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I work with people in all walks of life to help them see that Mindset plays a part in everything we do and give them a vision of their future that previously was considered to be out of reach and for others who deserved it more or worked harder for it (you know, those people who actually get of their arses and do something remarkable with their lives).

It has been my own story, that has inspired and motivated me to evolve my coaching practice in this direction. With a background that includes some serious trauma and abuse, I have had a few cards dealt to me that would be enough to make anyone call it quits. But I carried with me the strong belief that we are not defined by our pasts. We cannot change them; but we CAN change our futures. We can’t do anything about the experiences we have lived through but we can take the opportunity to learn from them.

We have a choice. We don’t have to be shaped by other’s judgements, or our harsh judgements of ourselves. We don’t have to be limited by our fears.

We have a choice.

And now I help people make that choice.

I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can to understand the power Mindset has on all areas of our life and to help you understand that no matter what life throws at you, you can and will get through it.

By taking responsibility and building awareness you are capable of creating a mindset that is driven by success, happiness and abundance so you can go on and achieve anything you want from life.

BUT in order to make changes in your life the first things you have to change is YOU!

Now I know investing in yourself is scary and can feel you with fear and doubt BUT nothing will change unless you let go of the excuses and step out of your own way. Change can be scary to begin with but trust me it can be so much fun too – I speak from absolute experience here and know first hand the impact this can have over your overall health and well being.

So if you are curious to find out more and are ready to start dipping your toes into seeing what really goes on when you work with a coach I have just what you need.

Below are a selection of workbooks and mini programs specially designed to introduce to you the power that is stored in our own head and to show you how, if you used properly and consistently, can transform your life in ways you don’t even realise.

SO, if you are serious and are ready to take back control lets go.

Select a program of your choice, sign up and gain instant lifetime access (for as long as the program runs). Everything is there ready for you to get going.

Online Events


Call me weird but I love presenting and speaking in front of larges audiences and so I really wanted to create opportunities where I could do this more and work with groups to create workshops that allowed me to work on a deeper level with audience and encourage them to start exploring what is going on internally so we can create strategic resources that can help to create change.

So I have put together a number or Workshop/Coaching packages that give you the opportunity to work with me in a group environment and receive some live coaching.

Live Events


As an established professional motivational speaker and has spoken at many national and international events I love nothing more than being able to create live events and come face to face with my clients and get to work with them on a personal level. I love nothing more than bringing a group of people together and all feeding off each others energy.

So I have put together a number or Workshops/Coaching packages that give you the opportunity to work with me in a group environment and receive some live coaching.

Why Work with me:


First and foremost I have been where you are today and I know first hand the transformation your mindset can have on your life!!

Before all this began I was just a girl who felt lost, trapped and totally broken. With a background that includes some serious trauma and abuse, I had a few cards dealt to me that would be enough to make anyone call it quits BUT I didn’t!

I experienced judgement, pain, anxiety, and total overwhelm!! I thought I was damaged, not good enough, undeserving of success and happiness and I felt held back by fear, self doubt, and lack of belief in my abilities. For years I existed, going through the motions, playing small, trying to fit in and focusing on just getting by until I made a CHOICE! I chose to stop being a victim, I chose to stop wallowing and I chose to help myself…..

Fast forward 10 years and I am a Fully Qualified Life & Business Coach & Hypnotherapist and am considered a leading Coach and facilitator of mindset growth, change and excellence within the Business and Entrepreneurial sector.

Using a combination of CBT EFT, Life & Business Coaching and NLP, I have the unique ability to help my clients reach breakthroughs and sustainable change within a relatively short period of time, ultimately improving the Success, Wealth & Happiness of my clients in a professional and personal capacity.

Most importantly though, I am your missing link to creating the changes you need to make. I strip everything back and push past the BS excuses to create insights and see what is going on internally – what limiting beliefs you have floating around your mind consciously or subconsciously. I introduce you to transformational techniques that will break down your blocks, unearth your deep rooted beliefs and give you the confidence to take back control and live a life full of passion and purpose.

With over 7 years of combined professional and personal experience in mental health and wellness, I have has created exclusive 1:1 programs, Self study courses and Group programs, all of which provide life-changing results.

My Business has allowed me to help 1,000s of people to transform their lives so they are no longer defined by their past experiences and take control of their own choices so they can create a life worth living that is aligned with their goals and their passions.

I have worked with some of leading Coaches in the UK, Entrepreneurs, Directors of large enterprises, Global brands, large corporates and business owners.

With my expertise and experience, I also hosts the Mindset Growth Academy Podcast that focuses on bringing Mindset to Life and creating success from the inside out through the power of interviews, sharing stories from people all over the world who has achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it.