Today I am joined by Ani Naqvi, a transformational life coach. 15 years ago Ani almost died in the Asian Tsunami which tragically killed 230,000 people.     Today she will be sharing the impact this event had on her and how she has transformed her life as a result of everything she went through.     In memory of the lives lost during the tsunami she is now on a mission to work with 250,000 people to encourage them to live their passions and focus on what they really want.     About Emma:     Get inspired and fired up with Emma Gibbs-Ng, founder of the Mindset Growth Academy, bringing Mindset to life!     The Mindset Growth Academy Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.     The host, Emma Gibbs-Ng also combines her personal experiences of overcoming multiple traumas along with her a experience as a leading Mindset Coach, to inspire, influence and help thousands of people to create a growth Mindset and achieve greatness in all areas of their life     Emma’s Links:   Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Website     Ani’s Links:   Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Find Your Ayurvedic Constitution here     About Ani:     Ani is a Holistic Transformational Coach who supports you to reach your full potential.     Ani has an extensive background in health, wellbeing, and transformative coaching.     She is an ICF accredited PCC level coach, qualified NLP Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Consultant Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor, & Hypnotherapist, Ani uses a holistic approach with her clients looking at mind, thoughts and mindset, emotions, body, lifestyle, energy and spirit when coaching clients.     She is an intuitive coach who has a deep exploration into feelings, thoughts and emotions to allow clients to go deep and helps create awareness and insight so you can be happier, more fulfilled, content and peaceful, most of her clients go on to attract better jobs, promotions and/ or leads in their business through her integrative approach.     Her clients experience long and lasting change and clients experience breakthroughs in their fist session