Welcome to your March Edition of Monthly Motivation, #LIMITLESS Tips & Resources


Can you believe we are into the final month of Q1. How time flies with you are having so much lockdown fun!!

Here at Emma HQ we have just finished the launch of The #LIMITLESS ACADEMY and I am beyond excited about all the all members that have joined my community! It has always been a dream of mine to run a membership and at the end of last year I took that leap of faith and followed my calling!

So how is everything going with you? Have you found your flow? Are you on track? How are you feeling?

When was the last time you answered these questions? End of last year? Last Week?

It is so important to keep a check on yourself to make sure you are feeling strong, positive, confident and positive BUT more importantly that you are still in alignment with everything you want to achieve!

No I know things are still up in the air and for some this is causing you to feel detached from your goals and there isa pull to put things on hold BUT please remember that is times of adversity  – amazing things can still happen and you don’t have to feel guilty about that.

This month I really want you to focus on YOU! 

Whats working, what isn’t?, How are you feeling? What is going on internally? How is your energy?

Too often people come to me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and inadequate because they have been so busy doing ALL. THE. THINGS and yet they still aren’t where they want to be. They are watching others around then cope better, achieve more and earn loads of money and its getting them down! They don’t know what else to do!!!!

Here is the kicker – in this situation it isn’t about DOING more!!!! it is  actually about understanding what is going on with YOU and doing some inner work!

99.9% of the time my clients aren’t living the life they want to live because something is going on internally and as a result no matter what they do nothing is changing!

If you are working so hard to make more money but you spend all your time worrying about money or the lack of it – you are going to struggle to break the cycle just by working harder – you need to change your relationship with money first – how you think about it, howe you feel about it – THEN and only THEN will you start to see results

You all know the Secret and Law of Attraction, right?

Whll the simple truth is your thoughts create your reality and you get back what you put out!!!! SO if you are constantly saying I can’t afford things, I don’t have the money, making money is so hard then all you are going to attract is more LACK!

If you want to create a #LIMITLESS Life then you need to focus on creating a #LIMITLESS Life and not on all the things are you don’t have!

So to get you started lets break it down…….




STEP 1 – Reflect & Review your progress

Spend some time checking in with YOU. Really take the time to understand 3 months in how this year is going. Are you missing something? Are you working better than you realised?

  • How is Q1 going?
  • Are you on track?
  • What is working well?
  • What isn’t working?
  • What comes easily?
  • What feels hard?
  • Big Wins
  • Lessons learnt
  • What support do I need?

The more you can uncover the easier it will be to make sure you are aligned with your desired outcomes


STEP 2 – How are your Feeling?


Feelings are EVERYTHING

Everything we desire is because of a feeling.
Everything we fear is also because of a feeling.

We are either chasing feelings or we are avoiding feelings.

We hardly give ourselves the time to LISTEN to our feelings or BE with our feelings! It is something we brush past!

If you numb your feelings, ignore your feelings or resist your feelings – you slow down the opportunity of letting go and living your best life.

You continue to carry these emotions around and accept the heaviness that comes from this – too scared to address it, in case you can’t handle the emotions that come from addressing these feelings.

The longer you resist the feelings that you don’t want to feel, the longer you are in turmoil, because you keep holding it down with ALL of our might. Yet all it wants to do it come up and OUT!!! It wants to blow off steam and move on!

When you give yourself permission to FEEL – Good or bad it allows you to let go. To let the feelings pass through you. To signal to you when you are aligned or when you are stuck in your own head and can’t move forward!

ALLOW IT ALL. And be completely honest with yourself. Let the vibrations pass THROUGH you. Then consciously choose the feelings that serve you.

If your energy is low, you will attract low energy. If your energy if high you will attract high energy.

Low energy will pull high energy down. High energy will pull low energy up.



  • How are you feeling?
  • What stories are coming up for you? ( nothing I do is working, I don’t deserve success etc)
  • What fears, worries or concerns do you have?
  • How do they impact on you?


  • How are you feeling?
  • Where are you storing tension
  • How is it impacting you (not sleeping , eating, drinking properly etc)
  • On a scale of 1- 10 how energised are you feeling?
  • Do you have any aches, pain, tension etc?


STEP 3-  Re-Align.


Now you know what is going on, its time to re-align

  • What do I need to stop doing?
  • What Boundaries can I put in place to keep me focused?
  • What boundaries can I pout in place for self care?

Then do one of my most favourite techniques to get really clear on how you be showing up every month ( and review it weekly)

The BE, FEEL, DO, HAVE Technique:

  • Who do I need to BE?
  • How do I need to FEEL?
  • To do the things I need to DO?
  • So I can HAVE the things I want to HAVE?

Split the paper into 4 and journal on these questions and get really clear. There will be trends that form which is great and this will show you your focus for the month.

To go deeper spend some time visualising yourself living your limitless life and help your mind to create with new reality ( Visualisations are in the freebie Library so sign up to access them)


Remember you don’t have to try all of them if you don’t want to, it is your choice, but each one of these stes will create a massive step forward and will help you to get in the right head space to feel comfortable with change and to build a awesome foundation to grow and develop into the amazing person you are .


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Have the most amazing month and remember you have totally got this.

I am always here if you need me.

Love as Always
Emma xxx

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