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Are you constantly doubting your abilities, questioning your worth and holding back from taking action just in case you make a mistakes, get rejected or do something wrong?

Becoming Fearless is a self study program designed to radically reshape your relationship with FEAR to help you to REACTIVATE your Confidence & Self Belief so you can create a #Limitless life & business!

How would it feel to go from DABBLING in Life & Business to having the confidence to go ALL IN & create your own version of success, so you can….

Breakthrough to that next level of Success, 

Sell with ease and have soul aligned clients biting their arm off to work with you

Been seen as the expert & get tagged on Social Media when people are looking for recommendations

Wake up to an inbox full of payment notifications, referrals & paid speaking opportunities

Do less BUT do it BETTER – giving you time to enjoy your success & money

Boost your visibility & be seen by the right people across all social media platforms

Build a team of soul aligned people who are dedicated to grow, develop & expand your business growth


It is time to become FEARLESS

How would it feel to…..


  • HAVE total confidence and belief in who you are and what you are capable of
  • TRUST in yourself, your ideas, your abilities and your actions
  • FEEL worthy & deserving of SUCCESS & HAPPINESS
  • MANAGE FEAR and reduce the intensity
  • ATTRACT Sales, Money, Love & Success
  • FEEL energised, motivated & focused
  • EARN your true worth without feeling guilty

So you can STOP…..


  • Being a victim of your circumstances and finally step into your true power, earn more money and experience the success you deserve.
  • Living in a feast or famine cycle and consistently make money
  • Hustling and doing All. The. Things and get flow and consistency back in your business,
  • Letting FEAR hold you back, make you feel vulnerable and cause you to procrastinate and start TRUSTING & BELIEVING yourself
  • Settling for 2nd best and putting your dreams on hold and finally take that leap of faith and create the LIMITLESS Life you were born to live
  • Doubting yourself long enough to believe in yourself enough to become the expert in your field 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and people pleasing so you can focus solely on your goals, your action and your results
  • Stop 2nd guessing yourself, your ideas and your action and trust your instincts.
  • Getting caught up in ALL the details and take inspired action focused around the outcomes you want.

It’s Time To Create Your New Reality

There’s so much we can do together! 

We are all guilty of jumping on the ‘DOING MORE’ band wagon whenever things go wrong, or we aren’t getting the results we want!

BUT this often doesn’t make the difference we hoped for!

  • You want to earn more money BUT it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t breakthrough a normal earning threshold
  • You want to feel healthier, fitter, stronger BUT nothing you do is shifting the extra weight or helping your energy levels
  • You want to let go of your FEAR BUT regardless of what you do they keep cropping up and hold you back

Creating new results, new sales, new outcomes the change doesn’t come from what you DO, it comes from HOW YOU THINK!!

Our thoughts drive everything – your feelings, actions & results – and if you’re running your life through old programming based on your limiting beliefs it really doesn’t matter what action you take. – you will never get the results you are after!

Success is 90% Confidence

TRUSTING & WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVING IN YOURSELF is the difference that makes the difference.

“I originally reached out to Emma as I felt my business was swimming around in circles. I am a coach myself offering an online service based business, but I didn’t have a clear idea of where I was heading over the coming months/years. I had been looking for a coach/mentor for some time, and found Emma through a colleague. Emma has been a really important part of my business over the last few months. We’ve had fortnightly check ins and I have been able to open up to Emma without feeling judged to discuss anything I felt needed addressing both personally and within the business. We’ve worked hard on setting out some foundations (business vision and values), the money mindset, my programme structure, tidying up loose ends, setting boundaries, breaking through barriers, setting monthly intentions and much much more. I feel so much more organised, energised, balanced and I feel I have more purpose and confidence in what I am doing day to day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emma to someone who needs some direction and support in business or personal life.”
Kat Kimber

Founder, Nude Nutrition

Whose Emma

First and foremost I’ve been where you are today and know first hand the impact damaged relationship can heave on your life!!! 

Before all this began I was just a girl who felt lost, trapped and totally broken. With a background that includes some serious trauma and abuse, I’ve had a few cards dealt to me that would be enough to make anyone call it quits BUT I didn’t!  

I’ve experienced judgement, pain, anxiety, and total overwhelm!! I thought I was damaged, not good enough, undeserving of success and happiness and felt held back by fear, self doubt, and lack of belief in my abilities. For years I existed, going through the motions, playing small, trying to fit in and focusing on just getting by until I made a CHOICE! I chose to stop being a victim, I chose to stop wallowing and I chose to help myself…..  

Fast forward 10 years and I’m a industry renowned Master Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist that helps ambitious women radically reshape their relationships with money, success& themselves to create their own version of success, wealth & worthiness

I share powerful tools, strategies, techniques and teachings to help you crush self doubt, eliminate guilt, manage fear and break the sabotage cycle.

My superpower gives me the unique ability to identify the hidden ‘MindShit’ you carry around with you that create the cracks in your relationships around Mindset, YOU, Money, Time, Success & Health!

Even the MindShit you try so desperately to hide – trust me I’ll find it!

Over the years I’ve helped 1,000s of people to radically reshape their relationships in life so they no longer defined by their past experiences, take control of their own choices & go ALL IN so they can create & live the life that lights them up 

Throughout this program I share the exact steps I took to radically reshape my relationship with both myself & FEAR  – helping me to overcome abuse, miscarriages, fertility struggles, redundancy and self loathing to go on and create a life where I got to marry my hero, become a mummy to my miracle son and to run a global business helping 1000s of women around the world to get their happy ending!

Working with someone who understands how you feel is transformational. You feel less alone. Understood. Protected. Reassured. And Supported.

I’d love to be that person for you.

Becoming Fearless Includes:


  • 5 x Becoming Fearless Workbooks
  • 9 x Mini Training Videos
  • Resources
  • Meditations





So if you are ready to become fearless & radically transform you business BUY TODAY!!

“Emma has completely transformed my life & my confidence!

When we started working together, I was exhausted, uninspired and caught up in the world of DOING. I’d forgotten who I was.

I was drawn to Emma’s positive energy. I’ve worked with coaches before – but she has an amazing ability to make you believe you are truly limitless. She listens without judgement & challenges all your old limits.

Now, I can handle the pressures of my job with absolute trust. & create huge impact  with my team.

Reconnecting with the “human side” of leadership has enabled me to create high performance impact & results throughout the business. Emma is outstanding. She certainly knows her stuff! I’d highly recommend her to other professionals, looking for a trusted sounding board to navigate the stresses of work & life

Kate Masschlein

Worldwide President Of Ethicon Energy, Johnson & Johnson

“Working with Emma has been a fantastic experience, I learned so much about myself and was finally ready to face up to things that I had been avoiding for years. The content has made a lasting impression on me, as has Emma’s coaching. It was important for me to work with a coach that understood my struggles and had implemented these tools and techniques in her own life and were living proof that they work. Emma went above and beyond to support us every step of the way and was always very quick to respond to questions” 

Jackie Stewart