This week I am joined by Polly Jukes who is a Mind & Body Coach, certified in NLP, Reiki and Mbit.     Polly is one amazing lady who I have been blessed with having in my life. Her story is unique, at times incredibly sad but above all inspiring.   Today Polly is sharing with us the impact of living with alcoholic parents, overcoming all forms of abuse, losing her mother to suicide, ending up in foster care and how she has used her experience to go on and help and support 1000s of other people.     Her mission is to help people find the best version of themselves, to find true fulfillment, lasting happiness and better relationships, so they feel they are enough as this what you deserve.     As one Mindset coach to another I can’t wait to find out more about how what keeps her going and how to turn a negative situation into a truly inspiring business!    

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    About Polly:   I am Polly Jukes and I am a Mind and Body Coach. I have lots of qualifications including NLP, Reiki and Mbit. What I think is really important is the fact that I have overcome all forms of abuse, most from my alcoholic parents, the suicide of my mother and ending up in foster care.     I have come through depression and have made several attempts to end my life, as I felt this was the only way to end my pain and self-hatred, thankfully unsuccessfully.     From my self-sabotaging darkness I have learnt so much, especially with coaching, for me Alcohol misuse was a major negative contributing factor to my mental health and an temporary escape from my switched off, stuck in victim mindset.     I now choose not to drink Alcohol and this feels so empowering, enlightening and energetic.     My mission is to help you find the best version of yourself, to find true fulfillment, lasting happiness and a better relationship with yourself, so you feel you are enough as this what you deserve.      Polly’s Links:   Facebook   Instagram   LinkedIn   Email