My Date with Gabby B

I am starting this week with a clear mind and a focus that is so on point I scare myself!!!! I went to my first Gabby B event for her book tour of The Universe Has Your Back (go out and buy a copy if you haven’t yet read it – it’s incredible!).

Not only that but I got to spend the day with a few of my Biz buddies too.

I really didn’t know what to expect and I was a little nervous as to what the day would involve!!! I had read her books and watched her videos but this event took it to a whole new level.

Gabby invited us to join in her daily practice and shared with us the most amazing ways to connect to your higher self.

We started off with a meditation, which I often struggle with, but I really got into it and let myself go for it. It felt amazing. It pulled on my heart strings and I really resonated with it on a level I have never felt before.

My biggest takeaways of the day, however, were two things Gabby said that really struck a chord with me.

Choose LOVE over fear



If you feel like you have surrendered, surrender so more.


Having suffered multiple traumas during my life, choosing love over fear hasn’t always come naturally to me. For years I struggled to overcome the aftermath of the abuse and carried around a lot of anger and hurt.

I turned to drink and buried my head in the sand. I was walking around on high alert, ready to protect myself it anyone put me in a vulnerable position. I carried so much nervous energy around me that eventually I burnt out.

Signed off work with PTSD was a real wake up call for me. I needed to let go of the hurt and choose love.

Learning to love myself again wasn’t easy and is something I need to work on daily to keep me on track. Hearing Gabby say those words out loud in front of over a 1000 people, it hit home again just how important it is and the impact of not choosing love can have on our lives in ALL areas – I’ve got to amp up the joy in my life and stop resisting the pleasure.

Secondly, she spoke about the importance of surrendering some more – to keep going.

When you surrender you let your guard down, you leave yourself open. It is liberating, empowering but also really scary.

Hearing her talk about this on a deeper level made me realize there was still more I needed to do (there is always room for growth and improvement).

I realized I was still playing small when it came to surrendering, that I wasn’t taking it to the next level. Something shifted inside and I KNEW what I needed to do.

As they say, when the student’s ready the teacher appears, and this past weekend, the message that I needed to hear was from Gabby’s words.

When we surrender, we often do it from a place of comfort BUT what we need to do it get comfortable with being uncomfortable and really let go.

Let the universe know we are serious and we are ready. Breaking the guard down opens you up to space, to new feelings and to new vibrations.

Maybe you can relate?

I felt like Gabby was talking to me and giving me the permission to keep going deeper, to push past fear and to let go.

It’s only been 48 hours, and I’m still processing this realization but I’ve finally discovered a missing piece of my journey that has been playing on my mind a lot recently.

The thing is, no matter how far we come, we need to keep going. We need to be in alignment with our goals, we need to adapt to our new thoughts, feelings and ideas. We need to TRUST and KNOW we are on the right track.


When you CHOOSE LOVE and SURRENDER ALL, you come back into alignment. You take the pressure off and you strip it all back to the things that matter.

We are all learning, I’m still learning everyday and piece-by-piece everything makes more sense.

As the amazing Oprah says “We are all students of life’s lessons, and it’s our duty to become teachers of those lessons and teach those lessons to someone else”.

Where can you choose LOVE over fear?

What area of your life is holding you back from experiencing true success? 

What are you holding on to that you need to surrender?


There is always light at the end of the tunnel, never lose faith in that. Together we can do this.

Love as Always

Emma xx

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