FEAR is known as the killer of dreams and is responsible for holding us back on following our passions….




Because we let it control us.


Fear is driven by our ego! Our ego likes to protect us and by doing so will crop up whenever we are looking to try something new, challenge ourselves or commit to making changes. It means well in a sense but is driven by our past and as a result often holds us back.

Everything we have ever experienced is stored away in our subconscious minds and is a feeding ground for good old Mr Ego! Our Ego remembers everything related to our past experiences and our upbringing, and as a result has helped us to form our beliefs, behaviours and perceptions of the world and more importantly on the part we play in the world! As a result we find ourselves resisting change and remain in our comfort zones where everything feels safe.


The truth is FEAR will never fully disappear BUT it can be controlled.


Everyone will at some point experience FEAR. The difference between us all is our ability to control in and push past it.



We have CHOICES….


We can choose to let fear control us and stop us in our tracks, holding us back and stopping us from growing and developing


We can feel the fear and do it anyway (this is a great book by the way, I highly recommend reading it).


By feeling the fear and doing it anyway we are taking control back and become the driving force for our success and happiness. Fear will come along for the ride and will crop up every now and again, which is fine, but you are in the driver’s seat and can choose which direction you want to go.

When we commit to taking control the intensity of the fear disappears.

  1. Focus on what you WANT…..

This is KEY to overcoming fear and is a real game changer once you commit to it. By focusing on the things you want rather that the things you don’t, you remain clear of what your goals look like. Energy follows thought and by staying focused on what you want to achieve and how you want to feel you have no choice but to move in the right direction. There is no room for doubt.

Everyday set the intention of focusing on what you WANT – write it down, get really clear on what that looks like and how it will make you feel and then commit to it.

  1. Meditation

Committing to daily meditation has so many benefits as it really allows you to relax and calm your mind and body so you are in sync and working together.

Through meditation you can connect to your inner resources and allow yourself to create an image in your mind of your goals and allow yourself to see you achieving them. Connect to the feelings associated with the success, see yourself being successful, be aware of your thoughts, your body language. Create an image so powerful that your mind believes it is real already and as a result will focus its energy, thoughts and behaviours around that success.

Commit to meditating on a daily basis for as little as 5 minutes.

  1. Break your actions and your goals down

Breaking everything down into small achievable chunks helps to keep on top of overwhelm and allows you to focus on one thing at a time. You don’t have to do everything all at once.

Smaller goals helps you to keep clear on what you are trying to achieve, it allows you to stay focused and committed which will stop any doubt from creeping in.

Break your goals down to 6 monthly, 3 monthly, monthly, weekly and daily. Choose what works best for you

Most importantly it will help you to focus on what you want!!!

  1. Choose LOVE over fear

This is a tricky one but once you master this you are on your way to taking full control of fear. I still struggle with this step on occasions but when I get it right it is a game changer and I feel like a different person.

Accepting that everything you go through it for your greater good and is an opportunity to learn and grow, helps to take the intensity away.

As I mentioned before fear is there as a form of protection and is based on your previous experiences BUT you have the strength, the courage and the opportunity to create new experiences in a more lovable way.

Being open to learn, grow and develop allows you to choose love over fear. You see everything as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and to become the person you need to be.

When I was sexually abused I went through hell and it almost tour me apart BUT I made a choice and chose to see it through the eyes of love and over time have accepted that as a result of what happened it made me who I am today and without it, I wouldn’t be the wife I am to Jonno, the mummy to Max and the sister/daughter to my family. Now I wouldn’t change a thing – I have grown and learnt from that experience and have the ability to use that strength in all areas of my life.

  1. There is no such thing as failure – it simply doesn’t exist UNLESS you quit.

Everything else is feedback allowing you to find out what works and what doesn’t. It is as simple as that. Obstacles as detours in the right direction – they provide time to reflect, review and decide on what step you need to time next.

Every choice, decision, action, thought and belief you have guides you in a direction. By choosing to push through, to keep going and to learn from past mistakes you are creating an opportunity that is so unique to you and will enable you to become the person you deserve to be.

Make your Dreams bigger than your fears.

You have got this.

Love as Always

Emma xx

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