The Ultimate Group Program Designed to Up-level Your Confidence, Break Down Your Negative Daily habits & Upgrade Your Life.

Your success is inevitable & it’s time to design & create the life YOU were born to live!!!

It’s time to STOP adapting your life & goals to fit in with your limitations.

You are Limitless. You were born Limitless.

Everything you need is within you right now buried beneath the doubt, fear, worry, panic, lack of trust & belief.

Together we are going to transform your life from the inside out and rediscover the TRUE YOU!

This program has been created for YOU if….


You struggle with self doubt (who doesn’t) and are..

Spending your life hesitatinguncertain of what to do next & waiting for the perfect time to take action

Plagued by imposter syndrome – thinking your accomplishments aren’t real & that you’re secretly a fraud & a failure

Caught in a cycle of comparisons, not feeling good enough & the constantly overthinking 

Suffering with anxiety, overwhelm & bad habits that are ruining your chances of achieving your goals

Struggling with low self -esteem & are allowing negative past experiences to influence your thought patterns

OR are falling into the trap of hiding, being hyper critical & feeling totally helpless



 It doesn’t have to feel this way….

It’s time to wholeheartedly TRUST & BELIEVE You are ENOUGH!!…..


You have everything you’re looking for within you right now – you just need to learn how to locate it!

It’s stime to STOP searching for the missing pieces – you aren’t going to find them in external things – they are hidden inside youwaiting to come out

When you life the lid and move past the doubt, confusion, the need to control, 2ndguessing, worry fear, comparisoons, people pleasing or overwhelm – a whole new world opens up to you!

A World where…


 Challenges happen BUT you navigate through them with ease & confidence

  Where you make mistakes BUT instead of letting them hold you back – you learn to take all the amazing information & feedback thats hidden within them & USE it to come back STRONGER- BETTER – & even more DETERMINED

You feel the fear BUT TRUST in YOURSELF more & consistently take action

The opinions of others no longer bothers you BECAUSE you WHOLEHEARTEDLY KNOW you are GOOD ENOUGH – regardless of what others might think! 

➟ Small steps lead to BIG RESULTS.

You focus on one thing at a time and KNOW it’s leading you on a path towards success, happiness & abundance

You are so aligned with your purpose that your success , happiness and abundance are INEVITABLE 

Here’s the thing…


You weren’t born to settle

To follow other peoples dreams too scared to create your own

To live on autopilot for 90%of the time – counting down the days until the weekend.

To feel stuck waiting while the world around you evolves!

To compromise on your happiness & dreams to fit in with society norms.

You were born to be LIMITLESS!

To take control of your future

To Thrive

Feel alive

To have fun.

Yes somewhere along the line something shifted & you stopped dreaming big. Bit by bit the life you were born to live rifted away!

It’s time to remember WHO YOU ARE!! It’s time to find the TRUE YOU!

And that’s really why I created The TRUE YOU Program.

I created this program to invite you to begin to discover and see for yourself some of these things that are holding you back from all the things that you desire, and all the things that you deserve.

Together we will work on letting go of perfectionism, overwhelm, self doubt, people pleasing and generally not feeling good enough so you can finally start to own your success and take it to the levels it deserves!!

Are you fed up with…

Feeling like you’re stuck behind a red light that just won’t change – where cars are whizzing around you heading off to somewhere amazing while you sit there WAITING for the green light to change so you can move forward!

It’s time to switch lanes

Change gears & move into sports mode

It’s time to wake up and get off the treadmill of a mediocre life


I totally get it – I have been there too!!

In the aftermath of my trauma I spent years not feeling ENOUGH. I tried to fill that void with anything and everything in the hopes it would make a difference.

I spent hours searching for the magic solution to end my frustration and doubt – and give me the ANSWERS I was looking for and break this cycle I was in.

BUT all that happened was I just went round In circles feeling even more like a fraud – and kidding myself I could ever have the success I watched others achieve!

The truth is I was looking in the wrong place and this is something I see so many entrepreneurs do to.

We think we need to DO MORE. WORK HARD. CHANGE TACTICS. TRY EVERYTHING and HOPE that by doing so the magical answer will appear!

BUT instead we get burnt out, disillusioned, frustrated and our confidence hits the floor!


I’ve watched countless people – amazingly powerful and successful people – live their life on someone’s else terms!!!


