Fear is a little f**ker which doesn’t disappear BUT it can be managed in a way where you barely notice it!

The more aware you are of your fear, the easier it is to break down the intensity and take the control back so….

The next time you find yourself held back by fear run through these steps or cherry pick the ones that FEEL right for you and work through the motions – build the awareness

  1. Building Self Awareness

Why am I feeling overwhelmed?
Why am I avoiding certain people?
Why am I avoiding certain activities?
Why don’t I think I can do?

Then go a little deeper… to really move past fear you must understand

What patterns keep happening?
What or who triggers these feelings?
And Why?

The answers might surprise you, but once you have them then you know what you are up against and you can start to do the inner work to shift it.


  1. Letting go of the fear


Write down anything negative that is causing you to feel negative/out of flow/ pissed off etc This could be as a result of a bad day, a comment someone said, an argument, lacking in confidence etc. The sooner you can get in out of your head and on to paper it will create space and allow you to see it more clearly but also to release it from affecting your productivity, confidence and mindset.

Just write whatever comes up and don’t worry about it making sense, the aim is to just get everything out!

Once you have written the list – rip it up and throw it away.

Disassociate yourself from the thoughts/feeling


  1. Reframing negative thoughts or situations:


Split the page into 2 columns

On the left write down how you are currently thinking/feeling now or what is currently happening in your job/life right now, that is affecting you in some way

On the Right side reframe it by writing the flip to the original thought so you create the outcome you want

Example – these might not be relevant but to give you an idea….


No one wants to buy my programs         Vs.                  Selling comes easily to me


People aren’t willing to invest               Vs.                     I attract my ideal client easily and effectively


I’m not as good as……….                    Vs.                   I am successful in everything I do


  1. Be, Do, Have Feel


Split the page into 4 and write down ‘What you DO, BE, FEEL , HAVE’

What do you want to DO this month – Product trials, book apt with… etc

Who do you need to BE to achieve it – self aware, focused, trusting, confidence, successful, Open etc

How do I want to FEEL – Happy, confident, connect, in flow, focused, motivated etc

What do I want to HAVE – Time to myself, Customer breakthroughs, bulk orders etc

Include both personal and professional life.

If you get a few keys ones filtering through on each section break it down a bit more:

What does success look/feel like for me?

What does confidence look/feel like for me etc?



  1. Meditate/Visualise:


Understanding YOU:

Spend some time thinking about who you are under pressure, what is good pressure? – how does it make me act, think, feel?

What is bad pressure? How does it make me think, act, feel ?

The same with Confidence – who are you when you feel confidence, how does this look in your life?

Who are you when you aren’t feeling confident? how does it look, act, feel

Increase your confidence

If your confidence is dipping spend some time reminding yourself of when things went really well for you in the past. Remind yourself of your successes, what you have achieved and bring it back to the present time.

You have everything you need within you to achieve amazing success, you just need to remind yourself of your strengths, your abilities and access the right emotions to keep you focused.

At the end of the day we always have CHOICE!!! Choose to follow these steps to breakdown fear and create the shifts you need to break the cycle.



Emma xx

P.S. Every fear is different, it impacts us differently and affects us all in different way. If you want personalized support that is centered around your unique fears, helping you to breakdown the internal conflict and reconnect with the unique power you have with you call me today to find out more