Everyday we have the opportunity to write our desires into our reality now!!!!


Journaling is one of the most transformational techniques you can use within business. It helps you to gain clarity & direction, it gives you purpose, it helps you brings you goals and desires to the forefront of you mind so you can really connect to them on a deep levels and it allows you to understand and process any niggles, funky thoughts and feelings you might have floating around, holding you back. It helps you process just about anything by letting your pen flow, and your imagination take over BUT many of us hold back and over think it!

The beauty with journaling is there are no rules; you can do whatever you want, in that moment that feels right for you and see what comes out. This is freedom, this is letting go, this is releasing

This practice doesn’t always feel the same, but it’s always magic.


For me, my intention is just to fully let myself feel all I desire as if it’s already done, to live in that emotion, that sense of gratitude and celebration now.


Some of what I write below has already happened and I continue to affirm them.

Some are beginning to happen. And some haven’t shown up in the physical yet but I know they’re done.

I wanted to share my journaling with you, to give you an insight into my practice but to also help you to get started on your own.

Lets start to create our new reality today…

I am connected now.

I feel free.

I love my life.

I’m so grateful for my life.

I’m surrounded by complete beauty.

I love soaking up the sunshine.

I feel such a deep sense of peace, connection and gratitude.

I adore my business and my amazing clients.

I’m so grateful for my rockstar soulmate clients and the work we do.

My clients get massive results as soon as they sign up, before we even begin our work together.

People love to pay me.

I receive with ease.

I am grounded and connected now.

I live free.

I’m in the best shape of my life.

I feel healthy, energized and connected.

I feel alive.

I am alive.

I am love.

I adore my new closet.

I love how organized everything is.

I love my team.

I love feeling fully supported.

Money is easy.

Life is easy.

Business is easy.

Health is easy.

I have my perfect body now. I feel strong and fit and lean and healthy now.

I am inspired every day.

I live in flow.

Writing sets me free.

Creating is easy.

I only do what I love and what I love sets me free.

I make money by being me.

I receive greatly being me.

I always have money for all my desires and requirements and excess left over.

I live in the energy of overflow.

Life is easy.

Business is easy.

Love is easy.

I easily pay my credit cards off in full every month.

I easy pay my taxes every quarter.

I have £100,000+ in the bank at all times.

My investments are growing now.

I feel fully supported now.

I have the most amazing, supportive team who know what I need before I do.

I love my life.

I love my husband.

I have fun with my husband. I feel deeply connected, in love with and attracted to my husband.

I feel sexy and beautiful.

Life opens up for me in every moment.

I am deeply connected to my soul.

I live and breathe love.

Life is easy. Love is easy.

I’m beyond grateful for my incredible clients.

I love and adore my clients.

I’m elated by the incredible soulmate clients who are signing up for my programs.

My entire business is so easy and my clients see massive results every day.

I receive notes of gratitude from my clients every day.

I adore my work, I adore my business, I feel totally aligned, and all is easy.

I’m so entertained, delighted and turned on by my life.

I have unlimited wells of energy and inspiration.

I always make the right decisions.

I always know exactly what to do next.

I feel completely free to write and be all of me.

I make money just for breathing.

I’m a massively successful influencer.

Brands and companies reach out to me daily to sponsor me.

I receive amazing products and trips every day as an influencer.

I have 50K followers on my Instagram account.

My list has 30,000 amazing soulmate clients.

My FB page has 30,000 followers now.

My social media is growing every day.

I have a highly engaged community of amazing ladies who click on and like everything that I create, love to purchase my programs and see massive results and transformation just being around my energy.

I receive now.

It’s safe to be all of my now.

I am energized and inspired now.

Total Mindset Detox sells out with totally ideal, soulmate clients who know we must work together with complete ease and we’re having an absolute blast.

Everything in my business energizes me now.

I live in the moment, I am connected to source, and I love my life in all ways.

I’m so grateful for all the opportunities, connections and soulmate clients who automatically show up in my life.

My life and business are so easy.

Writing is so easy.

I am aligned every day. My soul guides me. My life keeps getting easier; I’m impacting millions and changing lives now.

I’m a multi millionaire.

I receive 10K a day and money is easier than ever.

I’m changing lives, traveling the world, investing in properties, inspiring millions, sharing my message, writing books, and being all of me now.

I love my life and it just keeps getting better and better.


And so it is.


I mix it up everyday but I add anything and everything I want or have in my business and life and show complete gratitude for it.

This is the way I write basically every day. I let whatever I’m feeling come through me and live it, feel it and really breathe it in, in the now.

I spend zero time thinking about the how’s here, I just live in the energy of it already being done knowing that all I desire is automatically magnetized to me from this space.

After I write like this I feel energized, aligned, connected, like I’m floating on air.

I feel exactly I how said I would in my writing 🙂

This is the magic, this is the practice, this is one of (if not THE) main tool that has totally transformed my life this year.

Try it out. Borrow some of the phrases that I shared here in my journaling and make them your own.

And remember there are no rules.

Sometimes I repeat things as I go, some things may be repeated for months (or longer), some things I may never write again.

This is my energy. This is placing my order with the Universe and adjusting my emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic state to be in total alignment with my desires so that it may show up in the physical realm with total ease and flow now.

This will transform your life.

Now it’s your turn 😉

Love as Always


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