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What if making money was easy? What if it happened by default? What if you have all access to the strategies, tools & techniques to radically reshape your relationship?

Just imagine how different your life would be….

No More:

Panic & worry when you think about your bills coming in

Constantly making choices based of not being able to afford things?

Holding on to money, afraid to spend it out in case you need it for something else

Feeling guilty for wanting more than you have?

Feeling like you’re not the kind of person who will ever make REAL money?

Limiting Beliefs about working hard for your money, money is a limited resource, or that you don’t deserve to make. money?

Do you have the strong desire for MORE – yet struggle to believe it possible?

Do you:

Feel that no matter what you do, you just can’t get past a certain income level

Feel like there is never enough money for you

That you don’t deserve to make the money you work so hard for

Feel embarrassed to talk about money & struggle to close the deal

You take 1 step forward & 2 steps back


Today everything changes……


Money Responds to YOU!

Money isn’t judging you.
It’s not punishing you.
It’s not making you right or wrong.
It doesn’t “prefer” anyone else.

It’s just responding to you. 🤯🤯🤯 Or should I say it’s responding to your Money MindShit – the BS stubborn stories you carry around with you that hold you back now matter where you do!!!

You know the ones I mean!!!!

💰You have to work hard for your money
💰I can’t afford it
💰There isn’t enough around
💰Making money is hard
💰More Money, more problems
💰I don’t deserve to have money

Money doesn’t judge you or think you’re not good enough.

It is just Energy & It’s just responding to you.

Your thoughts affect your feelings & actions towards money.

How you respond towards money will reflect right back at you!!.

If you are trying to reach 6 figures +  but you’re constantly telling yourself I can’t afford to invest right now. I need to wait until I sign another client first, or I’ll wait and try it on my own everything you do it controlled by the fear of losing or wasting money

If you believe that nothing you do ever works. OR that you don’t deserve to make money then it really doesn’t matter what you DO you will never make more money.

If you want to launch your signature program, but the memory of previous failed attempts still haunts you then chances are you step away from the opportunity or talk yourself out of it before you have the chance to prove yourself.

Making money has It has nothing to do with your skills, knowledge or talent and has everything to do with your relationship with money!!!

Nothing CHANGES UNTIL you CHANGE your RELATIONSHIP – your identity around money!

How would it feel to create a relationship with money that allows you to…..

  • SMASH your income goals and consistently EARN your worth month on month (goodbye feast or famine months)
  • SELL OUT our launches with ease
  • Get to take TIME OFF in the holidays AND still get paid
  • RETIRE your husband
  • CONFIDENTIALLY SELL with ease & excitement (no more sweaty palms, wobbly voice or butterflies in the tummy)



  • Create HUGE impact, transform lives and create your dream life and business
  • MAKE MONEY while you sleep
  • TREAT your loved ones without feeling guilty
  • GIVE BACK to friends, family, clients & charities



“I originally reached out to Emma as I felt my business was swimming around in circles. I am a coach myself offering an online service based business, but I didn’t have a clear idea of where I was heading over the coming months/years. I had been looking for a coach/mentor for some time, and found Emma through a colleague. Emma has been a really important part of my business over the last few months. We’ve had fortnightly check ins and I have been able to open up to Emma without feeling judged to discuss anything I felt needed addressing both personally and within the business. We’ve worked hard on setting out some foundations (business vision and values), the money mindset, my programme structure, tidying up loose ends, setting boundaries, breaking through barriers, setting monthly intentions and much much more. I feel so much more organised, energised, balanced and I feel I have more purpose and confidence in what I am doing day to day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emma to someone who needs some direction and support in business or personal life.”
Kat Kimber

Founder, Nude Nutrition

There’s so much we can do together! 

I created Become Unstoppable because I know what it feels like to have a dodgy, negative relationship with money. Where money was clogging up my brain! Watching others make money so easily constantly wondering what I was doing wrong. I turned down opportunities, let fear make my choices and played small in all areas of my life….. 

