figures?

Are you ready to stop making excuses and finally take action?


Guess what?


You can have it all and more.


Creating a mindset that opens doors, attracts opportunities, creates abundance, and allows you to be you and follow your passions is easier than you think.

In this year alone I have taken my business global, moved into my dream house, brought my dream car and worked with the most amazing women.

I have been witness to life changing shifts and seen how a few subtle changes can make all the difference.

A great mindset is truly transformational.


Coaching is a privilege and is something I never take for granted. I love knowing that I have contributed to people’s happiness and inspired, guided and supported women to let go, set themselves free and no longer live in fear and doubt.

If you are fed up with going round in circles and feeling stuck, frustrated, guilty, confused and want to gain clarity, overcome fear, and let go of the past by understanding the stories you tell yourself that leaves you questioning your abilities, releasing self sabotage and finally taking control of your own happiness and success  I would love to hear from you.

As you know I am a massive believer in getting support and have always been open about how it has transformed my life. I have worked with coaches, pushed myself way beyond my comfort zone and shared moments with the most amazing people.


You can do the same.


Through a series of weekly calls along with email support I will share with you transformational techniques that you get you from feeling stuck to free, lack to abundant, lethargic to energised – emotionally and physically, so you so up daily, be accountable and have fun.

We will break down goals to achievable chunks and really get clear on what is holding you back, what stories you tell yourself that keep you feeling stuck and how you can identify the choices you need to make to help you.

Every thought you have is based on a belief you have created, often due to your past experience. We will work to understand what these beliefs are telling you, what triggers your self-doubt and how to become aware of the actions behind this.

Through the power of positive language we will create an attitude that believes you can achieve anything you put your mind to and use it to create a new reality, a new thought system that sees the wood through the trees and light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s time to take control and make choices based on your true happiness. Feel proud of who you are, connect to the resources within you and unlock the confidence, drive and passion that will turn your life around!

At the beginning of the year I mentioned that my prices would be changing due to the demand in my programs.This will be taking place at the beginning of March where my 4 month program will go from £2500 to £4000.  If you are committed and ready to get out of their own way and invest in your happiness so you can make sustainable changes and build a life that fills you with energy, passion, happiness and success you still have time to book in a call and see whether we are a good fit.

To qualify for my current prices book your Free call and find out exactly how I can help you click here.

Let’s take control, have fun and go for it.

Love as Always

Emma xxx


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