Have you ever felt like you needed more? Wanted more?   So many of us stay in jobs we don’t like or put up with things that are no longer in alignment with who we are because we don’t know any different and fear holds us back.   In today’s Podcast Show I am speaking to the amazing Jessica Killingley who decided after 20 years in publishing it was time step up and get out of her own way!!   Today Jessica will be sharing with us how redundancy gave her the opportunity to branch out on her own, follow her passions and set up and Publishing Consultancy business helping entrepreneurs discover their writing talents and create a best seller. She is be talking about stepping out of the corporate bubble, overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and transferring her skill set to create a global business that that has unlimited opportunities.   There is always risk in everything we do, even in not doing anything BUT if we want it bad enough and are willing to make our goals bigger than our fear, then opportunities await.    

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The Mindset Growth Academy Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.


The host, Emma Gibbs-Ng also combines her personal experiences of overcoming multiple traumas along with her a experience as a leading Mindset Coach, to inspire, influence and help thousands of people to create a growth Mindset and achieve greatness in all areas of their life


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About Jessica:


Jessica Killingley is a Publishing Consultant, Coach and Literary Agent.   She spent 20 years in the UK Publishing industry where she worked for a number of the ‘Big 3’ publishing houses as a Marketing Director, with everyone from first time authors up to household names like John Grisham and Stephen King. She now helps entrepreneurs write and publish books that leave a lasting impact and grow their influence.   She is passionate about getting more good books out into the world and helping entrepreneurs identify what ignites their passion, find their voice and share their message in a way that turns all those readers into valuable clients.    You can connect with her on Instagram, find out more how you can work with her on her website or join her Free Facebook Group so she can kick your ass and get that book written.     Jessica’s Links:   Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Website