Whenever you are starting something new, letting go of the past or questioning whether you are on the right track, you need reassurance. Clarification that everything is ok and to keep going.

One of the best ways you can do this is by asking the Universe for a ‘Sign’.

Stay with me here, while I explain a bit more……..

Over the last year I have taken to asking the universe for signs whenever I have felt vulnerable, or unsure about what I am doing. Most recently I used this technique to help me before I told the Facebook world about my own personal traumatic story, and the results were amazing.

The morning I was due to go live, I was struggling with whether I was doing the right thing and felt exposed. I wasn’t sure if I could do the video live and was questioning whether to pre-record it, or even do it at all!!!!

I asked the universe to show me a ‘white butterfly’ by 2pm that day to let me know I was on the right track and was doing the right thing. Nothing happened and as I sat outside for my lunch, I looked at my watch and it said 1.42pm. I said out loud ‘ well universe you have 18 minutes to show me whether I am on the right track’. The minute I stopped talking the most beautiful white butterfly flew into my garden and flew around me, around the plants and round my office. I just started laughing and said Thank you out loud.

The universe had delivered.


Then to push my luck a bit more (most unlike me!!!!) I then panicked as I didn’t know whether to do it live or not and so I said out loud again – ‘if I am meant to do the video live, please come back before 2pm.’

I was on the phone to a client and at 1.59pm I looked out the window and there it was – my white butterfly, flying around my garden.

Since that day I see white butterflies every day, letting me know I am on the right track and keeping my smiling.

If you ask, the universe delivers every time.


If you ask for a sign and it doesn’t appear, that is a sign!!!! You have your answer.

Every time I need reassurance, or want answers I ask for a sign. My sign for me is a white butterfly but for others I ask for different thing so I know it is different and keep it all separate.

What do you need reassurance on right now?

What sign do you want to see?


Try it; you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

We all need help and support, we don’t have to do everything on our own. It shows strength to ask for help and remember…….

The universe always delivers.


Love as always

Emma xx

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