the confident influencer

Are you ready to…..

Overcome self doubt

Gain the courage to take risks & empower yourself and others

Tune into & trust your own intuition

Let go of your mistakes & insecurities

Turn down the volume on your inner critic

Handle rejection, haters, and mean girls

Boost your inner confidence

Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm

Create & enjoy a life you love


Then is it time to Release Your Mindshit & own your future

Let’s cut to the chase, the reason you aren’t getting the results you want has nothing to do with what you’re doing….

Whether you’re trying to…..

Whether your trying to scale your business
Start a business
Work on your fitness
Improve your confidence & self trust!
Boost your income

The real reason is because deep down there is something telling you, you can’t do it.

You’re not good enough.
It won’t work
You’ll fail
You’ll make an idiot out of yourself
You’re not smart enough
Pretty enough
Worthy enough
You haven’t got time
You can’t afford!

This is what I call your mindshit – the stubborn bullshit stories you carry with you that hold you back no matter what you try and do!!

Here’s the truth when you are carrying mindshit around (which we all have) it subconsciously impacts how you show up and act in the world!


So when you enthusiastically go about chasing strategy after strategy to create the breakthroughs you see others achieving – you often hit a walk and rarely get the results you expect


Which btw then reinforces the mindshit…..


See I told you you can’t do it,

Nothing ever works,

I’m not good enough etc!

But it’s not your fault – we are designed to DO!! We are brought up to believe if we want to be successful then we must work hard and DO everything we can to make it happen!!

Which to a degree is true we do need to work smart and hard but we also need to believe we can make it happen in the first place!

But here is the thing…


Your mindset is more powerful than any action you take and despite all your best efforts – if you deep down think you can’t do it – you mind will do everything it can to prove you right – it creates your reality!

This is where a lot of people get it wrong – they think it order to create more they need to do more and never address the niggles – putting it down to – well that’s how life has always been!


So in short if you want to start seeing different results and break free from the cycle you’re in you have to sort the mindshit out first!

Here is where I come in!

After years of working as a mindset coach and hypnotherapist I can spot mindshit easily!



Even the mindshit you try so desperately to hide – trust me I’ll find it!

Which is great news for you because now you can finally understand & identify what’s been really holding you back & more importantly let it go!!

What’s even better is once you know what’s holding your back – releasing it and letting it go is actually quite easy – woohoo!!

I recently joined Emma’s Manage your Mind Challenge…. and WOW!” 

Before the challenge I was frustrated that I wasn’t achieving my goals… but after only one session, I realised that I didn’t know what my goals were. Honestly, I realised my mindset was unfocused and messy – something I had never taken to time to consider. 
The sessions were a constant learning curve for me, including several A-HA moments!! These moments included, my number of excuses, comparing myself to others and regularly telling myself negative stories – I think deep down I was aware I was doing these, but didn’t take the time to realise how they were affecting the life I was living. These led me to the discovery of why I wasn’t living a limitless and happy life. 
I found all of Emma’s sessions engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable! Thank you Emma, for helping to change my mindset, focus and helping me to live a truly limitless life! 
Kat Kimber

Founder, Nude Nutrition

There is so much we can do together

Emma is a Certified Master Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist helping Entrepreneurs & Online Coaches to wholeheartedly TRUST & BELIEVE they are ENOUGH.

I get to work on getting to the core of your limits and release them safely at a deep level – at the driver/ trigger point AND the best part is…..
The techniques I use bypasses the resistance and the other mindshit party poopers that normally block the change & try talk you out if following through with the changes
Meaning that you finally get to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh – how bloody cool is that!!!

Working with someone who understands how you feel is transformational. You feel less alone. Understood. Protected. Reassured. And Supported.

I’d love to be that person for you.


So for the first time ever I’m inviting YOU to join me live for 5 weeks where I will help you create a mindshit makeover!


Through powerful weekly hypnotherapy sessions I will reprogram your mind to let go of the limits, fears, stories & doubts!



Helping you to….


Overcome self doubt

Gain the courage to take risks & empower yourself and others

Tune into & trust your own intuition

Let go of your mistakes & insecurities

Turn down the volume on your inner critic

Handle rejection, haters, and mean girls

Boost your inner confidence

Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm

Create & enjoy a life you love

All in just 5 weeks!!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot – on top of all these amazing transformational shifts you get to boost your immunity, energy & overall well-being by having time out (what’s that!!!) switch off and relax while I do all the work!

Over the years Hypnotherapy has helped my clients to..


  • Eliminating old beliefs
  • Releasing past traumas
  • Creating new habits
  • Improve Money mindset & abundance
  • Managing fear
  • Reducing stress
  • Calming your system
  • Reducing anxiety, panic & overwhelm
  • Increasing energy
  • Increasing confidence & self belief
  • Rebuild trust
  • Creating balance – emotionally & physically
  • And so much more
But disclaimer – if your hoping I can make you bark like a dog or do some wacky tricks like you see on the tv – sorry to disappoint but I’m not trained for that! 
I’m just qualified to heal your past, create sustainable change and give you answers & closures to your old limitations! 

So if this has got you excited & you’d love to be a part of this awesome new program here’s what’s included:


  • Pre program questionnaire
  • Hypnotherapy fact sheet 
  • 5 live group hypnotherapy sessions via zoom
  • Recordings of each session to listen to again 
  • Release Your Mindshit workbook 
  • Voxer access throughout program 
  • Private FB group  

Investment: Drumroll please

5 x £122
£555 in full (10% discount) 
( 555 means HUGE changes are up ahead. Trust that this transition is in your highest good. Prepare for massive shifts! Things are getting exciting.) 

So if you are ready to finally release your MINDSHIT and create the life & business you dream of – let’s do this….

“Emma has completely transformed my life & my confidence!

When we started working together, I was exhausted, uninspired and caught up in the world of DOING. I’d forgotten who I was.

I was drawn to Emma’s positive energy. I’ve worked with coaches before – but she has an amazing ability to make you believe you are truly limitless. She listens without judgement & challenges all your old limits.

Now, I can handle the pressures of my job with absolute trust. & create huge impact  with my team.

Reconnecting with the “human side” of leadership has enabled me to create high performance impact & results throughout the business. Emma is outstanding. She certainly knows her stuff! I’d highly recommend her to other professionals, looking for a trusted sounding board to navigate the stresses of work & life

Kate Masschlein

Worldwide President Of Ethicon Energy, Johnson & Johnson

“Working with Emma has been a fantastic experience!!”

I learned so much about myself and was finally ready to face up to things that I had been avoiding for years. The content has made a lasting impression on me, as has Emma’s coaching. It was important for me to work with a coach that understood my struggles and had implemented these tools and techniques in her own life and were living proof that they work. Emma went above and beyond to support us every step of the way and was always very quick to respond to questions” 

Jackie Stewart