Today I am joined by the amazing Beth Coldrick.


Beth is the creator of BAO a global organic skincare business.


Today she is sharing with me how she successfully runs her business while battling severe Crohns disease which has left her bed bound for days at a time.


She talks about the constant battle of managing stress and the emotions linked with the disease and how she has used her illness to drive her to creating a better life for everyone


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Facebook Instagram Website       About Beth:   After over 10 years working in the beauty industry & having my own beauty salon, I  was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. For years I struggled with the disease, and was put on various medication to help control it, As part of the side effects my skin suffered, I had continued headaches and gained in weight.   I have always had a huge passion for natural skincare and I have been making natural skincare products since 2012. Despite the necessity of these drugs to keep me in remission, I have and still do always follow a holistic way of life.  I love taking regular exercise, eating clean food and feeding my skin from within along with using 100% natural nourishing products too.   So, after carrying out lots of research and talking to my many customers, I started creating my own skincare products to help heal my sensitive skin.   I wanted to create an effective skincare brand that people could trust and depend on that actually did what it said. BAO Skincare products are only made with beautiful plant based ingredients such as organic nut butters, essential oils and powerful plant & flower oils that actually work to deliver noticeable results.   They nourish, heal , repair and cleanse the skin, naturally.     I believe in a healthy mind=healthy body=healthy skin = happiness! So another benefit of using my products is that they not only help to improve your skin but also uplift your mind and mood.