When I started in the Coaching world part of my training was centered on Hypnotherapy. At first I wasn’t a fan – I had seen all the jokes that went on when people were hypnotized and didn’t trust that they wouldn’t have me barking like a dog, or something else equally as weird.


I was worried I wouldn’t be in control and someone might take advantage of me. I didn’t know what to expect so I panicked. I refused to join in with the training until I started to see the magic behind it.


Having resisted for long enough I had to step up if I wanted to qualify and decided there and then that I wasn’t going to let my fear affect that.


I’m not going to lie – the first time was WEIRD!!!! I resisted as hard as I could and eventually my coach managed to hypnotize me. After we had finished I burst into tears!!!! Later that evening I went out for dinner with a girlfriend I had met on the course and I laughed like I never had before. I felt amazing – lighter, happier and free. I phoned my Dad when I got back to my room and while speaking to him he turned to me and said “Em, you sound different. You sound happy and lighter, it is really lovely to hear”.


Since that day I have been hooked on Hypnotherapy and as a result have been in the privileged position to witness some of the most amazing miracles. Hypnotherapy is TRANSFORMATIONAL and was a massive player in re-writing my story and healing my past.


Hypnotherapy helped me to:


Let go of the past

To forgive myself and those involved

To self heal

To believe in myself

To understand myself thoughts and actions

To relax

To feel like me again

To be FREE


It can help you too.


The health benefits alone make hypnotherapy so powerful – 45-60mins of complete relaxation!!!! Wow – when does that happen in normal life right? Never do we give ourselves the permission to have complete time out from our phones, computers, people and life. We battle through, often putting ourselves last BUT with hypnotherapy to get precisely that – TIME OUT.

Along with the relaxation you are able to create space and stillness that enables you to get answers to so many unanswered questions. Self-healing takes place, forgiveness on a deep level occurs, letting go happens and barriers are broken down.


In the simplest form Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to break down old beliefs and barriers and remove them from our thoughts and behaviors. Everything we have ever experienced is filed away in our sub conscious mind. When you reach that level of awareness and relaxation you are able to connect with your subconscious and understand WHY you feel, think, act and behave in the way that you do.


Light bulb moments happen, deep understanding take place and questions get answered.


Hypnotherapy is a massage of the mind, it not only helps you to re balance but to connect to all your unique inner resources that allow you to be the person you deserve, to help transform your mind from fear to freedom and to let go of your past so you can create the future your deserve.