When I discovered how to repair my relationship with money, my whole world changed.

It changed so profoundly I knew I needed to share it with YOU too.

Wealth & Worthiness isn’t like any other program out there, it is specially designed to rebuild your relationship with money from the inside out. Breaking down your old limits & re-educating you mind to attract wealth, money & abundance from a place of ease, trust & flow.

This transformational program isn’t a get rich quick type of course. It’s an experience that will help you create a life of FREEDOM, WEALTH & WORTHINESS

This course takes you from living in scarcity and repelling money to realising the true magic behind making money easily – by letting go of your old stories, breaking the sabotage cycle you’re in.

And building a strong & trusting relationship with the energy around money – helping you to be open & ready to receive abundance in ALL areas of your life

This course is powerful.

Working with someone who understands how you feel is transformational. You feel less alone. Understood. Protected. Reassured. And Supported.

I’d love to be that person for you.

Does this sound like you?


Money is the main thing causing you stress and worry.

↠ You’re constantly saying ‘no’ to things because of your fear around money (even though you technically have enough).

↠ Random bills coming out or payments not yet refunded give you absolute panic and anxiety.

↠ You get yourself into a negative spiral of self doubt if a client decides to leave or a sales call doesn’t close.

↠ Launching is stressful because you feel pressure and worry that you won’t fill the spaces to hit your income goal

↠ You’d like to increase your prices but fear no one will pay them


This doesn’t have to be your reality

Here’s the truth…If you want more money, wealth, freedom & choice you need to….



Change the way you think, feel & BE around money

↠ Create a trusting relationship with money.

↠ Talk nicely about money.

↠ Let go of the old stories you have about money

↠ Be grateful for all the things you have in your life right now to be able to receive more


And that’s why I’ve created this course!

Become Unstoppable is a complete Money Makeover transformational experience!

It creates deep emotional healing around money & self worth – letting go of the fear & worry you have about money.

Helping you to radically reshape your relationship and experience with all things money!


You’ll Discover…

The real reason why you struggle to consistently make money

HOW to rebuild your relationship with money by releasing your fears & past experiences

How to make money WORK FOR YOU by getting really clear on what you want & how to get it

How to be OPEN to receive money easily & quickly

How to step into the ABUNDANT VERSION OF YOU with total trust, faith & belief

Become Unstoppable includes:


  • 4 x Become Unstoppable modules
  • Module One: Your Money Story – Looking at your relationship with money & the part this plays in your money success
  • Module Two: Releasing your past & Breaking down your Money Fears
  • Module Three: Re-writing your Money Story
  • Module Four: Stepping into Abundance
  • Lifetime access to the sessions
  • Exclusive Facebook Support Group where I will be hanging about in to help support you trough the program
  • Module workbooks, resources & meditations



 2 x monthly installments of £122.00 


£222.00 in full

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I am worthy

I am wealthy

I am ready

I am open & ready to receive


“Emma has completely transformed my life & my confidence!

When we started working together, I was exhausted, uninspired and caught up in the world of DOING. I’d forgotten who I was.

I was drawn to Emma’s positive energy. I’ve worked with coaches before – but she has an amazing ability to make you believe you are truly limitless. She listens without judgement & challenges all your old limits.

Now, I can handle the pressures of my job with absolute trust. & create huge impact  with my team.

Reconnecting with the “human side” of leadership has enabled me to create high performance impact & results throughout the business. Emma is outstanding. She certainly knows her stuff! I’d highly recommend her to other professionals, looking for a trusted sounding board to navigate the stresses of work & life

Kate Masschlein

Worldwide President Of Ethicon Energy, Johnson & Johnson

“Working with Emma has been a fantastic experience, I learned so much about myself and was finally ready to face up to things that I had been avoiding for years. The content has made a lasting impression on me, as has Emma’s coaching. It was important for me to work with a coach that understood my struggles and had implemented these tools and techniques in her own life and were living proof that they work. Emma went above and beyond to support us every step of the way and was always very quick to respond to questions” 

Jackie Stewart