corporate coaching
corporate coaching

Bringing the human side back into leaderships

It’s time to drop the generic, robotic leadership approach and start using your unique skills & experience to inspire and influence your team to trust in their abilities, create huge impact and consistently scale their results.

The best leaders in their field are the ones that bring their ‘whole self to their job. They embrace their journey and share their struggles with others – as a way of encouraging, inspiring, and leading by example!

They are competent, congruent and connect with their team in a way that brings out each individuals strengths – creating trust, impact, influence and high level performance.

I’m Emma, industry renowned high performance Thinking coach & hypnotherapist with over 13 years experience in the Healthcare industry before redundancy gave me the chance to start running my dream business.
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Having had the privilege of working with the Industry “Greats” such as Astra Zeneca & Johnson & Johnson Medical. I know what its like to work in a fast paced, every changing industry that demands high performance & consistency to create huge impact.
In a world where your choices, actions and results impact patient’s lives – I understand the pressure of bringing your best self to work every day!

In a world where your choices, actions and results impact patients’ lives, I understand the pressure of bringing your best self to work every day!

Using a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy & High Performance Coaching – I work with inspiring, influential Industry leaders – helping them to trust in their abilities, create huge impact, influence with purpose & expand their quality of life.

Understanding YOU- helps YOU to understand your team.  When you aren’t showing up as your whole self or you’re battling with inner conflict – it’s draining!  It affects your focus, your energy your commitment to lead by example, relationships with your team, and your performance!

Whilst other leaders emotionally separate themselves from their team through fear of showing weakness or judgment – I help you to reconnect to the human side of leadership! Building trusting relationships, influencing with purpose & creating high-performance results.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous Global brands, Worldwide Presidents, Company Directors & Senior Executives on their Mindset and beliefs.  

My work has allowed me to identify the key behaviours and patterns that hold high performance leaders back. Behaviours that will prevent you from bringing your whole self to work and influencing with purpose.

How I work

Each program & package is built around my – High Performance Thinking Framework

Having a High Performance Thinking approach is vital to achieving success. My High Performance Thinking framework focuses on– Awareness, Action & Results helping individuals & Businesses to take ownership of their own success so that they increase their trust in their abilities, create huge impact within the market place, influence with purpose & respect and scale their results month on month.

The intention of the High Performance Thinking framework helps to reframe leadership by encouraging the importance of bringing your whole self to work & reconnecting to the human side of leadership by providing them with the tools & resources (within them) to consistently operate at their optimal level.

High Performance thinking equips the individual to continually look at how their thoughts, mindset and approach impact team relationships, productivity, focus and overall performance

  • Your influence multiplies – you teach people how to think, challenge them to grow and lead by example
  • Your confidence grows – helping you to be more competence, congruent & enjoy connecting with others.
  • Your mind becomes clearer – The fog lifts. You connect with your ‘A’ game and affirm your WHY
  • You optimize your health – helping you to deal with stress, be alert, pay attention, resolve conflict and keep a positive mood
  • Your motivation skyrockets, get the projects you ask for, get buy in with your team, sales increase, & overall performance hits new levels.

High Performance Program Delivery:

The High-Performance framework can be implemented in a number of environments, determined by the needs of the team and the organisation but there are 2 core elements of delivery:

Workshops/Events: High impact interactive events that centre around the 6 core High Performance elements to generate growth, scale sales, develop trusting relationships and create huge impact in performance and results.

Leadership by Design

The Confident Influencer

Energy & Performance

1:1 Executive Coaching:  Specially designed for Industry Leaders who have a strong desire to THINK BIGGER & GROW MORE by bringing their ‘whole self’ to work so that you trust in your abilities, create a huge impact, influence with purpose and expand your quality of life!

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