You can’t drive down the road without seeing someone on their phone. Head down, ear phones in, lost in their own little world, chatting to friends or checking Facebook.

Go on admit it, this is you – maybe not all the time but certainly a lot?!!!

We seem to be living in a era where we get lost in our phones and so caught up in social media that we are forgetting to just BE.

When was the last time you were really present?

I am as guilty of this and anybody else BUT I have decided that this month I am going to be more PRESENT.

After I had Max I made a promise to myself to be there for him no matter what and not miss out on any of the milestones. I had waited long enough to become a Mummy and I wanted to cherish it as much as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I thank myself every day for being so lucky and I soak up everything I can with Max’s development and stand back in awe at how this little person can bring some much to so many lives BUT as time went on I was starting to fall into the trap of getting distracted.

I would quickly check my phone while he was playing, multi task around the house and took my eye off the ball. I stopped seeing the little looks he gives me to check he is doing something well, I stopped seeing the look of love he gives me. I was starting to miss out and it was my fault.

Even though I was there, I wasn’t fully there!!!

Guilt was starting to kick in as I felt torn about playing with Max and checking my emails, or social media. I was trying to be the best for both and ended up not really doing much at all.

I needed to make a choice and be more structured.

Since becoming aware of my distractions I have made changes and I love it.

I leave my phone in another room whenever I am with Max. I give him 100% of my attention and we have both noticed a difference.

When I need to check my emails and do my work I fit it in around this naps, play time with his Papa and when he is happily watching Peppa Pig.

I have never felt as grateful about my life as I do right now.

Being PRESENT allows you to: 

  • Make memories
  • Recognise what you have in your life
  • Make choices
  • Be open to ideas
  • Live in the moment
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Grow and develop
  • Slow everything down and feel calm
  • Relax.
  • Oh and to be more Productive!!!! I now get so much more done in less time and feel the most structured I have ever felt about my business.


BOOM – What a RESULT!!!!

I know life gets in the way, and I know I will slip back into old habits BUT  I notice it now and make a conscious effort to change it and bring myself back to the moment.

Time flies by way to quick and I want to enjoy every moment and have fun. Don’t you?

Challenge yourself to put the phone down and listen properly to a loved one, or give them a hug. Tap into yourself and check how you are feeling and whether you need to slow down or make changes.

Let ideas flow, opportunities to come in and happiness to flow.

Enjoy being in the moment and have fun.

Love as Always

Emma xxx

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