Your mindset is at the heart of every problem and solution. It is the key driver to success and abundance but equally can lead you down a path of self -destruction and negativity.

I have experienced them both.

When its good, everything flows, opportunities come in, money comes in, you feel great and your confidence soars BUT when its bad we enter into a cycle that can feel hard to break. We question ourselves, we feel stuck, trapped, isolated and alone. We lose focus, feel unmotivated and our energy levels dip to an all time low.

Something needs to change.

Having experienced it myself and through working as a coach for the last 6 years I have seen first hand the magic that can happen when you make a commitment to yourself to make change. To take ownership of your choices and build an awareness that allows you to identify triggers, manages obstacles and control doubt in a productive way that you start to finally believe in your self and shift your mindset towards success and opportunity. You create your reality.

When I launched my coaching I had one thing in mind – I wanted to inspire and motivate women to believe in themselves enough to not let their past define them. To see that anything is possible if you build the right support around you and you create a mindset that is focused on success and happiness.

I created a unique framework called the MAX Rules (Mindset + Attitude = eXcellence) that is at the core of every program and event I run and every client I work with.

The truth is we have all the resources we need within ourselves, we carry with us the most powerful tool that can create the impossible, build multi billion dollar companies, overcome trauma, and so much more. We just need to learn how to use it properly.

Consistency, commitment and focus are key. You can’t expect to change your life with one positive thought. I am sorry it doesn’t work that way. It requires effort which means you have to show up every day and consistently be willing to reframe your thoughts, take ownership of your language and with the openness that allows you to bring in your energy, thoughts and opportunities every day.

It takes commitment – to not give up when things get tough, to dig deep and to push through overwhelm and the doubt by making your dreams bigger than your fears.

It takes focus – by breaking everything down and getting super clear on what you really want, how that will make you feel and the actions you need to take to achieve it.

It takes 21 days to break a habit, to create new patterns and to create transformational changes that lasts.

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Good luck

Love as Always

Emma xxx

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