When I start working with my clients they often come to me as they are feeling at a loss with everything. They are putting in the work but nothing is shifting and they are getting frustrated, disillusioned and feeling pretty trapped.

They have put together their Marketing strategy and created action plans, they have loads of ideas BUT they still aren’t getting the results they want and need, whether it is with new business or women who are upscaling and branching out, they have created a cycle that they cant seem to break free from.

Here is the thing – Marketing and Strategy are VITAL for business success BUT if your mindset is all over the place none of the other stuff really matters. Your Mindset controls the outcomes of your plans.


Success is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy


Where you are today, right now in your business and life is solely down to you and how your mindset works!! FACT!


Your thoughts create a chain of events that impacts all your outcomes….

Every problem and solution starts and ends with your THOUGHTS

Your Thoughts control your FEELINGS

Your feelings impact your ACTIONS

Your actions influence your OUTCOMES…

And so on, and so on…..

Creating  a GROWTH MINDSET that is equipped with knowledge, often based on the feedback you gather from previous mistakes, challenges and obstacles, helps you start to understand more about YOU, how you think, feel, act and work. This knowledge provides you with resources you need to control your outcomes in the way you want.

A GROWTH MINDSET allows you to:

  • Manage with your fears rationally and calmly
  • Identify patterns and triggers so you are one step ahead of the mind monkeys and can intervene and redirect your thoughts down the right path as soon as your notice the shift.
  • Reduce Self Sabotage by breaking everything down, focusing on the important stuff and connecting with influencers and supporters who will help, guide and support you.
  • Gain clarity on what you really want based on who you are today and not on your past experiences.
  • Grow in confidence as you step into your truth and become totally aligned with your soul purpose.
  • Be in control and show up daily with intention and focus.


Your Mindset is your SECRET WEAPON for success and will set you apart from others.


Are you ready to break this cycle, to take control and build a growth mindset?

Next week I am running a FREE 5 Day challenge where I will be sharing with you how to kick start the process and reduce self sabotage so you can increase your success by 80% and beyond through the power of your success mindset.

Over the 5 days I will share with you:

👉🏻Day One: Introduction to Self Sabotage, what it looks like and how it affect your life, success and overall happiness.
👉🏻Day Two: Identifying what is no longer working for you and how to let it go
👉🏻Day Three: Focusing on WHAT and WHO are holding you back, how it affects you and how you can take back control
👉🏻Day Four: Creating Non negotiable’s within your business
👉🏻Day Five: Piecing it altogether and keeping focused on your goals while maintaining a positive Mindset

Sign up using the link here to save your space and become eligible for over £1000 worth of prizes.

Make today the start to let go of the excuses and make a commitment to break habits and create change.

Love As Always

Emma xx

P.S. If the challenge isn’t for you but you would like to connect with other like minded women, build friendships and benefit from additional mindset support please come and join us in my Balancing life in Heels facebook group.

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