  • Making choices in line with what was expected or what wanted by others
  • Fighting to feel loved and accepted
  • Struggling to belong and constantly seeking for approval
  • Compromising on their happiness to make others happy
  • Limiting their life, career and personal happiness
  • Living by the rules and conforming to the masses
  • Spreading themselves so thin by being everything to everyone and leaving nothing for themselves


Because we all have this underlying fear of not belonging or being accepted. We feel that we constantly have to prove ourselves. Prove we are worth of our success. So we work harder, longer hours. We don’t want to let others down. Give them cause to question our success or integrity. We worry that people will judge us. Ridicule us. Question us. Lose respect. Or think we are weak, indifferent, and odd!

So you go through life…


Being an asshole to yourself – thinking you’re never good enough, criticising yourself and punishing yourself for all the mistakes you’ve made

People Pleasing – being & doing everything for everyone else and leaving nothing for yourself

Comparing yourself to others – convincing yourself that others have something you don’t & that they are someone you can never be

Numbing the pain – by pushing your feelings to one side and throwing yourself into something – anything – to take your mind off things – work, food, drink, exercise, shopping, drugs etc.

Striving to be Perfect – in the hopes that others won’t notice our flaws or questions our abilities!

Putting on a front– being outwardly confident but inwardly battling with self-doubt & questioning your abilities

Feeling like a fraud – wondering when people will realise you aren’t as good as they think you are, or that you’re not intelligent or qualified to do the things you do

How would it feel to…

  • Break down the false stories and barriers you’ve created on your journey through life 
  • Get to the bottom of your struggles, your vulnerabilities, your doubts 
  • Unlock the truth that is stored within you that have the answers to finding true happiness and success.
  • Release the lies that have been controlling you
  • Reconnect you to your power, your gifts and your confidence 
  • Rewrite your future and create a limitless life roadmap aligned with true dreams, goals & desires? 


So you can…..

  • Design & Live a life that your truly want & know ho to make it happen
  • STOP Hesitating, Hiding, Being Hyper-critical or Feeling Helpless
  • Embrace your WHOLE Being – yes flaws and all – and use them to create the most amazing abundant limitless business & life!
  • Realise It’s your mistakes, experiences, and flaws that make you so bloody powerful & use them in a way that makes you stand out and own your right to be successful
  • No longer be controlled by what others think of you
  • Embrace a way of life no one has experienced
  • Step into being the person you were born to be
  • To do the things you are here to do, fun along the way and to say fuck it
  • To trust & believe in yourself whleheartedly and show the world that you belong in the big leagues


    LISTEN – what I’m about to share with you is going to go against everything you’ve been thinking but trust me – I know what I’m talking about.

    To become a Limitless Creator:

    You DON’T have to work hard to be successful

    You DON’T have to be a robot either – in fact sharing emotions, and showing you’re HUMAN is one of the biggest strengths you have

    You DO need to BELIEVE you are ENOUGH

    You DO have the TIME if it’s that important to you (time expands if we let it)

    You DO need to STOP looking for the answers or a miracle solutions EXTERNALLY – they come from within!

    A Limitless Creator recognizes the importance of TRUSTING & BELIEVING in yourself in every areas of your life & is willing to do the work to make it happen.

    Combining my #LIMITLESS LIFE Framework and blending it together with Subconscious Transformational Techniques – this program focuses of the 5 transformational steps designed to strip everything back & unapologetically create, design & live the life you were sent her to live! 

    During the Limitless Creator Program You will:

    • Gain CLARITY into your hidden fears and deep rooted beliefs by identifying what is holding YOU back
    • INCREASE Confidence & Self Belief helping you to go from doubting you’re enough to wholeheartedly believing you are enough!
    • BOOST your TRUST in yourself, your abilities, your success and your environment so you feel comfortable in the big leagues
    • REBOOT Your Energy so you are mentally, physically & emotionally strong and working consistently at the top of your game
    • EXPAND YOUR LIMITS by reshaping your beliefs and getting comfortable with your success, self worth & TRUE PURPOSE!
    • FREE YOU by fro, the negative control fear, doubt & worry so you can unlock your true worth & rebuild your relationships with YOU, Success, Money & Abundance
    • RECONNECT TO YOUR WHOLE SELF by using your personal power & experience to open the path for others. To honour the struggle, to share your truth & experience, and to embrace your UNIQUENESS.

