Welcome to Mindshit Detox Courses

Each program has been lovingly designed to help you to create Your Limitless Life by detoxing your mindshit and creating the MASSIVE breakthroughs YOU deserve!

These POWERFUL Mindset & Energetic Containers are FULL of transformational techniques, tools and resources mixed with high level energy that will shift your state, expand your growth and boost your confidence and belief

You are worthy of everything you desire and MORE.

It’s time to BELIEVE in yourself, know that you’re WORTHy of having it all & TRUSTING that it is POSSIBLE!

It is time to remember who you are……


MONEY MINDSHIT DETOX is SO much more than a mindset course!

This is a complete Detox of ALL the mindshit that has stopped you from achieving your desires…

It’s designed to help you to see YOU + the World around you differently

To discover a better, easier, more flowing way to get EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

  • It’s about FREEDOM
  • It’s about overcoming the odds
  • Knowing your WORTHY
  • It’s about rearranging how things are going to work for you in ALL areas of your life
  • It’s about a different way of being, thinking, living, earning, receiving and doing.

And how you view yourself, create your life, and what you expect to receive.

It’s about allowing IN your desires and GETTING what is rightfully yours!

Having the freedom to NOT have to say “no” to the desires or compromise on your happiness!

It’s about expanded opportunities, limitless options, and the freedom to live your life as you choose.

Helping you to……

  • Make the money your dream off
  • Smash through financial ceilings
  • Scale, grow and expand your success
  • Scale grow and expand your happiness and quality of life
  • Scale grow and expand your income
  • Create huge breakthroughs that transform everything
  • Reset your inner money beliefs and confidence
  • Believe in the impossible
  • See you and life differently and unlock your limitless potential



2023 is YOUR YEAR and this Mindshit Detox Gift Set has been designed to help BELIEVE YOU’VE GOT THIS & set you up for MORE success, wealth, abundance and happiness by detoxing the your mindshit and creating an unstoppable mindset to push through the fears, trust in yourself and build unbreakable confidence so you can make 2023 your most exciting, rewarding and success filled chapter yet….

  • Wake up to payment notifications daily
  • Break through next level money goals
  • Sell out your programs just in pre sale stage
  • Run your biz your way, making more money, having way more fun and feeling fricking awesome
  • Get asked to speak on global stages
  • Get the promotion you’ve worked so hard for
  • Receive overdue pay rise that makes a huge difference
  • Secure book deal you’ve dreamt about
  • Quit the job that drains you & launch the business you dream about


Investment: £88.00



Success, Wealth & Abundance never felt so easy! This all sining, all dancing mindshit Detox gift set has been designed for anyone who is ready to massively up level their life, mindset, energy and results and tap into the LIMITLESS potential that is within you. You have everything you need to Heal & Release your inner blocks & limits so you can hit the ground running and make 2023 your most LIMITLESS, abundant and flowing year yet!

  • Run your life and business your way
  • Grow, expand and hit new levels every month
  • Go travelling, take extended breaks, book cheeky weekends away GUILT FREE
  • Do want you LOVE
  • Say YES to everything you desire & NO to everything you don’t
  • Become your own boss
  • Quit the job that drains you & launch the business you dream about
  • Make decisions based solely on what you want
  • STOP comparing yourself to others and design & create a life of YOUR dreams
  • Retire your husband from his job
  • Find love with a dream partner who treats you like gold
  • Work the hours you want so you get to have quality family time
  • Expand your income
  • Hit new money goals
  • Have fun, ease, flow and joy everyday
  • Make decisions based on what you want & not on what you think you should be doing
  • Get to say YES to doing what you want regardless of the cost



It is time to become MAGNETIC & attract, earn and receive wealth & abundance in NEW, easy and flowing ways. This mindshit detox gift set has been designed to repair your relationship with money and finally make the financial breakthroughs you’ve been dreaming of. It is time to become magnetic, hit new financial goals and learn how to make money work for you – the easy way (even during a recession!)…….

  • Create overflow every month
  • Boost your savings
  • Give back to your clients and loved ones
  • RELAX about money
  • Quit the job that drains you & launch the business you dream about
  • Buy the house you keep looking at on right move,
  • Treat yourself to the car, Cartier Bracelet, handbag or whatever you’ve had on your vision board for years
  • Treat yourself to a guilt free spa day,
  • Book that dream holiday and treat yourself to some holiday outfits
  • Make decisions based on what you want & not on what you think you should be doing based on your financial limitations
  • Get to say YES to doing what you want regardless of the cost




My Ultimate signature digital program where I help you break all your inner fears, worries and doubts down in a way that’s makes it easier for you! 

I show you HOW to trust in yourself enough to give your dreams a chance

To cleanse your energy from the negative toxic thought habits that am have controlled you

To switch off – just for a bit from the stories that you can’t do things

To help you see a different way

An easier way

A way that suits you and uses your strengths and unique powers

To show you how to get you what you want! 

