You know the truth – Stay true to who you are.

One of the hardest things I discovered when you are trying to follow your dreams and try something new, is that everyone has an opinion on it and it isn’t always one you want to hear.

Often you don’t even ask for their opinion, it is forced on you whether you like it or not!!!

The best advice I was ever given and I am giving to you now, is to STAY TRUE TO YOU. Don’t let other people’s opinion knock you off track from achieving your goals.

When we were trying to fall pregnant every month it didn’t happen I was given advice from just about everyone. “Have you tried this? Have you tried that? You exercise too much, you drink too much, you don’t weigh enough, you wear high heels too much!!!!!!” You name it I was told it and after a while it took its toll.

I always knew we would fall pregnant naturally, even though the odds were against us. Jonno has sperm issues and we suffered from a couple of miscarriages – one really horrible at that BUT I still knew we would get there in the end. I don’t know why, but something in me was telling me to keep going.

The problem was the longer it went on and the more people got in my ear, the harder it was to stay true to myself and believe in us as a couple.

Equally when I was setting up my business I battled with peoples opinions, mostly from my husband, who is very driven by results and seeing tangible evidence. He really struggled to understand what I was trying to set up and achieve. Sharing my ideas and being open really helped a lot as it showed I valued his opinion and trusted what he had to say about your ideas.

  • Staying true to what you believe, your goals and your passions is KEY to your success. If you try and conform to others, or start trying to be something you are not, you will be in for a rough ride.
  • No one can take away your story, no one has lived you life, no one has balanced life in your heels, and therefore no one will be able to dictate your happiness.
  • Never let other peoples negativity get you down, it is always a reflection on them and is often caused by jealously.
  • Surround yourself with people who bring you up, who motivate you and keep you focused. Spend time with inspiring people; people you love and people who support you no matter what.
  • Having the support network around you helps you to fight off doubt, to push past fear and to keep going when others give up.
  • Never give up on your dreams – spend time connecting to your goals, allow them to become aligned mind and body and allow yourself to believe they will come true.
  • Journal – brain dump concerns, ideas and anything else that comes up for you.
  • Be clear on what you want – Write down goals, create dream boards and bring your desires to life.
  • Show Gratitude – while you are focusing on achieving your goals always show Gratitude for everything you have in your life already. Energy follows thought. I write a gratitude journal every day.


Remember I have your back, the universe has your back and your support network has your back. Let your results speak for you and be proud.

Show Up. Be Accountable. Have fun


Love as always

Emma xx