Yesterday I made a really exciting announcement about my business and the decision I have made to pivot my business to finally follow my soul purpose and chase my dreams. I shared some raw behind scenes of what has been going on with me for the last 12 months and how I am now finally TRULY ready to finish of what I started a few years ago. I shared my story with the world and let people see me at my most vulnerable, talking about things not even my close friends knew about.
Because I am so passionate about making a difference and finally felt ready to let go of the ‘pretence’ and conformity that was surrounding me and step into my true purpose and to follow my passions in helping others transform their mind from limited to limitless, to let go and forgive and to create a life beyond limits.
One of my life long dreams has been to break down the stigma that surrounds Trauma and life defining events and to help people feel less alone. To be that voice to let them know its ok and you don’t have to feel ashamed, flawed or damaged.
Like many things Trauma is misunderstood, it’s a word we all recognise, a word we hear about on occasions but very rarely take the time to fully understand until we are faced with it, and yet it is everywhere!
When people think about trauma or talk about trauma they often think of things like abuse, illness, accidents, terror attacks and other extreme events but the truth is trauma is anything that impacts you on a deep emotional level that can hold us back from creating the life and success we desire.
Trauma is no one set thing. It comes in all shapes and sizes, some complex, some acute and is different for everyone.
Trauma is an experience that:
  • Knocks you
  • Affects how you feel
  • Leaves your feeling confused
  • Hurts you
  • Makes you Angry
  • Makes your feel scared
  • Imprisons your mind
  • Impacts on your thoughts
  • Affects your confidence, self belief and self worth
  • Holds you back
  • Changes how you view things
  • Changes how you feel about yourself/ people/ loved ones
Types of Trauma and life defining events are:
  • Abuse – sexual, physical, verbal
  • Bullying
  • Trying to conceive – Naturally or IVF
  • Miscarriage or stillborn
  • Death of a loved one
  • Redundancy
  • Childbirth
  • An accident
  • Having no control over the outcome of something
  • Something that frightens you
  • Getting divorced
  • Getting married
  • Eating disorders
  • Illness – you or loved one
  • Starting a new business
  • Bankruptcy
  • Flying/Travelling
It affects us all differently and holds us back on so many levels –often subconsciously, creating internal conflict that causes us to limit our full potential, play small and work off a limited mindset program!
Every thought, feeling, action and result is driven by this conflict and as a result we adapt our life around these stories. They consume us, overpower us and control in more ways than we realise. It is only when we work on the root cause of these stories that deep healing can occur and change can take place.
Releasing the hold these stories has on your life will enable you to free your mind from the old programing and realign you with your soul purpose, so you can reconnect to the unique power within you to achieve limitless success.
Understanding more about your trauma and internal conflict is key to making the changes your need to make.
Lets start to breakdown this wall and to push past the confusion. Lets make a difference.
Love as Always
Emma xx

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