I’m Emma, industry renowned Mindset success coach. I’ve made it my life’s work to enable ambitious professionals like you to kick down those self-limiting barriers and find the success, recognition and financial rewards you absolutely deserve.

I am a qualified Master NLP, Life & Business Coach and Hypnotherapist with over 10 years’ experience in the high-level career coaching industry. I work with ambitious service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to create a life beyond limits & experience the ultimate up-level. 

My mission is to work with you using my proven principles to help transform your life both personally & professionally so you can have it all – Success, Happiness, Abundance, Health, Confidence & rock solid Belief.



Transformation won’t always be easy – I hold my clients accountable for their success and there will be challenging moments BUT I can promise you it will be life changing!!

It has been my own story, that has inspired and motivated me to evolve my coaching practice in this direction.

I spent years trapped in a cycle of doubt and frustration, envious of the success around me and frustrated that despite trying everything, I seemed to be stuck at the same level, ticking along but never going forward.

Admittedly, I’d faced some incredibly tough personal challenges; early abuse, toxic relationships and later, devastating miscarriages.

Trauma had rocked my foundations and left me struggling to find my way. I didn’t want it to define who I was but no matter what I tried, overcoming it felt like hard work. I kept asking myself ‘what more can I do’?

I can’t change my history and neither can you; but we CAN change our futures. We can’t do anything about the experiences we have lived through, but we can take the opportunity to learn from them. 

We have a choice. We don’t have to be shaped by other’s judgements, or our harsh judgements of ourselves. We don’t have to be limited by our fears.  We have a choice.


And now I help people make that choice. 

Here is how it works:



Work with me and I promise, we will create a life beyond limits – Financially, professionally, personally. From enjoying the luxury laptop lifestyle, to signing the dotted line on the home of your dreams or ditching the commute for good. It’s all there just waiting for you to make it happen.

I call myself the ‘no BS Queen’. I work with you to strip back the excuses you’ve been using to hold yourself back and work out what internal beliefs you’ve been clinging to that are limiting your potential.

We’ll explore my transformational techniques to kick down the walls you’ve put in your own way, and give you the confidence to take control, free from the influences of the past that no longer serve your needs.

We’ll work through my MAX Rules Framework. It’s super simple, mega powerful and built around my three core principles:


Mindset + Action = Excellence.


If these three principles are aligned, the sky is the limit and you truly can achieve ANYTHING.


It’s TIME to Introduce yourself to a new you.

EVERY STEP you take on the mindset mastery pathway takes you closer to the you who is confident, clear about your future and equipped to make your dreams happen TODAY.

A you who is wealthier, healthier and living a life she LOVES.

Purchase my Mindset Strategy Workbook for just £22.22 Today

For years I have seen first hand the impact clear direction and a strong strategy plan has on business success. 

It can transform results, income and productivity overnight and leave you feeling in control, focused, motivated and inspired. Instead of constantly going round in circles. feeling lost, confused, trapped and frustrated you learn how to step out of your own way, manage your mindset to overcome fear and self sabotage and show up daily to take consistent action.  

It is mind blowing!!

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it.