I am sat in the garden in complete awe of my son as I watch him explore his new surroundings with an innocence I admire and a determination and willingness to learn that I aspire to have.

Nothing, and I mean nothing is getting in his way and no matter how many times I move something he shouldn’t have away from him, he will still find a way to get to it, Nothing is stopping him and he will keep trying until eventually he gets his hands on whatever thing it is he is after – usually my phone, iPad or the sun cream!!!! He doesn’t miss a trick and he is watching me as much as I am watching him, planning ways to out trump me and to get his hands on something new.

I find myself reflecting again about just how much this amazing little boy is teaching me and can’t help but to feel a sense of pride but also a sense of jealously. Here in front of me is someone who knows what he wants and will do whatever he can (safely and in a nice way) to reach his goal.

The thing I love the most is that to him there are no mind blocks, no fears and no past experiences that are stopping him. It is all new and exciting and is something new for him to play with and to learn from.

All to often we think about trying something new, and sometimes we even give it a go, but more often than not we will let our past experiences, our fears, our limitations hold us back and keep us in our comfort zones.


Well this is how we have always been and this is what we continue to do. We go about our daily life in what can only be described as autopilot doing the same thing day in day out, thinking in the same way and feeling how we always feel. Nothing really changes.

The great thing is we CAN act like Max and go for it, we just need to make a few adult tweaks first and reset our mindsets to be open to this new way of thinking, this childlike carefree approach where we reframe our thoughts, change our internal conversation and start to see things positively, in a new light and trust ourselves to not let us down, to follow our instincts and GO FOR IT.

A few things really stood out for me, while watching my mini explorer and I really wanted to share them with you:

Max was committed and focused– he knew what he wanted and he set his sights on his goals – for him my phone. He knew exactly what it looked like and he was determined to get his hands on it. He was committed to achieving this no matter how many times I moved it away from him he would always try a new approach until one worked.

He didn’t take no for an answer – No matter how many times I said no he kept pushing forward not letting that stop him. Now I know sometimes in a child life they need to understand the meaning of the word no, and Max most definitely will, but right now, he doesn’t and it’s because of this I am learning the importance of not letting “No” define me or stop me from achieving my goals. You see every time I said no to him and moved my phone, he just took a step back, smiled his cheeky smile and carried on with his mission only this time trying something new and different to see if that worked instead.

He trusted his instincts – he knew he is safe, he wasn’t harming himself or others and it clearly felt right to him. This was going to provide him with another learning opportunity to hold and play with. He wanted to get his hands on something new, something he hadn’t played with before and that would provide him with a different development opportunity, so he just went for it.

He tried new approaches – He didn’t wait until he had come up with the next perfect plan, or wait for the perfect time to try again, he just went for it and used what resources he had at that time to work with him, helping his to adapt his approach and go for it.

He didn’t stop at the first knock back – No matter how many times I tried to hide my phone and move it away, he kept on going. He didn’t stop trying just because I had moved it. He knew what he wanted, and didn’t take the knockback personally, he just kept going.

He did it his wayAll to often we try to be something we aren’t, or try things because that is what everyone else is doing. Max didn’t, he simply did things in his own unique way, using his thoughts, his ideas, his actions and his cheekiness to out smart his Mumma and get his hands his goal. Every approach, every idea he had was his own, he trusted himself, he opened himself up to try new things, and let went for it.

In life, no matter who you are, or what you are trying to achieve it can sometimes be hard to stay focused, to remember your “why’ and to not let fears hold you back. Make today the day you try something new. Take that first vulnerable step and shift your mindset. Approach your goals differently and to not let fears stand in your way. If you really want something try my Max Rules approach and go for it. The worst that can happen is you learn from your experience and discover new ways on how to achieve your goals.


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