Are you struggling to get moving and are letting fear, doubt and procrastination kick in?


Are you ready to set goals and actually achieve them?

Do you have all good intentions but things keep getting in the way of your success?

Are you ready to break old patterns to achieve NEW outcomes?


Lets be honest we all suffer with procrastination sometimes, and leave things to the last minute or don’t do them at all. We are always ready and willing to go that extra mile for everyone else but will come up with every excuse under to the sun to put off doing something that might challenge us!!!!

Making changes in our life can be scary and as a result we hold off, hoping that if we think positively then everything will just fall into place BUT you need to take action too.

In order to change you need to BE that change – you can’t keep doing the same old thing and expect to get different results…..


You need to break the cycle.


What story do you keep telling yourself to make you play small?

Are you clear on what you want to achieve?


Procrastination stops when you push past fear and get clear on what you want to achieve.


When I started working with a coach the first thing we looked at was my goals and what I wanted to achieve!!! She really encouraged me to get CLEAR on what I wanted to achieve and how I could achieve it. I realised I had been spreading myself too thin and was losing focus on the important stuff, while getting dragged down by doubt!!!!

It was time to get clear and make the changes I needed to make…….

Making that commitment was life changing, for the first time in a long time I knew what I needed to do and what could help me get there. My focus went up, my creativity improved and everything started to feel lighter and more energized.

You can do it too…..

Lets keep procrastination to the curb and start living the life we want:

1. Get CLEAR on your goals

‘if you don’t know where you are going, how do you know you have arrived? “

Ask yourself what makes you happy? What you love doing? What would make you feel proud? What do you need to do to make this happen?

Break them down to achievable steps and get really clear on what it is, who you need to help you and what steps you need to take.

Monitor your progress regularly that way you can make any necessary changes you need to, to achieve your goals.


2. Know It is ok to say “NO”.

We are all guilty of trying to please everyone and wanting people to think we can cope with whatever comes our way but it is amazing how many people remember times when you don’t deliver rather than when you do. Have the confidence to say No occasionally, as long as you can back it up with a valid reason why, most people will understand. It is best to under commit and over deliver, rather than the other way round.


3. Surround yourself with Positive people.

Negativity breads negativity!!! I am not saying you need to change your friendship circle but if you are spending more time with negative people the chances are you are going to come away from them feeling very flat and down yourself.

Spend time with like minded people who inspire you and push you to show up everyday and be accountable. Feed off their energy and keep focused.


4. Take Control of your life.

You life is yours and your alone, no one else can live it for you.

‘If you don’t like something take control and change it’.

If you find the news depressing switch channels, if you are feeling low or frustrated meet up with friends who make you laugh. If your business is going how you want it to, try something new, invest in yourself.Take control and make a difference.

‘Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it” It is your choice.


5. Manage your time effectively.

We are all working to tighter deadlines and targets these days. It is so important to manage your time effectively to make sure you aren’t burning yourself out, but that you are also achieving everything you need to:

  • Prioritise your workload
  • Don’t over Commit
  • Balance your schedule
  • Have regular breaks – even for 5-10 mins
  • Make sure you have ‘you’ time.


6. Be flexible with your approach and open to change.

You need to be flexible and adapt to change to ensure you reach your full potential. If something doesn’t quite work the first time, try something different and see the results.

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!!!!”

Don’t resist change, learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off and keep going.


7. Focus on what you want

Our minds are incredible and so amazingly powerful – the sooner we all realize that the better. We can achieve anything we put our mind to – our thoughts affect our outcomes. Thinking and feeling more positive will attract more positive things into your life.


8. Take the pressure off…

There is no such thing as failure, it is simply an opportunity to begin again and learn from your mistakes.

We are all guilty of not doing something through fear of failing or looking bad, but if you recognize and understand failure doesn’t exist and it is JUST another opportunity to try again it helps you feel more confident about stepping out of your comfort zone.


9. Talk to someone

A problem shared is a problem halved. Remember you are not alone and there are plenty of people out there who can help, whether it’s a friend, loved one, colleague or coach. Talking to people helps you to get things off your chest and you to hear things from someone else point of view.


10. Take time out and relax

If things are getting on top of you, take some time out. A change of scenery can help to clear your mind and allow you to think differently and clearer, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Go for a quick walk, meditate, have a drink, watch some TV, catch up on Facebook, just switch off.


11. Have fun

Surround yourself with friends who make you laugh and have fun, you will thank them for it later…

ST Health benefits for laughing:

  • Stimulates organs – heart, lungs, brain
  • Releases Endorphins
  • Soothes tension

LT Health Benefits for laughing

  • Improves your immune systems
  • Relieves pain – produces its own natural painkillers
  • Increase personal satisfaction – helps cope with difficult situ’s
  • Improves your mind – reduces anxiety and depression


12. Be Happy

Try and do one thing each day that makes your happy. Your day doesn’t have to be all work and no play. It is really important to dedicate time to yourself whether it is to go for a run, to the gym, meet friends, speak on the phone, laugh, smile. Something that is dedicated solely to yourself


13. Let things go…

Sometimes you just have to let things go. Don’t be afraid to let go of your past, of negative thoughts or experiences that are holding you back.

Start each day with a fresh start, full of bright ideas on what you want to achieve.

Sometimes as hard as it is we need to recognise that we cant do anything to change things and therefore we need to just let them go.

Take control and keep focused.

You have this.

Love as Always.

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