I have a confession to make…. For a while now I have been living a lie and have been pretending everything was ok, when really it wasn’t!!! 


Over the last few months I have been working with my team behind the scenes start to put a few new ideas in place and I am so excited about what is happening with my business right now.

Changes are coming and I can’t wait to start sharing them with you…

For those on you who don’t know, this last year has been really hard for me. Since suffering 2 miscarriages last summer I have been of an emotional rollercoaster while trying to deal with it. It affected me more than I realised and bit-by-bit it has been chipping away at me, knocking my confidence, pushing me to the edge and causing me to question EVERYTHING!

As with everything in life, I always try and see the positive in every situation and eventually after lots of tears, moments of panic and sheer exhaustion, I am finally coming out on the other side.


The truth is, I fell out of love with my biz (who doesn’t every once in a while, hey?) but this time something felt different, something had shifted. Something was missing and not feeling right. When I dreamt of my business, it looked very different to the one I was running.

Having hit rock bottom in Aug I knew I needed to make changes in a lot of areas of my life so I went on a mission. While taking a step back from everything ( to recover) I managed to stop and reflect on my life and business, and got honest with myself.


Here is the thing, I knew I hadn’t been happy for a while but was too busy pushing it to the back of my head and getting on with the here and now that I didn’t address it BUT as you all know, you can only do this for so long – right?

So, in this time of healing I got it all out in the open, laid it all out there and did some HUGE soul searching! Here is what I discovered…

  • I was totally out of alignment with my goals. I had been plodding along merrily in my little work bubble and not paying attention to the niggles in my mind!
  • As someone who prides herself on not being a conformist, I was conforming and it felt wrong.
  • I had gone off piste and was carrying around stale, out of date thoughts about my abilities, my confidence and my worth.
  • I wasn’t happy, the fun element had gone and I felt like I was walking in treacle
  • I wasn’t following my TRUE passion.


No wonder I felt out of whack with all this going on!

The truth is, this isn’t new to me. It is something I have experienced a lot with my clients and with my own life. We get so caught up in being busy, focusing on the next thing and rarely acknowledging what is going no now, that we keep going until something happens that’s forces us to stop and review!

Fast forward a few months and I’m BACK, up and running with a spring in my step…….


  1. I started listening to my intuition more, by striping everything back which gave me space.
  2. I let go of the bullshit excuses and had an honest conversation with myself.
  3. I stopped panicking by diving back into my meditations and relaxation techniques to help calm things down and bring my rational thinking back to life.
  4. I acknowledged my fears
  5. I reconnected with my TRUE goals, by reconnecting to my passions.
  6. I reviewed everything within my business and figured out what is working, what isn’t, what I enjoy, what I find draining.
  7. I de-cluttered my office, my wardrobe and my MIND by upping my forgiveness and my self talk
  8. I drew up new plans, put proposals together and looked through them with fresh eyes. What made me feel excited I went with, what didn’t feeI right I discarded.
  9. I stopped comparing myself to others
  10. I invested in external support
  11. I reset my mindset so it was connected to my new way of thinking, through affirmations, EFT, exercise and journaling and meditation
  12. I created a new playlist that filled me with joy, made me smile and got me moving
  13. I became more present with my family, my loved ones and myself.


Was it easy? Not at first, No, BUT I didn’t give myself a choice to give up. I made a commitment to myself to heal, feel better and have fun and so all of these actions become my non negotiable’s.

TRUTH BOMB: If you want something badly enough, you will:

  • Find the TIME
  • Make CHANGES
  • Put yourself FIRST
  • Stop making EXCUSES
  • GO FOR IT………


Nothing changes in your life, your business, you financial situation, and your happiness UNLESS YOU DO!!!!!


So, what can you do differently right now to get you out of funk, to feel energised and to give you that extra boost in confidence?

Life can sometimes throw curve balls that knock us off track, trust me I know, BUT it is what we do to respond to that curve ball which will determine the outcomes you get.

Massive Love,
Emma xx

P.S. Having the right support around you is a game changer, it helps you to recognise you aren’t alone, that people care and it encourages you to let go of the excuses and to take that leap of faith so you can start living the life you hope. So if you want to get in of the action and meet other awesome like minded people then head over to my Life Beyond Limits Facebook group today where I will be going live on Monday at 2pm to share with you all the changes that are happening.