Last week I did a post on unresolved emotional trauma where I shared with you some of the behaviours that are attached to this and I thought it would be really good to dive into these a bit more and start exploring what they really mean for you have how they impact our life and biz!

Emotional trauma impacts us the most and is the most misunderstood, and yet it is something that all of us experience in one way or another.

As with anything internal we can’t see it, we are unaware of the inner conflict that is going on and we only get to see a behaviour or a reaction as a result of dealing with this trauma.

The more we get to understand why we behave in the way we do and what that means for our everyday life the easier it is to manage.

Lets talk Fear people! The dreaded 4 letter F word that is responsible for holding us back on so many levels.

Hands up whose been affected by FEAR?

Pretty much all of us, right?

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working with many business owners and high performers, all with different backgrounds, goals, experience and desires and yet there is a common theme that shows up with them all.

When they give into fear they…..

2nd guess our ideas, our choices or actions.

Avoid launching or selling programs

Compare ourselves to others and feel inadequate

Doubt our choices, ideas and actions so procrastinate and act busy doing other things

Don’t trust in ourselves or others + are very critical of themselves and others who let them down.

They over analyze everything, read into things and drive themselves crazy

Focus on the HOW too much

Get caught up in the details too much

Doubt their abilities and therefore play small

Get defensive when questioned about things

Want everything to be perfect, look perfect and get the best possible outcome


Sound familiar?

Fear was a whopper for me and is something I work on everyday.

As a result of my past I become a control freak, never able to let go and trust in the process or the people around me. I worried about how others viewed me as an expert and shied around from being too visible in case no one wanted me, my products or my programs. I constantly questioned my abilities and worried about making sure everything was perfect from the off.

Fear can cause us to procrastinate, play small, take limited actions and make excuses or allowances for the results we get or don’t get!

How does fear show up for you?

How does it impact your life and Biz?

The more we know about OUR fear the easier it is to manage.

Love as Always

Emma xx

P.S. If you are suffering with unresolved emotional trauma and would like some support in how to heal, trust and believe in yourself and the unique power within you then book a call today and lets chat.

P.P.S. If you want to surrounded by like minded people and find a safe community where you can truly be yourself and gain love and support, head over to my life beyond limits facebook group 

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