Thinking you have to work hard to be successful is one of the biggest & costly mistakes you can make in your career. And is preventing you from generating the results & performance you desire.



Because when you’re DOING everything for everyone you leave NOTHING for yourself! And end up stressed, frustrated or Burnt out – which is no good to anyone!

BUT You can’t move grow your business and create high performance results if you’re running on empty. Your focus, motivation & performance won’t be at the level you desire as you simply don’t have the energy.

Let me ask you – does everyone who thinks they have to work every hour to be successful – become successful? No, they often end up burnout, unmotivated and on occasions give up on their goals.

Which is why it is so important to Slow down to Speed Up..

Let me explain – Light bulb moments happen when you take time out and let go….

By slowing down you give yourself the opportunity to REFLECT, REVIEW & REVISE everything that is happening in your life and business. It allows you to BE in the moment and PRESENT with not just yourself but your team & those around you.

Take my Client Sarah. She really struggled to switch off. As a natural-born doer and control freak the thought of stopping and stepping back scared the hell out of her.

She was worried about missing out on something. Being seen as lazy or losing momentum. It wasn’t in her DNA to relax and breathe.

How wrong was she?! The best ideas have come to her the moment she stopped trying to find solutions.

Here’s what happens when you learn to switch off:

  • You breathe
  • You become more present
  • Your mind becomes clear
  • The fog lifts
  • You create space!

Since learning the tools and techniques I’ve taught her to help her relax and connect with her authentic self she’s signed her biggest contracts. Been offered amazing opportunities. Created some awesome ideas. Come up with solutions that have saved her time. Everything changed the moment she let go and stopped trying to manipulate the outcome.

Sometimes your mind and body just needs space – space to process, to reflect, to switch up and to relax.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, not good enough, frustrated or your constantly 2nd guessing your choices, recognise it as a sign to take the time to step away and switch off and see what happens. Here are some things you could try:

  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Listen to some music
  • Phone a friend
  • Exercise
  • Book a massage
  • Go on holiday


Give yourself full permission to switch off, have fun and laugh!

So let me ask you. Do you really want to carry being everything to everyone and leave nothing for yourself, all the while getting more and more demoralised, burnout and uninspired or do you want to slowdown, re-energise and reset so you can do less but earn more?