2 years ago I was an absolute mess!!

Having gone through 2 back to back miscarriages and then finally letting go of our dream for another child – I was a mess! Trying to stay strong for my family, my loved ones and my clients I threw everything into them and left nothing for myself!

I felt numb! I was existing – going through the motions but not letting anything in. I was on an emotional rollercoaster while trying to deal with it all and couldn’t find a way to get off

It affected me more than I realised and was chipping away at me, knocking my confidence, pushing me to the edge and causing me to question EVERYTHING!

I always try and see the positive in every situation, but it got to a point where I couldn’t. I felt totally bogged down wiped out and couldn’t think straight!

The truth is, I knew I couldn’t carry on like this – I was starting to lose sight of everything. I had fallen out of love with my business. I had fallen out of love with myself and I had fallen out of live with life!

Now I know we all go through times where we question what we’re doing and things feel hard BUT this time it felt different!

So after loads of tears, moments of panic and sheer exhaustion, I knew I needed to make changes. So I did something I really struggle to do – I took timeout!!! As someone who never switches off and is constantly on the go I decided to take a step back and look within!! I needed space, to clear my head, get honest and figure out what I really wanted.

So, after some serious HUGE soul searching I realised…

  • I was totally out of alignment with my goals. Personally and professionally.
  • I was so focused on falling pregnant I had forgotten to check in with myself to see if this was still something we both wanted! When I did STOP I discovered it wasn’t.
  • Professionally I was so caught in in DOING everything to look and feel busy that I stopped paying attention to what I really wanted!
  • I was conforming and it felt horrible. I never conform!!
  • I had gone off piste and was carrying around stale, out of date thoughts about my abilities, my confidence and my worth.
  • I wasn’t happy, the fun element had gone and I felt like I was walking in treacle.
  • I wasn’t following my TRUE passion.

Here’s the thing. I knew despite everything that had gone on – I actually hadn’t been happy for a long time! I But instead of trying to figure out why I distracted myself in busy-ness and kept pushing it to the back of my mind, getting on with things hoping it would all fall into place.

BUT as you all know, you can only do this for so long – right?

We get so caught up in being ‘busy’ and focusing on the next thing that we forget to stop and check in with how we’re feeling and what’s going on until something forces us to stop and listen!

The biggest lesson I learn from all this is the importance of checking in with yourself and listening to what your mind and body are telling you! ONLY then do you discover what you NEED to help you to feel better, achieve more and get back on track!

During this time I made a promise to myself to :

  1. STOP looking at what everyone was doing and listen to my intuition more, by striping everything back and giving myself space.
  2. Let go of the bullshit excuses I’d been carrying around with me and finally upgrade my thinking – my habits, beliefs and stories based on the outcomes I WANTED!
  3. Dedicate an hour a day to ME – giving me time to exercise, meditate and check in with my goals week
  4. Fu*k fear and trust in myself (this was a biggy for me and it felt AMAZING!! )
  5. STOP trying to DO everything on my own and invested in an awesome new coach who helped me feel less alone and totally supported
  6. Reconnect with my TRUE goals, by reconnecting to my passions.
  7. Review my business every month and get clear on whats working & what isn’t
  8. STOP comparing myself to others (this feels sooo good!!)
  9. Listen to music everyday
  10. Be a lot kinder to myself and stop putting myself down.

Since making these changes I secured a BIG 12 month contract with a Multi Billion $$ Company to deliver monthly workshops and Group Coaching, I have hit £10k months, launched my new membership and worked with some of the most successful leaders in their industry.

My relationship is back on track. I laugh everyday. I am more present with my family. I no longer worry about money. And I feel more connected to myself than I ever have.

Was it easy? Not at first, No, BUT I didn’t give myself a choice to give up. I made a commitment to myself to heal, feel better and have fun and so all of these actions become my non negotiable’s.

TRUTH BOMB: If you want something badly enough, you will:

  • Find the TIME
  • Make CHANGES
  • Put yourself FIRST
  • Stop making EXCUSES
  • GO FOR IT………

Because nothing changes in your life, your business, you financial situation, and your happiness UNLESS YOU DO!!!!!

AND I knew that I couldn’t carry on the way I had been.

So, what can you do differently right now?

What can you do to create MORE happiness, success, wealth and purpose?

Now is the time to take action!

I’m inviting you to join me on my brand new 1:1 LIMITLESS SUCCESS Intensive Coaching experience where we will work together to create transformations shifts FAST!

Program Breakdown:

  • Session 1– I’ll help to identify the #1 habit that’s holding you back by gathering valuable insights into where it’s coming from & what impact it has on your life & performance.
  • Session 2: Through a personlised Hypnotherapy session I will release old limiting belief & reprogram YOUR MIND at its CORE Levelhelping you to create deep healing in ALL areas of you life and set yourself up for LIMITLESS SUCCESS
  • Session 3:We will deep dive into your goals and breakdown all the confusion & overwhelm so you know EXACTLY what you need to do and HOW to achieve it.
  • PLUS Financial Breakthroughs Mediation

What’s included:

  • Half-day private coaching intensive OR
  • 3 x 75min weekly sessions
  • Pre Coaching Questionnaire
  • Full recordings of each session, if you want to re-visit anything we’ve talked about;
  • Written action steps & goals at the end of each session, so you have 100% clarity on the exact things you need to do;
  • My full support with anything you need in between our sessions, by email or Voxer

Investment is just 4 x £247 or £895 in full

If you are serious about wanting to completely up-level where you are right now in your business and your life, get the results you’ve been working so hard to achieve and create a life and business that flows….Then I am here for you!

Why waste your time trying to do it all on your own alone, when you can have the support of someone (me) who has been there and done that… let me share with you what NOT to do and how to get results quicker without the sacrifices I had to make.

I don’t work with everyone, I only work with go getters who want to get results and really do believe in investing in themselves and their business to get results.

So if you are an online entrepreneur who is ready to make 2021 the year to SMASH your goals, make shit loads of money, create huge impact AND have fun while doing it then this is for YOU!… 

It’s time for YOU to get results and use the last few weeks of this year to smash it and welcome in the new year together.

Stop sitting on your dreams. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Stop using time and money as a excuse to play small. Nothing changes unless you do too.

You deserve to have it all

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Having the right support around you is a game changer. It helps you to recognise you aren’t alone, that people care and it encourages you to let go of the excuses and to take that leap of faith so you can start living the life you hope.

Massive Love,
Emma xx