Life Beyond Limits VIP Days

Powerful transformational coaching with a self care twist. Taking you from limited to limitless in just 6 hours!

How would it feel to live a life beyond limits?


To have a life full of opportunities, of choices totally aligned with your desires.


A life free from internal conflict, mind fog and overwhelm so you can sleep freely, gain clarity & take the right action.


To go from feeling limited to limitless, all in just 6 hours!!!


Success is 80% Mindset & 20% Strategy


Of all the lessons life has taught me, the greatest is that when you get your mind in the right place, the goals you’ve envisioned for yourself come together so much easier. No stress, confusion or fear.

Getting the strategy together is the easy bit, BUT creating the Mindset that is aligned with this strategy is the tough part.

Get it right and you open yourself up to limitless opportunities, groundbreaking success, financial freedom and most importantly, internal freedom from negativity and poor self-worth h

BUT if you get it wrong you can enter a cycle of feast or famine, self doubt and wobbles that will push you to the edge one minute and motivate & inspire you the next.

Over the years I have seen this play out in the lives of so many ambitious, driven, successful people. They have thrown everything at getting the right funnel in place, the right program up and running, the right offering for their dream clients but despite all their best effects the results weren’t quite how they planned.

How would it feel to go from thinking:

You MUST work hard all the time to succeed

You DON’T DESERVE the life you want

You’re NOT GOOD ENOUGH to ask for more

Success is TOO SCARY, it’s easier to stay where you are now

Why would ANYONE listen to YOU?

You’ll NEVER be the SUCCESS you dream of

Whats the point NOTHING is working

To having this…..

Absolute CLARITY and CONFIDENCE in yourself, your abilities & your outcomes.

The ability to LET GO of limited patterns of thinking and habits that are slowing you down easily and quickly.

The tools to UNLOCK your ABUNDANCE pathways, opening you up to unlimited opportunities

TOTAL BELIEVE in yourself & TRUST your instincts

Resources to ELIMINATE Self Sabotage and live a life ing total alignment with your desires consistently, with ease and flow.

The ability to REDUCE the internal mind fog, leaving you to dream big, and create a reality beyond your boundaries

REPLENISHED & NOURISHED energies, so you are motivated to take action easily & quickly

All in the space of JUST 6 hours!!

 But Success doesn’t have to look like a struggle lovely….

KILLING yourself for your goals is NOT GOING TO GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT.

STOP the internal anguish about balance, not achieving what you want or hustling to get by. STOP feeling you’re not achieving enough.  STOP feeling like YOU’RE not enough.  NOW is your time to FLY and I want you to realise every bit of how BRILLIANT you are.

Here is where I come in……

Work with me and we’ll get you where you NEED to be; Living the life YOU DESERVE without SACRIFICING what you LOVE

When one of us succeeds, we all do!!

I love women like you, and I thrive on seeing you succeed. I levelled up in my own life to not only six figure success but more importantly, real freedom.  The freedom to live life on my own terms.

I’ve since made it my life’s mission to ensure as many of the smart, savvy women I meet find the strength to do the same for themselves.

I’ve been where you are right now.  I made myself small, and it was only when I decided NO MORE that I was able to discover real FREEDOM.  Freedom to let go of self-doubt.  Freedom to ignore negativity.  Freedom to be whomever I wanted to be and live the life I dreamed of.

I’ll let you in on the secret.  REAL freedom isn’t about how much you earn, or buy, or what you wear.  It’s internal. Master that and everything else is EASY.

‘When your Mindset is out of alignment it can impact everything! It affects your self worth, your relationships, your financial situation, your overall happiness. It can block abundance, sabotage success and leave you feeling drained.”

From Limited to LIMITLESS

I’m Emma, industry renowned success coach. I’ve made it my life’s work to enable ambitious professionals like you to kick down those self-limiting barriers and find the success, recognition and financial rewards you absolutely deserve.