TOTAL MINDSHIT DETOX helps you to understand the behind the scenes that goes on when you create change! 

The shifts that occur, the time lag that is inevitable and the rearranging that pulls it all together! 

We go deep into healing the parts of you that are struggling to let go of that you think is true – and give you the confidence to believe there is a different path- a different way!

I help you to rearrange and realign to a new truth – the right truth about who you are and what you get to have!

You’ll start to see yourself in a different light – understand why certain things take time and will learn how to trust that it’s all working out in your favour! 

You’ll learn to see everything as feedback and let go of past judgments

Strategies, processes and actions will fall into place, make sense and take on a whole new meaning!

You’ll develop the confidence to create your own rules, trust in your own ideas and build a belief that will allow you to take action that is aligned with what you want and not what you should be doing!

You will feel free! 


High Quality Mindset & Energetic 2 Part Transformational Training full of techniques, tools & resources that will reactivate your abundance, expand your growth, elevate your income & heal your relationship with MONEY….

Activate Your Abundance is about so much more that just stopping the struggle, it’s about

  • How you view yourself, create your life, and what you set yourself up for.
  • allowing in the goodness (success, love, opportunities, money & happiness) that is available for you.
  • The freedom of not having to say “no” to the desires of your heart any longer.
  • Expansion, opportunities, limitless options, and the freedom to live as you choose.
  • This about opening up to a seeing things differently and giving yourself permission to feel, experience & receive flow, and ease with money.
  • Removing everything in your way of creating the life you’re proud of
  • And yes, it’s about believing, trusting and knowing you are worthy and are enough to have it all and you want MORE*
Investment: £88.88

Breaking Barriers is an awesome Mindset & Energetic Training designed to reactivate your courage, faith & belief to FREE you from the traps of your limitations and open up a whole new level of success, wealth and happiness!!

Breaking Barriers is about learning how to breakthrough the fears & limitations that are….

❌Blocking your next income level
❌Pulling you back from success
❌Creating doubt in your mind about YOU, your worth & your abilities
❌Causing you to sabotage
❌Pulling you out of alignment that leave you feeling trapped, our if control and helpless

Helping YOU to….

👊See & Experience Life & Success differently
👊To realign you with your desires (not what you think you should be doing)
👊Breakthrough your money & success barriers
👊Activate your magnetic abundant powers
👊Smash your income goals,
👊Multiple your success & impact
👊Boost & transform your inner confidence, trust & belief

Investment: £88.88)

Imagine how different your life would be if you changed just one small thing a day!!
Change doesn’t have to be BIG, dramatic or overwhelming in fact the most significant shifts come from small consistent tweaks and pivots that lead on to MASSIVE breakthroughs!
Transform Your Life in 30 Days has been designed to help you make small consistent shifts in your life & business that have the potential to change everything!!!!
Inside this Success Kit you’ll receive
  • 30 Day Success Habits Video Training
  • Transform Your Life in 30 Days workbooks & journal prompts
  • Become Unstoppable Meditation Series – 5 transformational meditations that will reprogram your mind for success
  • Bonus – 10 Happiness Habits that will blow your mind!
With EVERY Mindshit Detox Course you have the option to upgrade for the VIP package and work with me 1:1 for 4 weeks!
This is a brand new addition that only my private clients have had access to BUT after seeing just how transformational this support is I want to open it up to you too.
When you upgrade for the VIP package you have access to me during office hours via speed dial!
I will be able to help you GO ALL IN and coach, advise and support you to take action and apply these programs to YOU and YOUR goals!
I will help with
  • Accountability
  • Implementation
  • Sanity Checks
  • Answer Questions
  • Guide you through challenges & obstacles
  • Help YOU to apply the change directly to YOU
  • Celebrate your support
  • Motivate you to keep going
  • Gain clarity
  • Shift perspective
  • Create aha moments
  • PLUS so much more

Investment £555.00


This last few months I have really fallen back in love with journaling and it’s played a massive, and I mean MASSIVE part in my healing journey and helped me to let go of sooooo much unwanted shit that was dragging me down and clouding my judgment.
👉🏻👉🏻For the first time in 20 years – yes 20 years, I feel the happiest I’ve felt and now know exactly what I need to change, let go off and do more of.🥰👊🤪😃
I’d still be going round in circles right now, driving myself crazy if it wasn’t for journaling!
Which is why I want to share my journaling prompts that have become my absolute game changers both emotionally & physically with you all so you can start experiencing similar shifts to me!!
☀️Life gets better the more we are willing to learn about ourselves.☀️
❤️Use these prompts to help you to create the breakthroughs you’ve been craving!❤️
Create Your Limitless Life Journaling Prompts package which includes:
🤗Your Limitless Life Journaling Prompts
🤗Shift Your Identity Journaling Prompts
🤗I am Enough Meditation
For just £11.11 🤯😝🥰