Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve helped countless Entrepreneurs & Online Coaches go from feast or famine to selling out with ease by wholeheartedly TRUSTING they are ENOUGH. 

And I would love to help you too.

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve helped countless Entrepreneurs & Online Coaches transform their business, get more clients & make life changing money by wholeheartedly TRUSTING they are ENOUGH. A

And I would love to help you too.

1:1 Coaching

The Confident Influencer is a high performance 1:1 Coaching Program – specially designed for Entrepreneurs & Online Coaches who want to transform their business, get more clients & hit consistent 6 figures. 

This 90 day program is going to help you WORK LESS & EARN MORE ( yeahI mean the 6= figures you dream of) by creating a unique Subconscious Success blueprint thats designed to help you to BELIEVE & TRUST YOU ARE ENOUGH –  let go of judgment, fear, procrastination, self doubt,  perfectionism, and live the Limitless Life you were born to live!!!

Investment: 6 x £640 p/mth or £3500 in full

Group Coaching – Coming Soon

The Limitless Creator is designed for Entrepreneurs & Online Coaches who are ready to go ALL IN and scale their business, hit 6+ figures get results but creating the STRATEGY that works for you taking your Confidence & Belief to LIMITLESS heights….

During this 6 week program I invite you on a journey to radically transform the way you show up in your business by breaking down the walls of self doubt, and unblocking your hidden fears of not being good enough – worthy enough or deserving enough of the life & success you work so hard for!

It is time to TRUST & BELIEVE YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH & let go of imposter syndrome, procrastination, fear of judgment, self doubt and perfectionism and start running a business that makes you money, brings you joy and gets awesome results!

<p”>Investment: Starting from £1497</p”>

#LIMITLESS Success Strategy Call

One of the hardest things when we are working towards change is taking the 1st few steps – this is when our resistance is at it’s highest and old habits, limitations and fear are the most dominant!
You can have the best of intentions but it can feel like 1 step forward & 2 steps back!!
The biggest things I see holding people back are:
  • Mindset
  • Not Knowing the Steps to take
  • Time
During our 60 min call I will work with you to create your customised LIMITLESS Success Strategy Plan that will break everything down based on your goals, your fears, your experience and your strengths so you know exactly what you need to do to get started and build momentum!
  • We will get clear on the exact limits that are holding YOU back
  • Create a customised step -by-step action plan to break these limits down, tap into your strengths and & what actions you need to take to create the shifts
  • This will save you TIME & ENERGY because instead of trying a little bit if everything you will have a CLEAR map of what YOU need to be focusing on RIGHT NOW that will create the biggest ripple effect to start seeing results!

Investment: £297.00

1:1 Intensive Coaching Program

Limitless Success is an Intensive 1:1 Coaching Program specially designed to create deep transformational shift FAST! Creating a Customised Success Strategy based around YOUR Goals – Helping you to identify & eliminate YOUR hidden, boost YOUR confidence & self worth, Transform YOUR business approach, improve YOUR performance & make YOU money!

Investment:4x £340.00 p/mth or £1,250.00in full

Hypnotherapy Starter Package

Hypnotherapy is my GOLDEN technique and is 100% responsible for saving my life!! It helped me overcome multiple traumas, numerous miscarriages, huge self worth issues that impacted ALL areas of my life so I could go on to lead a limitless life based on my terms and creating a life I am proud of!!

Hypnotherapy allows you to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your beliefs and ELIMINATE them at the CORE LEVEL so you can FREE yourself from the control they have on how you show up in the world!

It helps….

  • Eliminating old beliefs
  • Releasing past traumas
  • Creating new habits
  • Money mindset & abundance
  • Managing fear
  • Reducing stress
  • Calming your system
  • Reducing anxiety, panic & overwhelm
  • Increasing energy
  • Increasing confidence & self belief
  • Rebuild trust
  • Creating balance – emotionally & physically
  • And so much more

Investment: 2x £244.00 p/mth or £444 in Full