I am a qualified Master NLP, Life & Business Coach and Hypnotherapist with over 10 years’ experience in the high-level career coaching industry. I work with service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to create a life beyond limits & experience the ultimate up-level. 

Work with me and I promise, we will create a life beyond limits – Financially, professionally, personally. From enjoying the luxury laptop lifestyle, to signing the dotted line on the home of your dreams or ditching the commute for good. It’s all there just waiting for you to make it happen.

I call myself the ‘no BS Queen’. I work with you to strip back the excuses you’ve been using to hold yourself back and work out what internal beliefs you’ve been clinging to that are limiting your potential.

We’ll explore my transformational techniques to kick down the walls you’ve put in your own way, and give you the confidence to take control, free from the influences of the past that no longer serve your needs.

When nothing is working you have to look within!


I found Emma to be a positive and inspiring speaker. I came away from her talk both moved and inspired and with a deeper understanding of why I’d been holding myself back and what I now needed to do to create change. She encouraged and helped me to start looking at my life without limitations and to take that leap over the final hurdle to face my fears! Zoe

Emma is such a passionate speaker. She shares her story with real honesty and takes you on a positive journey from where she was to where she currently is. Emma is living proof to the power we all have to change our thinking and our lives. If you are looking for a motivational speaker to inspire, Emma is your woman. Thank you. Jane

“Emma coached and supported me during one of the most challenging experiences of my life. She’s been a total rock, always ready to listen, guide, encourage and support. With her help I was able to negotiate this tough period and emerge feeling happier, stronger, more focused and much more confident. What’s more, my business remained intact too and has actually grown! I’d highly recommend Emma, she’s a wonderfully talented woman. Michelle

When nothing is working you have to look within!


VIP Packages

Powerful transformational coaching with a self care twist. Taking you from limited to limitless in just 6 hours!

1:1 VIP Day


Bespoke Transformational Coaching taking you from Limited to Limitless in just 6 hours.


1:1 Elite VIP Package

Bespoke Transformational Coaching taking you from Limited to Limitless in just 6 hours, plus 3 x  60 min 1:1 Sessions


Group VIP Day 17th Sept 2019


5 Amazing people coming together as one group all on a mission to create a life beyond limits

£495 p/p

Group VIP Elite Day 17th Sept 2019

Everything included in the group day plus 3 x  60 min 1:1 Sessions

£1,095 p/p

What you get:


A Welcome questionnaire, which will help you be clear about your current limitations and unhelpful thinking patterns

6 hours Coaching with me (10am-4pm), using a powerful combination of NLP, Mindset Coaching & hypnotherapy

Personalised notes and agreed actions plans to keep you accountable and clearly on track

Worksheets and resources, to help you to personalise the transformational techniques and build quality foundations for growth and release

Lunch & Refreshments

Accountability Video, focused around your Core goals and agreed action plans

Personalized Hypnotherapy recording, based around your core limiting beliefs, helping you to create sustainable change and self heal

Personal plan of Action with clear steps, resources and connections, leaving no page unturned

Control of Success – internal freedom, confidence, belief and inspiration

Celebratory Drink to mark the start of your beginnings

Love, support, guidance and accountability

Its time to re write the story….


“I was dirty”..

This was the story I lived with for years after being abused. I felt everything was dirty and as a result stopped doing the things I loved.
Whenever we go through anything traumatic it leaves an impression on our lives and subconsciously creates a story, by which we live, think and act in certain ways.
If someone we love leaves, we think we’re not loveable. If we’re told we’re failures, we create failure in every area of our lives. We write a story of loss, fear and never being good enough.
But not every story is true. With the right support you can work out where you’re holding back based on your own outdated narrative and let you turn the page to a new future; free from the past with a whole new tale of success and achievement ready to be written.


Let your limits be why you fly, not why you hide.

No more fear, doubt and self-sabotage – and no excuses either. Just smashing your goals and living the life you deserve, every day

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!