One of the most common question I’m asked is about how to handle self doubt and push past those annoying niggles that seem to show up whenever you dare think about trying something new or overcome challenges.

Mind Monkeys – The stories in your mind that thrive on keeping you small. Every time you try to break free they remind you of your past so you remain in your bubble, safe and away from harm!

We all experience them at some point and can be left feeling trapped, stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed as a result.

Often we are so caught up in the chaos on life that we aren’t even aware of the hold these mind monkeys has on us – but they are there, working their magic in the background, feeling off our emotions and tying ourselves up in knots.

For years I suffered with Mind Monkeys

• Believing I wasn’t enough and didn’t deserve to be loved and to receive love

• Believing I wasn’t good enough to have the success I wanted

• Constantly comparing myself to others and feeling inadequate and useless

• Listening to others rather than following my instincts and desires.

• I didn’t deserve pleasure

• Money was hard to make when you are self employed.

The list went on and on!

Now whenever I feel this way I check in with myself and turn to my go-to techniques that are guaranteed to get me out of my funk!

This really helps me to calm my system down and connect to the present time, where my intuition allows me to tap in to my resources, visualize my goals and connect with the positive feelings this generates. It allows me to refocus my attention on where I want to be rather than on all the things that could go wrong, leaving me feeling a lot more confident and clear on what I need to do.

I like to start my day by writing in my Gratitude journal and remind myself of the success, happiness and abundance I already have in my life. It helps me to refocus, to take the pressure off. I free flow and see what comes up for me and then I move on to forgiveness and consciously forgive anything that isn’t serving me well and isn’t in alignment with my desired feelings and outcomes.

If I feel the mind monkeys creeping in I try and move my body and get flow back into it. It really helps me to step away and breathe, refocus and gain clarity. I love to go for a walk, do pilates, yoga or just dance on the spot. Just shifting that energy and moving helps you to let go and feel good.

Remember, awareness is key.

We are human and life can throw some curveballs along the way BUT the more in tune you are to your triggers, patterns, habits and thoughts, the easier it is to control the mind monkeys when they rear their ugly heads.

Each outcome, challenge and obstacles is a lesson. A lesson for us to use to grow, expand and develop. Knowledge is key and the more knowledge you have the more control you have on the outcomes.

Next time you hear that monkey chatter – take a breath, call it out and take inspired action to understand it, let it go and move on.

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