Welcome to your May Edition of Monthly Motivation, #LIMITLESS Tips & Resources


I love May – I don’t know about you but it ‘s one of my favourite months! It just has this feel good feeling about it!

Here at Emma HQ we have some surprises coming up and I’m about to launch a brand new supper different but amazingly transformational program which will help you release your “MINDSHIT – you know the stubborn bullshit excuses & limitations you carry around with you that hold you back – all in 5 weeks!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited about!!!


This month I really want you to focus on boosting productivity!

Say Goodbye to Busy-ness & Hello to getting sh*t done!
Its time to get some serious results…..

And because I love you so much I am going to share 5 things you can STOP doing right now to save you time & energy! Woohoo – 5 less things to worry about DOING today!

Life is busy enough without making it harder on yourself – right!?!

Yet we often get into the mindset of having to DO, DO, DO to BE more successful – but this month I am flipping it and am inviting you to join me to STOP………

1. Multi-tasking – it doesn’t work and all you do is a little bit of everything and get very little done. BATCH your work – focus on 1 thing at a time & do it well before moving on to the next!

Ask yourself – What will create the biggest positive ripple effect in my life & business?

2. Trying to be perfect – its just another form of procrastination – done is better than perfect!
Remember: Done is better than perfect – this is where you get feedback and valuable insights into what is working and what isn’t

3. Worrying about what if’s – there is no such thing as failure – everything is feedback – you have nothing to lose! You’ll only ever get 2 outcomes in everything you do – feedback on what works & what doesn’t – failure only exists when you quit!

4. Waiting – full stop!! Results come from consistent action, pivot and tweaks! There is no better time than NOW!

5. Saying YES all the time – Get clear on your boundaries – if its not aligned with you goals its a NO!


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Have the most amazing month and remember you have totally got this.

I am always here if you need me.

Love as Always
Emma xxx
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