Running a business is the greatest personal development journey there is.

You see, we all have a past.

Things that have created negative self-belief.

Patterns that protect us, but don’t serve us (anymore) and pull us out of alignment of our goals.

Mind Monkeys so fierce that if they were real, we’d probably punch them in the face if they said those things about a friend.

But this past, this negative self-belief, is brought to the surface when you run a business because there are SO many things that trigger them.

  • Having to put yourself out there and risk being judged by others
  • Selling yourself, your ideas and your products but feeling a fraud and letting impostor syndrome kicks in (they’re not real by the way).
  • Being told No, and getting rejected by your customers Customer rejection creates feelings of not being good enough.
  • Comparing yourself to other.
  • Working in isolation on your own, feeling the pressure and struggling to see the wood through the trees

And then there are the voices!

  • That tell you that money is evil.
  • That good things don’t happen to people like you
  • That life will always be like this
  • That nobody like’s a show off.
  • That it wont work so don’t make a fool out of yourself for trying


They come to the surface and become deafening as they continue of repeat!

To move forwards in business, we need to tackle these annoying party poopers that love to trip us up as we grow. Otherwise they’ll keep getting in the way and holding us back.

And this is why people like me help people like you to create a positive, supportive mindset that facilitates the growth you desire and clears the path for a successful, abundant future.

It’s always been a big focus of mine. I’m a certified NLP, Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist and have completed years of deep therapy which has helped me to heal and evolve.

A big part of my mission is to facilitate similar growth for my clients, and I’ve incorporated my MAX Rules mindset framework into all client work I do.

Mindset work is essential to your growth. I know this.

But do you?

If you’re struggling with negative beliefs, blocks, self-sabotage and an inner critic so mean you want to punch her in the face, then it’s time to do a big You-Turn and look into you!! There’s work to be done in there, and a business to build out here.

I am running a live Webinar on “How to increase your success by 80%” on Wed 12th Sept at either 10am or 8pm BST.

This webinar is perfect for you if:

  • You’re not getting the results you need from your business and need to increase your revenue, your leads, your community, your reach and your income streams, without feeling overwhelmed.
  • You are open and willing to start making changes within YOU by getting out of your own way and letting go of the excuses
  • You’re desperate to move from the feast and famine cycle, into consistent monthly income.
  • You feel stuck and unable to progress.
  • You are ready to make a serious impact in your industry
  • You need some no-holds-barred feedback on your current mindset and support on how to get it on track.
  • You’re done spending time and money on courses without implementing a thing.
  • You’re sick of comparing yourself to your peers online and wondering ‘why not me?’
  • You can’t stop those creeping thoughts of doubt and know you need some help to switch your mindset.


Success starts and finishes with YOU!

I will be sharing:

  • The importance of getting out of your own way
  • How you are unconsciously blocking success in your life and business AND HOW you can stop that
  • How to manage your FEARs in a productive, confident way
  • How to control self sabotage so it no longer hold you back
  • How to set goals that are in TRUE ALIGNMENT with your passions
  • The importance of staying focused and how to stop comparing yourself with others
  • How to feel in total control of your choices
  • How to earn your true worth

Click the Link to sign up to this live Webinar; you will also receive two free interactive workbooks before the training to help you get started.

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs Workbook
  • 5 Steps to Managing FEAR Workbook


Sign up today for just £9.99 and make today the day, you let go of the excuses, you get out of your own way and you commit to becoming the best version of yourself.

It is time to take control and it all starts today.

Love as Always

Emma xx