Made for high-fliers and women on a mission.

My self-study, online courses are designed for women on a mission to transform their live and who want instant access to the advice, techniques and solutions they need to take their life and happiness to the next level, fast. They’re also a great choice for women with super busy lives, who can’t commit to regular one-on-one coaching sessions.

Perfect for those who want to make change at a pace that suits them.

Each mindset success course is packed to the brim with valuable information, life-changing tips and emotional advice. As well as in-depth written and video modules, you’ll also get immediate access to worksheets and vital resources. Everything you need to make those vital first steps to achieve your goals, create the life you want and stay focused.

The results will outweigh it all.

There is a reason you’re here…

Running a business is the greatest personal development journey there is.

You see, we all have a past.

Things that have created negative self-belief.

Patterns that protect us, but don’t serve us (anymore) and pull us out of alignment of our goals.

Mind Monkeys so fierce that if they were real, we’d probably punch them in the face if they said those things about a friend.

But this past, this negative self-belief, is brought to the surface when you run a business because there are SO many things that trigger them.

  • Having to put yourself out there and risk being judged by others
  • Selling yourself, your ideas and your products but feeling a fraud and letting impostor syndrome kick in (they’re not real by the way).
  • Being told No, and getting rejected by your customers leaves you feeling like you are just not good enough.
  • One bad decision gives your inner critic a megaphone that just won’t go away.

And lets not forget the stories we tell ourselves!

  • The voices that told you that money is evil.
  • That good things don’t happen to people like you
  • That life will always be like this
  • That nobody like’s a show off.

They come to the surface and become deafening.

To move forwards in business, we need to tackle these annoying mind monkeys that love to trip us up as we grow. Otherwise they’ll keep getting in the way and holding us back.



Fear to Freedom

One of the biggest lessons I have ever learnt in life is that your mindset is everything. It can quite literally be the difference between true happiness and conforming to the norm.

What stands between you and life changing success is stored in your mind. You can either prepare your mind to succeed or talk yourself out of success.

This program will give you an insight into how to create a mindset that will transform your fears to freedom, and finally let go of limiting beliefs and behaviours based on past experiences. It will create balance and help you to live the life you want to live. By focusing on what YOU want to achieve rather than on what you don’t want, you can start to think about fun and exciting ways to help you to achieve new success.

Mindset Detox Group Program

My Mindset Detox group program has been created for women who want it all… Success, satisfaction, freedom from fear and limiting thoughts, financial freedom and time for themselves and their families.

This high-value, big-results course not only gives you easily implementable insights such as identifying limiting beliefs through thought patterns, out-witting fear by understanding your triggers and managing self sabotage by building self awareness that is so finely tuned your mum would be proud. It also gives you counter intuitive strategies like Block busting, reframing, de-cluttering, thought cycles and meditations, leaving you fully equipped to cleanse, detox and reset your mind so it is conditioned for success, opportunities and abundance.

Money Mindset Online

You know you have it in you to make more money, if you could just get past these feelings of doubts, frustration and cycles of lack! You are fed up with going round it circles, hitting the same of goals, going from feast and famine and getting more wound up and worried.

Its time to reset your money mindset so it is in alignment with who you are today and how you want to be in the future, so you can step into your true worth and breakthrough financial ceiling, leaving you feeling energised, empowered, inspired and totally unstoppable

This powerful mini-program is all about breaking old habits, taking back control, believing in your self worth and earning your true potential. It will transform your Mind, energise your soul and inspire you to reach new dizzy heights of success.

Create Change Today! Grab my MAX rules for success eBook.

Inspired by my son Max, I have put together the MAX Rules, my winning formula to break down your barriers, to take a step back and review not just how far you have come, but also what boundaries you have subconsciously put in place that are holding you back from achieving your true goals and desires.

Understanding your Mindset and creating a ‘can do’ Attitude will allow you to achieve eXcellence.

The MAX Rules eBook is packed with proven tips and strategies to take from where you are now, to where you want to go, fast. There’s a tonne of high-value information inside, just waiting for you to reach out and grab it!

Your dream life is waiting. Take your first step today with my MAX Rules Ebook.

Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses