Confused, angry, shaken and scared, my mind was going nineteen to the dozen as I tried to piece together what happened and understand what had just gone on.


Did I do something wrong? Was it my fault?

WHY ME?????

You hear about these things going on all the time on the news, in the magazines and on social media, but you never think it is going to happen to you.

Overcoming something that is against the norm, which hurts and upsets you, knocks the wind out of your sails and leaves you speechless is tough. You bounce from feeling scared to angry, hurt to confused, desperate to motivated all in the space of a few moments and then it changes again.

All the while you keep asking yourself WHY ME???

This was me a few years ago, until no day I thought WHY NOT ME!!!!

WTF – Crazy I know, but why not me?!

Everything happens for a reason, no matter what is it, you can and will learn something from it.

I wouldn’t be who I am today, doing the work that I love while being the best mummy I can be to Max and wife to my husband Jonno, if I hadn’t gone through what I did.

When I think of it like that, I wouldn’t change one part of my past as it as brought to a place where I feel strong, driven, free, motivated and most importantly where I am loved.

We can’t change our pasts, no one can, but what we do have control on is our future and this is something I am incredibly excited and passionate about.

Through no fault of your own you can experience shitty things, come across people who hurt, upset and humiliate you, experience situations that push you to your limits, make you question your abilities and leave you wondering what is it all for. These experiences could go on to impact on your life in ways you never imagined, affecting your choices, your thoughts, your actions, your opportunities, your decisions and your happiness until you take control back.


Through my experiences I have learnt that I am courageous, strong, loving, driven, motivated, determined, focused and I love that about me. It is these characteristics that have got me where I am today, they have helped me to compete at national level in sports, build a successful business I love, hit £10k months, to work with global leaders, to be the daughter and sister I am, to be the mummy and wife I am, and to be the person I admire the most.


Today instead of saying WHY ME I now say I am glad it WAS ME.

I am not saying that was I went through was right, it was in fact very wrong, but now I am saying I have learnt so much about me that it is ok, I understand and I get it.

Seeing things through fresh eyes, through positive eyes, makes life some much easier to live and takes away all the unnecessary shit and upset. Instead of trying to understand why me, start thinking about what you have learnt as a result of this situation.

Making that decision to step away from your past, is scary but amazing. You get the opportunity to start again, you breathe easily, to make choices based on what you WANT to do, you listen to your heart, you learn to trust yourself and learn to say yes to opportunities.

Life can be tough, we will all get dealt some blows in our life but they don’t have to stop us living the life we want to live.

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it.


Take control, learn from mistakes, set goals, make plans, surround yourself with inspiring people who understand you, make choices, push beyond fear and keep going.

I know it is tough, I know it is hard, I know it feels unfair but please don’t let the past control you any more than it needs too. Make that choice to be free, to follow your passions, to stand tall and say YES it WAS ME, but its NOT ME ANYMORE – I can do this, I can make a difference, I can be successful I will show you doubters, your non believers and prove them wrong.

Amazing things happen when you take control and embrace yourself FULLY…….

Love as Always

Emma xx

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