    How The Limitless Creator works

    Step One – AWARENESS

    You don’t know what you don’t know AND in order to create change you need to know whats holding you back in the first place.

    Its time to get really clear of everything that is going on externally & internally so you can create the right change for YOU!

    Until you know what is holding YOU back and impacting on your self worth you can’t make the changes you need to make!

    90% of transformation comes from self awareness!

    The more you understand your patterns, your limits and your hidden fears the easier it is to manage

    Through powerful exercises and meditations, I’m going to show you how to create separation between who you truly are and the thoughts and emotions that you experience on a day to day basis.


    Step Two – BELIEFS

    Helping you to eliminate your hidden limits & beliefs on a deep personal level and re-program your mind to create new habits based around the outcomes you want

    Beliefs are really the dominant thoughts that create our reality.

    They’re thoughts you continue to think and over time start to form our reality.

    And the reason most people that are struggling with anything – is because they’re trying to change everything outside of their life – outside what they see with their physical senses!

    BUT when we go to work changing your beliefs internally – that is when you change your world.

    The problem is, the beliefs that are holding you back the most – you often don’t even know they’re beliefs, and when you don’t even know they are beliefs. You don’t know how to change them.

    During this segment I will help you to discover the #1 belief that is holding you back and how you can use simple, powerful & effective techniques to break the cycle.

    Step Three – REPAIR & REPROGRAM

    Who do you need to BE to DO the things you need to DO to HAVE the things you truly want

    And, you know, this is a biggie as one of the mistakes and pitfalls that most make when they start learning this is  – that your natural instinct is to just keep trying the next best thing, falling back into the habit of DOING and jumping from one thing to the next!

    During this segment we will look at all the tools, strategies, resources & techniques and make them RELEVANT TO YOU – helping you to shape them into YOUR WORLD!

    BUT in order to make that happen – Your actions need to match the person you NEED to BE first  – and NOT who you are today.


    Step Four – ENERGY

    Energy follows thought and is the creator you your reality!

    Your energy is EVERYTHING!

    It is the creator of your external world and is driven by how you feel inwardly

    You see, most people spend their entire lives thinking that if they worry enough or focus on their fears enough that they’ll have some sort of effect or change on the outcome.

    And that’s simply not the truth.

    While worrying might give you something to do, but it’s not going to change anything. But in the world of energy and manifestation. It’s actually the number one thing that’s pushing your goals – desires, dreams further away from you.

    When your ENERGY believes you are ENOUGH, the whole world with know you’re enough too!

    Working with someone who understands how you feel is transformational. You feel less alone. Understood. Protected. Reassured. And supported.

    I’d love to be that person for you.

    “Emma has completely transformed my life & my confidence!

    When we started working together, I was exhausted, uninspired and caught up in the world of DOING. I’d forgotten who I was.
    I was drawn to Emma’s positive energy. I’ve worked with coaches before – but she has an amazing ability to make you believe you are truly limitless. She listens without judgment & challenges all your old limits.
    Now, I can handle the pressures of my job with absolute trust & create a huge impact on my team. 

    Reconnecting with the “human side” of leadership has enabled me to create high-performance impact & results throughout the business. Emma is outstanding. She certainly knows her stuff! I’d highly recommend her to other professionals, looking for a trusted sounding board to navigate the stresses of work & life”

    Kate Masschlein

    Worldwide President , Ethicon Energy, Johnson & Johnson

    Now from experience I know at this stage you might be thinking this all sounds good and well BUT some of those old limits might be creeping in right now and are already starting to get in the way of the magic that’s going to get created over these next 8 weeks.


    Here’s some of the biggest ones that I’ve seen time and time again with my clients, and when they finally let these go that’s when they create the breakthroughs they need.

    The first one is, hey Emma this sounds great, but I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work – BUT have you really applied this information to you and directed it straight to the root cause of your problem – your identity?

    This is why so many self help books and training programs don’t work because often the information you read goes against everything you’ve experienced before and contradicts what you believe – resulting in you poo-poohing the content or filtering out the information that challenges your behaviours.

    IT is ONLY WHEN you learn how to start challenging your BELIEFS and changing your identity to MATCH the outcomes your want that you create the breakthroughs you need. 

