Mental Health is something we all need to understand more. It is an illness that is often misunderstood and as there are no physical symptoms people can sometimes cast judgement of certain behaviours without knowing the full story.


Today Sam Colclough is sharing with us the impact of living with someone who had mental health issues has had on her life both personally & professionally, what she did you cope with the challenges and how she has used her experience to go on and help and support 1000s of other people.


She shares a powerful insight into the impact this illness has not just on the person involved but their family and friends too. She shares the resources and techniques that helped her cope with these pressures and let go of the negative emotions linked with them.


The more we can understand about Mental health the more support we can offer those affected by it.



About Emma:


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The Mindset Growth Academy Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.


The host, Emma Gibbs-Ng also combines her personal experiences of overcoming multiple traumas along with her a experience as a leading Mindset Coach, to inspire, influence and help thousands of people to create a growth Mindset and achieve greatness in all areas of their life


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Sam’s Bio:


Sam is a Fully Qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, & Mindset Coach. She is considered a leading Therapist and facilitator of mindset management, change and excellence within the Female Entrepreneur sector and with women who wish to create extraordinary lives.     Using the latest research and neuroscience in combination with the very best of Solution Focused techniques, Brain-based Therapy, CBT and NLP, Sam has the ability to help her clients reach breakthroughs and sustainable change within a relatively short period of time, ultimately improving the Health, Wealth & Happiness of her clients in a professional and personal capacity.      With over 15 years of combined professional and personal experience in mental health and wellness, Sam has created an exclusive 1-2-1 package, Groups programs and self study masterclasses as well as a Mindset Management membership site, all of which provide life-changing results.      As a Therapist Sam has worked with some of leading Coaches in the UK, Entrepreneurs, Directors of large enterprises and SME’s as well as Police officers and Celebrities.  ​ Sam is extremely passionate about helping women to create calmer, healthier and happier lives so also runs a successful membership called Calmalife that gives continued support for women worldwide. 


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