What is your relationship like with money?

  • Is it toxic?
  • Do you trust it or are you always questioning it?
  • Are you jealous or needy around it?
  • Do you hold on to money?
  • Do you have love hate relationship with it?
  • Does it impact your confidence and self belief?
  • Does money impact your mood

Does this sound like you?

Do you want make more money & improve your relationship with MONEY?

I bet the majority of you are saying YES!!!

I have some good news for you………..

To improve your relationship with Money has NOTHING to do with DOING MORE!

Too often we think we need to work harder, longer! Try a new strategy, change your business model and sign up to every program that talks about making 6 figures BUT none of this matters and WON’T change a thing IF YOUR MENTAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY IS IN A FUNK!!!!!

This is something I learnt the hard way and it Held. Me. Back. For Years!!!

For a good few years of running my business I worked all the hours. Doing all the things. And trying EVERYTHING in the vain hope that I would start getting the same results as all the amazing coaches I admired in my industry.

I listened to them tell me – If I can do it then so can you. I am NO DIFFERENT to you…….(something that now winds me up a treat and makes me so angry – but more on that later..)

And I got more and more frustrated and disillusioned as it didn’t matter what I DID – nothing was generating the same results as them!

This is way it annoys me so much when people give you false hope by sating if I can DO it then so can you – I am no different!!

BULLSHIT – What they should be saying is If I can BE success so can YOU!

You can DO all you want but if you’re struggling with internal doubt and fear – you can keep doing until you’re blue in the face and you still won’t get the results you are after.


The truth is – if you want to make MORE MONEY you need to improve your RELATIONSHIP with MONEY first!!

You need to work on the BE-ing part first. 

  • What are your money beliefs?
  • What habits do you have around money?
  • What stories do you tell yourself about money?
  • What experience do you have with money?

Until you can answer these questions and re-program your mindset by eliminating these fear based habits – nothing will change!

How you THINK affects everything – your feelings, your actions & your results and this is NO DIFFERENT with money.

If you don’t trust money or hold onto money through fear of running out – this will affect how you feel about it – the actions you take around making more money and the results you will generate!

Money Mindset is a VITAL player in your business success and doesn’t just impact your earning potential but your overall success & happiness…..

During my Limitless Success Intensive Program I work with you to:

  • Help identify what is going on with your relationship around money and – helping you to understand the impact this has had on your success and overall happiness!
  • Eliminate these blocks at their CORE LEVEL through POWERFUL hypnotherapy so you can release these blocks/ habits around money safely and easily – helping you to create new financial abundance!
  • Create a personalised support plan – that will help you to re-program your Mindset & build on this release – allowing you to maintain and build of these shifts so you not only earn your worth but you enhance you success in all areas of your life!!


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