    Remember – you can’t find a solution with the same thoughts that created the problem in the first place – you need to UPGRADE your thinking based on who you NEED to BE to generate the results you want!

    We focus on this throughout the whole Limitless Creator program

    The second one is I don’t have TIME!

    If you’re telling yourself the story that you don’t have enough time to dedicate to this.

    Well, number one, guess what you’re manifesting when you continue to tell the story I don’t have enough time. You betcha. Not enough time.

    But number two, you’re also telling yourself & me that this really isn’t important that you’re not really serious about this. 

    And that you’re not really committed.

    Because the truth is, any person that I’ve worked with who has achieved exceptional results has been committed to their desired outcome.

    They were willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what, even if that means sacrificing the things that are no longer served them to create change.

    • Less time on Social Media
    • Less dates with Netflix
    • Less time gossiping with friends or colleagues

    You know sometimes you’ve got to make a choice to say YES to something bigger – something better. Something brighter. And that’s really the opportunity you have right now.

    So what will you choose?

    Will you choose to commit to these 8 weeks? Will you commit to go all in on this? Will you commit to do whatever it takes to do the work, to do the exercises and open yourself up to something incredible?

    Well I hope you do, because I’ll be ready and waiting for you starting on day one.

    Who is The Limitless Creator for?



    • STEP into the life you were born to live in a way that gives you everything you want – time, money, success & freedom
    • GET SERIOUS & do the hard work to heal old wounds & out of date beliefs.
    • STEP into your LIMITLESS POWER & fully trust in yourself!
    • LET GO of the excuses and wipe the slate clean
    • EXPERIENCE Success, happiness & abundance like you’ve never experienced before
    • Willing to show up & do the work to change whatever is no longer serving you



    • You are going to let your BS excuses stop you from taking action
    • You’re looing for someone to fix you
    • You don’t like me as a coach (lol) no offense taken if this is the case
    • You want to complain and blame others
    • You have the desire to feel happy and successful but not willing to put the work into it
    • You are happy to just carry on going the route you’re taking alone
    • You are not ready to step up and invest in you/ your business/ your life

    “I feel so much more organised, energised, balanced and have more purpose and confidence in what I am doing day to day.”

    “I originally reached out to Emma as I felt my business was swimming around in circles.

     I am a coach myself offering an online service-based business, but I didn’t have a clear idea of where I was heading over the coming months/years. I had been looking for a coach/mentor for some time and found Emma through a colleague.

     Emma has been a really important part of my business over the last few months. We’ve had fortnightly check-ins and I have been able to open up to Emma without feeling judged to discuss anything I felt needed addressing both personally and within the business.

    We’ve worked hard on setting out some foundations (business vision and values), the money mindset, my programme structure, tidying up loose ends, setting boundaries, breaking through barriers, setting monthly intentions, and much much more.

    I feel so much more organised, energised, balanced and have more purpose and confidence in what I am doing day to day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emma to someone who needs some direction and support in business or personal life.”

    Kat Kimber

    Founder of Nude Nutrition

    Next Steps:

    I can show you HOW to TRUST & BELIEVE you’re ENOUGH and help you to generate the results you deserve BUT you need to be WILLING to do the work to make it happen!

    I can’t do it for you!

    So the question is are you ready to go ALL IN and experience the success and impact you were born to experience? To wholeheartedly KNOW you are MORE THAN ENOUGH and to have some bloody fun making it happen?

    If the answer is YES then I invite you to join me on a journey that WILL change your life forever!

    The Limitless Creator – FAQs

    How does the Program work?

    Each week a new self training module with drop into your Members portal – this will include a mixture of training videos, workbook, audios & meditation

     Each week you will receive live coaching and hot seat Q&A where I will personally coach you and support you through the weekly modules

    What if I can't attend the live training?

    All replays will be available for you in the FB group and the Group Coaching Portal in the members areas

    What if I can’t attend the live BUT have a question?

    You can post questions prior to the call and Emma will answer on the live. All lives are available to listen back to also. What I find, is that most people have the same questions and even you will gain so much from listening to others.

    Can I get personal support from Emma in The Limitless Creator?

    The full 1:1 coaching in only available in the VIP package BUT if you feel like you would benefit from having a 1:1 Coaching Session with Emma then you can apply here

    Price of 60 min call £297

    Can you guarantee my success?

    Truth  bomb time.. the only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?