Did you know you can get anything you want?


And I really mean ANYTHING…..




I am just about to share with you some amazing steps that WILL change your life and help you to attract abundance, success, happiness and wellbeing into you life.


Are you ready to be transformed?


During this year I have managed to up my manifesting game to the next level and considering I was very cynical about this 12 months ago I think I have done pretty well.

I have always known that you attract what you put out and to a lesser degree knew that if you asked for certain things they would come to you BUT I never truly believed it in a way that would transform my life and business.

This year alone I have manifested:


  • The sale of my house (in less than 24 hours)
  • The purchase of my new house (24hrs after selling our old one)
  • My Coach who has helped me to dig deep, keep going and push myself WAY, WAY out of my comfort zone to take my business to the level I wanted.
  • My Dream Car – Range Rover eVogue
  • Talking opportunities with my work
  • Amazing clients who give me so much love and joy to work with them.


I made it my mission this year to LEARN more about what true manifesting means and HOW I can start to join in on the action of receiving.

Having seen first hand the generosity of the Universe and know in my heart that we ALL can get what we want and what we ASK for, I really want to share with you the steps I took to help me push past the doubt, have fun and receive the goodies.

I know that if you are committed and really want to manifest miracle you CAN and WILL every time BUT you need to do it correctly.

The steps I am about to share with you are the same steps I now use in as part of my daily practice.

The biggest thing I learnt was that if I trusted in it, the results would come BUT the moment I let doubt creep in I would receive nothing.

You get back what you put out!!!!!


When you order something on Amazon or a take away, you ask for what you want and you trust that it will be delivered.

Manifesting is exactly the same.

You don’t ring Amazon every 2 minutes to find out where your order is; you trust that is will be delivered on the date you agreed.

The difference with manifesting is you aren’t given a date (unless you ask for a certain date) and that is where doubt can kick in.

We all have the capacity to get what we want but not all of us believe it will happen.

Always remember:


The Universe always says yes.

Energy follows thought

Every thought you have is a message you send to the Universe.

The Universe is always saying YES to your thoughts, energy and emotions. Therefore, what you put out you will receive back — whether you want it or not.



Step One: It’s good to feel good.

One of the biggest blocks to manifesting is our resistance to feeling good. We’ve all grown far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of joy and faith. We’ve learned to rely on fear as a way of protecting ourselves from being disappointed, hurt or triggered.

In order to claim everything you attract, you need to welcome worthiness and happiness.

Action – A great way to do this is to take a few minutes to allow your mind to go back to a time when you felt really happy, where everything was going your way and you believed in yourself. Connect to the feelings this generates, be aware of your body language, the thoughts you were having, the actions you took and the people involved. Stay in that moment for a few mins and then bring it back to the here and now.


Step Two: The more you tune in, the more you attract.

Many people believe that we need to push and control to get what we want in life. Pushing is one of the greatest blocks to manifesting. Tune in to what you want not what you don’t.

When we tune in to the energy of love, we also dissolve the fear of not having enough.

When you see yourself as not having enough, you allow your focus to shift from love to fear, from abundance to lack, from trust to doubt.

Results come from trusting and believing it will happen and not letting doubt creep in. You need to keep in alignment with your goals and desires.

Action – Meditate and allow yourself to connect to your goals/desires/wishes. See everything come together and create your own reality.

If you are struggling to figure out what you want start by identifying what you don’t want and go from there.

Use silent meditation to help you to connect to your intuition and allow yourself the space to get the answers you need.


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Step Three: Fun is the destination.

Living life to the full and having fun along with way is a game changer and yet it is something we often forget to do. I know I do!!!!. Joy is the ultimate creator and the most powerful vibration we can embody! When you are having fun you are a magnet for more.

Gratitude and appreciation are key too as they dissolve all blocks and help you to focus on all the things you have in your life right now allowing your mind to focus on abundance and not lack.

When we’re in a state of appreciation we’re actively creating more of what we want and letting go of resistance.

Action- Start the day with a Gratitude diary and connect to everything you have in your life and how abundant you really are. When you feel gratitude your vibration skyrockets and before you know it, you are attracting even more of the same.


Step Four: Put out what you want to receive.

Get clear on what you want to receive and set your daily intention. I use my gratitude journal to help me set my intentions each day. Find a way that works for you and remember to keep it FUN.

Journaling, Dream Boards, Meditation are all amazing ways to help you to get really clear on what you want and allows you to create a FEELING that lifts your vibrations.


It is all there waiting for you to grab it with both hands, you just have to ASK. BELIEVE. RECEIVE.

Love as Always

Emma xx

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